Celebrated to honour women and their accomplishments, No stone should be left unturned in making them feel extra special this women’s day.

How to Celebrate Women's Day
with Fun and Flair

Sport a shade of purple

On Women's Day, honour justice & dignity with purple, purity with white, and hope with green. Wear purple ribbons/clothes, and share photos to show support!


Help women: Volunteer!

Volunteer at a women's shelter on Women's Day. Research, choose one that aligns with your values, & complete orientation. Give back, help those in need, and make a difference!


Host a wellness session

Celebrate Women's Day with wellness activities such as healthy eating, yoga, meditation, exercise, and creating a safe and positive environment for self-care.


Support women-owned businesses

Support women's businesses for economic empowerment. Help close gender pay gap, promote diversity, and create jobs. Invest in and attend events to promote equality.


Author reading with women writers.

Connect with female authors through book readings and Q&A sessions. Celebrate their work and open conversations about female representation in the industry.


Attend a Women's Day march

Join a women's rally or march at least once to show support for gender issues and advocate for women's rights. Feel inspired and have a sense of solidarity.


Highlight women in your industry

Promote women in the workplace by recognizing their achievements and supporting their career aspirations. Encourage diversity and inclusivity for a positive impact.


Hosting an Empowering party to celebrate and honour women with a fun dress code or theme will make it a very memorable event.

Organise an
all-women party


Have a self-care day with friends

Small hampers or gifts full of self-care goodies can be distributed, and a spa day can be held. Clear your mind, pamper yourself and discover your worth.



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