How it works
We are with you at every step of your journey


Discover from a range of apartments provided on our website. Choose the apartment according to your needs.
If you are not satisfied with the listings given on the website, We will find apartment according to your preferences.

Finalize your Place

Our expert property consultants will help you with additional details you need regarding the property and surrounding area. It will also include details regarding the rent, deposit and application fee involved in the leasing process.

Get your paperwork done

After finalizing your apartment, we’ll start the paperwork for you.
Paperwork involves signing of your lease agreement etc. It may involve payment for the first month rent and other charges like one time application fees.

Your apartment is booked.

You have successfully booked your apartment.
Now you can sit back and prepare for your journey. Mean while you can read what you have to do in your first month.

Frequently asked Questions

How does Amberstudent work?

We have partnered with multiple fields agents and property consultants who provide us updated listings.

We take apartment preferences like distance from university, budget, bedroom configurations, safety etc. from you and send to our agents. Our agents find out the apartments which fulfill your criteria and send us listings.

We then show you the listings. If you like the listing, we’ll process further otherwise we’ll ask our agents to send more listings. You will be constantly updated as and when listing arrives.

Once you select the apartment, we’ll start the paper and lease work. Generally the whole process takes 2-5 days depending on the supply and demand conditions.

What are the benefits of booking?

Hassle free accommodation. You don’t have to go to various websites, fill various web forms and talk to multiple brokers etc. sometimes the listings are fake or untrustworthy. Also, paper and lease work is included. Amberstudent ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience.

You can give accommodation search responsibility to Amberstudent and can focus on other important tasks.

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