Your Guide to Daylight Saving!!!

Clocks turning, time travel & efficiency! What on Earth is Daylight savings or DST?

Time Travel?

While that may seem the case, DST is a practice of moving the clocks forwards & backwards to save DAYLIGHT. Our sun is safe, don’t worry.

Also, saving daylight?

Yes, in essence, sunrise & sunset differ with seasons due to the Earth’s orientation to the Sun. Daylight is maximized due to us changing clocks with the varying Sun-time.

How do we time skip?

Time skips in shows are always fun. In DST, the clock moves ahead during summers and back during winters.

Poles Apart

DST in the northern & southern hemispheres occur in different cycles due to the inclination of the Earth. Yes, we changed time coz the planet tilts.

What do we get?

Daylight savings time has its benefits, from energy saving and lessening crime & accident rates to just giving you more time for some outdoor fun.

In other news!

DST for 2023 has been implemented in the USA as of 12-03-23 at 1AM. The UK will follow suit & move clocks ahead 1 hour on 26-03-23. Australia will be turning it back on 02-04-23!


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