Why do we celebrate
Black History Month?

A Month of Reflection for a Lifetime of Progress.

Why do we celebrate
Black History Month?

Celebrated in the USA,
in February, it is to honour
African Americans’ contributions
and recognise their roles and
sacrifices made throughout history.

of celebrating
Black History Month

Why is
Black History Month celebrated in February?

The week was picked to match with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, two men who played a prominent role in eliminating slavery.

Reasons to celebrate Black History Month

1) Honour

To understand, reflect and learn the difficulties and oppressions faced by African Americans.

2) Educate

To teach our next generations about the important role that African Americans played in shaping American society.

To celebrate all the achievements and discoveries by African descent that highlight the success stories.

3) Commemorate

4) Insight

To increase awareness of the history of slavery, segregation, and discrimination faced by African Americans and the Civil Rights Movement.

5) Diversify

To build bridges between different communities and promote greater understanding and appreciation of diversity.

6) Foster

To provide a platform for the voices and perspectives of African Americans, to ensure that their experiences and contributions are not forgotten or overlooked.

Black History Month serves as a special time to celebrate the achievements of Black individuals, it is crucial to keep their legacy and impact in our minds and hearts all year round!

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