Google Bard

Chat GPT

Who’s better?

AI Showdown?

Who’s better?

AI Showdown?

Who is more accurate?

Google Bard becomes a hero as it pulls out real-time data

Chat GPT lacks knowledge of the world post-2021

Who charges more, you wonder?

And Google Bard is a free tool for everyone who has access.

Well, Chat GPT is free to all users and bills 20$ a month for ChatGPT Plus.

What can these AI heroes do?

Google Bard is built for dialogues

Chat GPT is built for text functions

Who’s pretty, you ask?

Well, Bard is WAY better in terms of UI/UX and has prettier fonts.

GPT has chunky text but allows you to edit responses on it.

well, we give you the power to decide that for yourselves, as both of these AI are unique and fascinating.

Which one is better?

How Can OpenAI's ChatGPT Be Used By Students In 2023?

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