Put your skills to the test with this NextGen exam in town. Do you think you can do it?


The NextGen Bar Exam

The Bar exam is a test to decide if one is qualified to practice law in a particular jurisdiction.

What is the Bar exam?

The NextGen exam will not test subjects related to the conflicts of laws! The difference is mostly in the exam structure.

What’s the difference?

The NextGen bar exam will feature questions based on scenarios that test various knowledge areas and skills using multiple-choice, short-answer, and essay formats.

The Questions

Overall, the NextGen bar exam is more skills-based than reliant on memorization, which was a major point of stress for test-takers, experts say.

The Questions

Taking the exam cost varies by jurisdiction, posing a financial hurdle for many. While NCBE has not disclosed NextGen exam cost, they have assured to make it affordable for everyone.

The Cost

Additionally, the new exam will be completely computer-based, eliminating the current paper question booklet.

The Answer method

After reading this we can assure, you this upcoming NextGen exam launching in 2026 will surely be a turning point in the Law field.

Reason for change?


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