This is a snapshot of some of the major workplace trends that will emerge this year.

The Workforce of Tomorrow: Bold Predictions for 2023

In 2023, HR leaders will use "quiet hiring" to gain new skills without hiring full-time workers. This involves promoting internal talent mobility, upskilling, and flexible hiring.

Quiet Hiring is In

75% of workers globally see remote work as the new normal, outweighing the negatives. Hybrid work is gaining popularity as office space is rethought.

Hybrid and remote-first

Companies must prioritize Employee Experience to attract and retain staff. Perks like mental health support and recognition for work will become more important in 2023.

Improving Employee Experience

Sustainability is a key focus for companies in 2023 due to increased consumer demand. Implementing green practices and upskilling employees is essential.


In 2023, companies will prioritize diversity and inclusion initiatives to support and value all employees, leading to better business outcomes and innovation.

Diversity and inclusion

Job recruiters will evaluate based on skills rather than job titles. So career changers who fear a lack of relevant experience should learn the most important skills.

Prioritizing Skills over roles

Chat GPT AI tool highlights the rapid growth of AI, a pressing concern for corporations. Companies must reskill employees for new AI opportunities.

Increased use of artificial intelligence


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