10 Most
In-Demand Skills in 2023





It’s time to get crafty with top skills and live large!

Reveal your spidersuit!

The first visual into a particular firm or product. Web development skills make sure you grab headlines, just like Spiderman!

Alexa play…

With artificial intelligence gracing our everyday lives (SIRI, Alexa?), AI development is the premier skill to have as we progress to a much more digital world.


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Data is the basis of all information and the building blocks of any system. Data analysis, entry & management deals with everyday data & keeps the world running.

#Followers gallore!

With over 200 million businesses on insta, social media marketing uses social channels to expand your reach (80% insta users have bought products on the platform!)

Graphic content

Work is boring, so add some graphics to make it fun! Graphic design gives life in the digital age with stunning visual and animation, adding appeal to your product and image.

Private profile! Send a friend request.

With everything digital, privacy is the name of the game. Keeping information & data secure means stability on a world scale. Cyber security is the key to safety

H.E.L.L.O Skynet Era

With everything becoming automated (Tesla made everybody a passenger princess), writing automation scripts & making functions effortless is the name of the game.


Be on the podium when someone searches with search engine optimization. Keyword searches & implementation in content makes sure your pages rank to garner audience.

On cloud 9!!!

Internet connects us all & this is only possible due to Cloud Computing, an innovative idea which made us able to connect & access data from 10m to 10,000miles.

Manage a project from ideation to reality, perform risk analysis & and bring innovation into practice with agile project management.

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