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Nottingham is located in Nottinghamshire, 206 km north of London, 72 km northeast of Birmingham and 90 km southeast of Manchester in the East Midlands. Nottingham is popularly known worldwide for it's links with the Legend of Robin Hood. Apart from a rich history and culture, Nottingham also holds a reputation for being a home to a number of tourist attractions.  Nottingham Castle, The City of Caves and Highfields Parks are some of the most well known tourist attractions in the UK  that draws tourists in bulk to the city every year. Nottingham was also named as the "City of Literature" by the UNESCO on 2015. Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham are among some of the finest universities in the UK enticing undergraduate and post graduate students to the city every year. 


The students in Nottingham need not stress about accommodation at all as there is a wide range of premium yet affordable halls of residences, student hostels and private halls of residences in Nottingham. The private halls of residences in Nottingham comprises of lavish, comfortable yet budget friendly non-suites, en-suites, studios and shared apartments which are inclusive of all the bills. All the rooms are designed keeping in mind the greater comfort and safety of the students.All The private halls of residences usually have more demand as they provide many attractive deals and offers for the benefit of the students and moreover they more reasonable in comparison to the student hostels. The student accommodation in Nottingham also have short term tenancy options and the the budget of student accommodation in Nottingham ranges from 90 pounds per week to 250 pounds per week.


Nottingham is the seventh largest conurbation in the United Kingdom and the public transport network in Nottingham has developed considerably over the years. Nottingham has an award winning bus service which covers almost all the parts of the city. The commercial bus services in the city are mostly governed by the Nottingham City Transport. There is also an extensive service of taxis for your convenience running across the city. Nottingham also has a network of traffic free cycling routes. In case, you do not own a cycle then do not worry as you can always rent one from various cycle renting outlets present in the city. The thought of getting stuck in the traffic is never going to hold you back from exploring the city. The Nottingham Station is the largest and the busiest station of the city and is even the nodal point on the city's tram system. You can always board a train in case you want to travel from one place to another without any hindrance. All the means of transportation collectively have made it convenient and at the same time economical for the people and especially the students to travel hassle free in Nottingham.


Nottingham is among one of the student-friendly regions in the UK. 

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