Your guide to public transport in London

Visiting London? It's time to make getting around London a child’s play! Check out London’s vast transport system!

Through the tube

The world-famous London Underground is the metro system spread underneath the city with a newer network over ground called the Overground as well. It’s quick & efficient to use!


Docklands Light Railway is the automated rail system covering the docklands area of London. You could call it the Tesla of the metro in London.

All aboard!

Getting around to the suburbs and outside of London is made easy with the train services. A major benefit of these is that it connects one to all three major airports in London!

Double it

London’s iconic double-decker buses & normal buses are the most used form of transport & can get you pretty much anywhere in London (not to your dining table, that would be concerning)

Tram it up

London Tramlink can be found in South London & has four lines in the region. The fixed fee per journey is just another advantage besides riding in a train in the middle of the road!

Lift off!

Cable cars in a city? Yes! The IFS Cloud Cable Car connects you from Greenwich to the Royal Victoria Dock across the river Thames. It is also the only urban cable car in the UK.

Across the Thames

With a big old river cutting through London, boats are the obvious solution. The river boats run four routes and get one from the west end of the city to the east with a VIEW!


The iconic black cabs of London are the best bet to get from point-to-point locations. Hail a cab with its taxi light on & get around with ease even if on the expensive side.


London offers public cycle points throughout the city where you can rent a cycle & use the cycling lanes. Nothing like getting around a city with some exercise & main character vibes.


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