Well, it’s not a band or an environmental awareness day.

A Green Day!


St. Patrick's

Why St. Patrick?

Just like St. Valentine’s, who is remembered on Valentine’s day, St. Patrick is honoured on this day for bringing the teachings of the holy bible to Ireland.

Blue to Green holiday?

Many people were “blue” about the British royalty, which led to the Irish rebellion. The shamrock became a symbol of Irish nationalism, thus a change of colour and heart.

Chug down a pint of green beer

Everything is green! Right from the attire, lakes, cupcakes and streets. There is greenery everywhere

Is it St. Patrick's day everywhere?

St. Patrick’s is not just an Irish affair; the cheers of St. Patrick's are also felt in the land of the free and Maple Syrup. We will let you guess!

Raining on no one’s parade

St. Patrick's Parade is a vibrant celebration of Irish culture featuring green-themed parades, music, and dance performances.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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