TOUCHDOWN! It's time for Super Bowl LVII

ARE YOU READYYYY?!!! The coveted Super Bowl is back, and Rihanna is about to make it a night to remember.
The finals of the American National Football League, crowns a champion after a hard-fought season between 32 teams warring for the silver trophy.

The Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LVII is happening at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, AZ on Feb 12th, 6:30 pm EST. Get ready for a thrilling game with strong defense & offense!

What, where, when do I tune in?

A face-off between the fierce Kansas City Chiefs and the ever-green Philadelphia Eagles. Super Bowl LVII is going to be full of some high stakes tackling action.

Choose your fighter!

Top-notch offensive lines make the Chiefs & Eagles a force. Expect flair & strategy from their QBs in a high-energy game. Get ready for an adrenaline rush

Clash of Clans or Titans?

It's time to take a bow during the always legendary halftime show, as Rihanna will be returning to the center-stage. At this point, super bowl or super fun?

Whistles HALF-TIME

High with excitement? Perfect, that will make watching online easier. Join the battle-supreme from home via FOX sports, NFL app or YouTube TV.

On the airwaves?

With the Kelce brothers split among the teams, it’s time to see who is the favored child? Injuries amongst star players is just another unknown surprise.

Brother, I am injured!

Bumping heads for the 22-inch-tall Vince Lombardi Trophy, the 57th Super Bowl will be a wonder. Plan an awesome night with friends and cheer for your team!!

Sing your fight song

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