Student Housing in The Sheffield College, Sheffield

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The Sheffield College


Located in South Yorkshire, England, Sheffield College is a further education college in Sheffield. Founded in the year 1989, Sheffield College was born following the amalgamation of various colleges. Later on, in May 1995, Sheffield College was named as one of the most prominent colleges in England. 

Currently catering a total of 24,000 students, Sheffield College offers a variety of courses including Foundation and Honours degrees, A-levels, vocational diplomas, Apprenticeships, and access to Higher Education courses. 


Sheffield College has a total of four campuses spread across the city with excellent public transport links, making it easily accessible to the students, irrespective of where you are in the city.

  1. City Campus: The City Campus is the flagship campus of Sheffield College located within a 10-minutes walking distance from the city centre and a short 5-minutes walk from the train station. 
  2. Hillsborough: Located to the north of the city on Livesey Street, the Hillsborough campus of Sheffield College is a creative hub with Photography, Art and Design, Music and Fashion. In addition to this, the campus also houses traditional courses like A-Levels. 
  3. Olive Grove: Situated just 5-minutes away from the City Campus, Olive Grove is home to engineering, gas fitting, plumbing, and motor vehicle courses.
  4. Peaks: Located to the southeast of the city, the Sheffield College Peaks campus has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with “The Attic,” social area and “The Loft” canteen. 

Student life

Wondering about how your student life at Sheffield college would be? Worry not!

The city of Sheffield is not only filled with culture, museums, parks, and building but also with nightclubs, shopping spots, bars, and sports clubs.

Just a short walk from the university, you will find the Norfolk Heritage Park. If you are an art enthusiast, take a decent stroll down the street to find yourself around the city’s two famous museums- Weston Park Museum and Kelham Island Museum. 

In addition to this, you will find plenty of nightclubs and bars close to the university campus. Some of the popular ones include the Royal Standard, Rutland Arms, Sheffield Tap and Triple Point Brewery+Bar.    

Student Accommodation

The students studying at Sheffield College need not stress about finding student accommodation options near Sheffield College. With a consistent increase in the student count, the student housing in Sheffield has also increased significantly. Right from budget-friendly halls of residences to students dormitories to private halls of residences, the city offers a wide range of students housing options in Sheffield to choose from. 

The Sheffield College Accommodation aka halls of residences is university apartment buildings with dorms or dorms where college students live in during their academic courses. Sheffield College accommodation is usually placed inside the university campus, making it one of the most convenient accommodation options for university students who are living separately for the first time. And thanks to its comfortable location, these rooms generally tend to get occupied at a lightning pace.  

Apart from halls of residences, the city also offers a wide range of Private student housing options near Sheffield College which includes lavish studios, en-suites, and shared flats. 

While there are a lot of options to choose from, some of the popular student accommodation in Sheffield includes Leadmill Point, Fenton House, Brearley House, Archways and Hollis Croft