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Home to some of the best art pieces of artists like J.M.W Turner, this gallery has almost 25,000 items & has been the city’s pride for 200 years.

Manchester Art Gallery

Holding on to the Manchester United FC legacy, visit the ground, locker rooms, tunnel, and dugout and watch the history flash before your eyes.

Old Trafford Stadium

Given this area is known for its entertainment scenes, from classic theatres to legendary clubs, Great Manchester is a must-visit tourist attraction.

Greater Manchester

Since 1906, the Victoria Baths has been UK’s finest public pools and bathhouses with breath-taking interiors, so why wait? Take a dip in this historic water palace!

Victoria Baths

The millennials must be in luck as this cherished TV show from the 1990s is now available for participation. So grab your magnifying glass & channel your inner Sherlock.

The Crystal Maze

With over 25 rides, consisting of dinosaurs & pirates, it’s perfect for a fun outing on a warm day, so take this chance to collect your ticket to be a kid for a day

Gulliver’s World Theme Park

If you’re into artsy things, take a street art tour, as the Northern Quarter is the hub for artists & showcases some of the best murals in the city

Northern Quarter

Given its the first urban heritage park in the world, you can find remains of a historic Roman fort and Victorian warehouses, a beautiful mix of past & present.

Castlefield Urban Heritage Park

Known to have the widest nave of any cathedral in England, this is a mesmerizing structure built 600 years ago, making it Manchester’s oldest churches.

Manchester Cathedral

Lastly, this museum charts the city's progress from the Industrial Revolution to date with amazing displays from an early steam engine to the first computer.

Science and Industry Museum

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