How to write a winning SOP?

Pen down your purpose with a purpose!


The first thing to remember is to write an SOP yourself. You know yourself best. 

Converse to convey

The tone you use in your SOP makes a huge difference. Make a personal connection by having a conversational tone.

Research and Plan

Make sure you thoroughly research the course and the university you want to pursue before writing the SOP.

Structure and Re-structure

Build up a structure for your SOP like Bob the Builder. Having a structure will help you with the writing flow.

Prepare a draft

Drop a draft like it's hot! Start framing your free written thoughts into proper sentences and put them into the structure you formed.

Revisit and revise

Check whether you have covered all the points in your SOP by returning to the draft you made. You wouldn’t want to miss anything out or say something you shouldn’t have.

Become a grammar police!

It is now time to awaken your inner “Ross” and let him quality-check your work. It is now time to proofread and make necessary technical and grammatical checks.

Feed yourself some feedback.

It is recommended to ask someone else to proofread your work before submitting it. This way, you can get an outsider’s opinion.

Hit the send button!

Great job, you’ve done it! The not-so-daunting process of writing an SOP is done. Take a deep breath and hit the send button!


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