20 Women's Day Activities And Event Ideas
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20 Women's Day Activities And Event Ideas

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Feb 27, 2023
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Mar 9, 2023
Uploaded on
Feb 27, 2023
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Mar 9, 2023
20 Women's Day Activities And Event Ideas
Empowerment starts with us

Women’s day is celebrated every year on the 8th of March and is done to honour women’s accomplishments and make sure to acknowledge that gender injustices still exist. March 1911  was the first time International Women’s Day was honoured. There are a lot of Women's Day Activities And Events that take place either independently or at the workplace to celebrate women. #EmbraceEquity is the theme of Women’s Day 2023, and this is to focus on giving women what they need to succeed in the different aspects of their lives, like political, economic and social. If you're looking for things to do or to get inspired, here are 20 Women's Day Activities And Event Ideas.

1. Wear the colour purple

Women's day is usually celebrated with the colour purple, which stands for justice and dignity. Still, white and green are also associated with it, with green standing for hope and white for purity. For offices, you can have a dress code or simply just wear a purple ribbon to honour the special day. This is a very easy but effective way to show support for Women’s day. This can also be a great photo opportunity, and the pictures can be posted on social media to spread awareness and show support. 

2. Write a letter to a woman who has inspired you

This Women’s day activity is dedicated to all the women who inspire other women and men to grow and overcome. There always comes a point in someone’s life when a woman inspires them to become the person they are and overcome the hardships they have to go through. The woman could be a family member, a friend, or a colleague. You can write about how specifically they have impacted your beliefs and actions. Appreciating that woman that helped get you where you needed to go is important, and so writing a letter acknowledging all of that and letting them know the genuine impact they had on you is one of the best Women’s day activities. 

3. Organise an all-women party

Having an all-women's party is one of the most fun women's day activities. The main purpose of this party is to celebrate and honour women while not skimping on the fun. A theme or a dress code can be set for the party to make it more interesting and fun, and an all-women playlist can be made to jam to. The venue can be dressed up with purple decor, which is the women's day colour, and delicious food and drinks can be served. With the groovy music, themed decor and yummy food, this party will be something you won’t forget.

4. Invite Empowering Female Speakers

Organising a women's day event should definitely include a speech from one or a few empowering female speakers. That is an amazing opportunity to inspire and motivate the audience to work towards women's empowerment. Having the right speakers is very important, and some way to find the perfect fit is to get suggestions from friends and coworkers and research online. The goals and intentions for the speech should be set beforehand, and that will also aid in finding the perfect speakers. 

5. Thank-You Campaigns

Thank-you Campaigns are one of the must-have women's day activities. Here people can thank and show gratitude towards the women who have helped or inspired them to do things. Here the good deeds and helpfulness of the women, who could be family, friends or a colleague, can be fully appreciated and celebrated, and they can be thanked the right way. This is one of the most important women's day activities to show that their work is valued and appreciated and can help to create a more inclusive and supportive community.

6. Listen to a Women Empowering Podcast

Podcasts usually have the answers to everything you need and are also great ways to get some knowledge along with being entertained. There are some amazing women-empowering podcasts that will help you feel seen and connected to the women's community from all around the world. The podcasts can have stories or experiences the women have had and how they have overcome their problems. You can get inspired by the stories of the women and take advice on how to inch towards your own goals. This is one of the more convenient and easy women's day activities to do while also supporting them by listening. Some fantastic podcasts are Our Body Politic, Under the Sisterhood and Girlboss Radio.

7. Volunteer at a local women's shelter or organization

One of the more selfless and helpful women's day activities you can do is to Volunteer at a local women's shelter or organization. This is a wonderful way to give back to the community and help the women that really need it. You can research the women's shelters or organisations near you and choose one that aligns with your values and beliefs. After contacting the organisation or shelter, you might need to go through a short training session or orientation before you can actively participate and remember to be helpful and considerate. By volunteering at a local women's shelter or organisation, you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of women that need it. 

8. Host a wellness session

This is one of the Women’s day activities that focuses on the health and well-being of women and both physical as well as mental health. Activities to promote this well-being, like eating healthy, having yoga sessions, meditation, and physical workouts can be done. Activities that bring the community of women together and create a safe and relaxing environment for them to focus on themselves promote a healthy and positive lifestyle for themselves and others.

9. Support women-owned businesses

You can contribute to empowerment and equal economic opportunity by supporting women with their own businesses. Women have a set of unique difficulties and problems when starting their own businesses and trying to expand or grow. Supporting Women-owned businesses is something that should be done year-round. Supporting them will help create more jobs, close the gender pay gap, bring diversity to the market and have a positive impact on the community. Investing in women-owned businesses, buying from them and attending events to promote them are a few ways to support them. In the end, supporting women-owned businesses is a way to help promote gender equality and support women's economic empowerment.

10. Have a self-care day with friends

Women tend to take care of everyone else’s needs before their own, so one of the women's day activities this year should be having a self-day or event. Small hampers or gifts full of self-care goodies can be distributed, and group packages can be obtained from spas. Take this day to rejuvenate and focus on yourself and clear your mind and pamper yourself. Eating healthy, participating in art therapy or having a digital detox are some of the things you can do to promote self-care and help women discover their worth and deservedness for self-care and relaxation.

11. Highlight women in your industry

Women have been historically underappreciated, especially in the workplace, in spite of all their talents, achievements and skills. Giving women the respect, visibility and recognition they deserve, along with the support they need. By promoting the women that have made great strides in your industry, you are encouraging other women to pursue their career aspirations and create a more inclusive and diverse workplace. This is one of the women's day activities that promote women in a very positive way and make them feel valued. 

12. Awards for Exceptional Women

An award session should be held in the workplace to appreciate and honour the women that work hard and get where they need to do in spite of gender-based inequality and biases. Certificates, speeches, or plaques can be given, or even just gift baskets to show them appreciation. Leadership, innovation, teamwork, customer service, and mentorship can be some categories in which the awards can be given out. By recognising and celebrating the achievements, workplaces can help to create a more inclusive and supportive office culture for all employees. 

13. Author reading with women writers

In book readings, authors read an excerpt from their book and then hold a Q&A session with the audience. This is one of the women’s day activities that focus specifically on female authors to give them a platform to showcase their work and efforts and connect with the readers through storytelling as well as promote their book. This also gives the readers and the author a place to open up a conversation about the issues faced by the female authors in the industry related to identity, gender and representation. 

14. #EmbraceEquity photo challenge for social media

This photo challenge is one of the women’s day activities focusing on spreading awareness online and on social media. The organisers of International Women’s Day are encouraging workplaces to participate in this challenge. The female staff can pose in the signature pose for this women's day, which is where you give yourself a hug and take a picture and post it online. The hashtag #EmbraceEquity is used to make this challenge as widespread as possible. 

15. Gifts for the female role models in our lives

One way to appreciate and show respect for the women in our lives, especially ones that inspire us is to get them gifts. This is one of the women's day activities that will really show them how much appreciation we have for them and make them feel special. You can gift things like succulents, books, clothes, bottles, snacks and gift cards to any woman that inspires you, like your mother, coworker or friend. 

16. Watch a women-empowering movie

Watching movies that empower women is a great way to support and celebrate women's achievements in the field of film and media. This is one of the women's day activities that everyone will enjoy and will also support, encourage and empower women to reach their full potential. They challenge stereotypes and advocate for the rights of women. Choosing movies that feature a strong female lead or females in roles that traditionally belong to men, like science, sports and military, is something that could be done. Choosing movies that focus on women's rights and address the issues are also a great way to get educated about such topics.

17. Attend a Women's Day march or rally

This is one of the women's day activities that should be done at least once. Attending such rallies and marches show immense support for gender issues and advocate for women’s rights. Here people from all walks of life and all ages come together to raise awareness and show their support for women's issues. Attending these events will help you feel inspired and aware and have a sense of solidarity.

18. Donate to cause-based charity

This is a very meaningful way to support inclusion and gender equality while helping the women that need it. Women and girls already have to go through gender-specific hardships, and anything done to ease these hardships is always welcome. Helping them with issues like healthcare, finances, legal support, and education is something that can be done. This is one of the women's day activities that should be done year-round. Find organisations or charities that have the same values and priorities, and donate and help as much as you can to make a critical difference in their lives.  

19. Organise a game night 

Organising a game night for the hardworking women around you is one of the women's day activities that can show appreciation in a fun way. This is a good way to bring together a group of women and create a community and connections that will foster their growth. It will also create a fun, creative and positive environment where they can relax and thrive. Select some fun games and work together in teams and remember a little friendly competition never hurt anyone. 

20. Women’s History Trivia

This is one of the women's day activities that is a very educational and unique way to celebrate the contributions and achievements of women throughout history. The questions can cover a number of topics related to women's histories, like arts, suffrage and science. Costumes, music and decorations can be added to make it more interesting and fun. This women's day event can also help bring awareness about such important topics. 

There were 20 women's day activities and events that will help you celebrate women's day in a fun and appropriate way. Women's day is a great opportunity to celebrate gender equality and women's contributions all throughout history. These activities not only make sure you have a good time but also ensure that awareness about serious issues is being spread, and by participating in these women's day activities and events, you can actively be a part of the change.