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Student Accommodations in 

Upto £450 Cashback
8.5 mi from City Center
( 3h 9m
48m )
Laundry room
Onsite cinema
Common room
6 Room Options
Instant Booking
4 Offers
Lower Loveday St, Birmingham
8.5 mi from City Center
( 3h 11m
48m )
laundry facility.
Bike Storage
6 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
Belgrave Middleway, Birmingham
10.1 mi from City Center
( 3h 24m
1h 12m )
laundry facility
study area
bills included
5 Room Options
Instant Booking
2 Offers
Upto £500 Cashback
Cliveland St, Birmingham
8.4 mi from City Center
( 3h 8m
46m )
study area
laundry facility
9 Room Options
Instant Booking
4 Offers
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Lancaster St, Birmingham
8.5 mi from City Center
( 2h 52m
35m )
game room
bills included
laundry facility
13 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
Staniforth St, Birmingham
8.6 mi from City Center
( 2h 53m
38m )
laundry facility
8 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
Top Rated
Hagley Rd, Birmingham
9.6 mi from City Center
( 3h 34m
53m )
Games Room
Cinema Room
Study Area
5 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
Upto £250 Cashback
Bath Row, Birmingham
9.7 mi from City Center
( 3h 16m
55m )
dual occupancy
game room
laundry facility
1 more
12 Room Options
Instant Booking
4 Offers
Savings worth £5,000
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Top Rated
Culwell St, Wolverhampton
6.5 mi from City Center
( 2h 10m
49m )
laundry facility
bills included
study area
3 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
Upto £100 Cashback
North Rd, Wolverhampton
7.0 mi from City Center
( 2h 22m
59m )
bills included
Outdoor courtyard
laundry facility
7 Room Options
Instant Booking
4 Offers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should you start looking for student accommodation in Walsall England?

It's best to start your hunt for student accommodation in Walsall as soon as possible to ensure you find a stay that fits all your needs and is budget-friendly. Usually, six months before is the ideal time to book your accommodation. Amber will help you with the whole process. Booking accommodation early has many benefits that you can read about here.

What should I keep in mind while booking the student accommodation in Walsall?

Consider the following things while looking at the off-campus student accommodation in Walsall with amber.

  1. Number of people you want to live with
  2. Housing-catered or self-catered
  3. Ensuite or studio
  4. Single or double-bed
  5. Room size
  6. Budget
  7. Off-campus accommodation
  8. Any additional facilities

How can a student rent student houses Walsall England?

Select, pay, and book. After you shortlist from our catalogue of more than 5000+ options in Montreal, you will be provided free service throughout the entire process from our experienced team. You can contact us further for any queries and guidance, and we will be happy to assist you.

What is the cost of living for students in the UK?

Several factors, such as room amenities and facilities offered, decide the cost of living, location being one of the essential aspects. The average cost of living in the UK for students is around £651 per month, excluding rent.

Which is the best student accommodation in Walsall England?

The city has everything a student needs; no matter where you live, you will enjoy all that the city has to offer. The Compass, Belgrave View, and Volume Works are some of the most popular and affordable places. Do keep in mind to consider your commute to universities and budget to decide what's best for you.

How much money will I spend on bills?

Your expenses depend on the accommodation you rent, but most of our student properties have bills included, so you will only have to pay the rent. The bills include WiFi, amenities, and other shared spaces. You can reach out to the amber team to clear your doubts.

How do I pay rent for my student accommodation in Walsall?

Multiple payment options are available. You can pay rent for student accommodation in Walsall via net banking or your debit card. We also have our payment portal, where we can help you with the procedure.

Can I get discounts for student accommodation in Walsall?

Yes, students who book early often earn good discounts and pay rent at a significantly discounted rate for their accommodation. You can also leverage the discounts and cashback from group bookings.

Can I view my student accommodation in Walsall before booking?

Yes. If you wish to schedule a viewing before booking a property, contact our booking experts, and amber will arrange a virtual tour for you.

Can I get discounts for student accommodation in Walsall?

You can avail of generous discounts for student hostels and accommodations by booking earlier. Even group bookings can help you earn discounts.

Student Accomodations in Walsall

Walsall Student Accommodation

A market town and administrative centre in the West Midlands County in England, Walsall, is known for its craftsmanship and leather making. Walsall has a thriving and diverse community with many world-class art galleries, buzzing markets, and beautiful green spaces. If you are moving to Walsall for higher studies, finding suitable student accommodation in Walsall might be difficult and time-consuming. Amber offers many affordable options for comfortable student accommodation that are priced reasonably. Numerous prestigious universities, including the University of Wolverhampton, University College Birmingham, University of Law Birmingham, Aston University, and BPP University, are located close to student accommodation in Walsall.

You will find a variety of student accommodation in Walsall, England. Among all the Walsall accommodations, Walsall's dorms are designed for the utmost comfort of the students. Everyone can find something to do in the city. The Walsall accommodation is divided into private residence halls, private housing, and dorms. Private Walsall student accommodation includes studios, communal apartments, and comfortable, luxurious, yet cost-effective ensuites that include all utilities. Amber also caters to students who are seeking short-term rentals in Walsall. Compared to other UK cities, Walsall makes it simpler to reserve short-term accommodation. Some of the best Walsall student accommodations you can check out include Compass, Belgrave View, Bridge Street Studios, and Selly Oak Court.

About Walsall

Walsall City is a metropolitan area in West Midlands County, one of the oldest English county districts in the UK. Walsall is a lovely, hilly, mountainous location established following England's early warfare and medieval history. It has been a significant economic sector of the UK. Walsall is a well-linked rural area of England because it borders other adjacent popular cities, including Coventry, Birmingham, and Leicester.

Walsall's architecture is a fusion of early 19th and 20th-century styles, influenced by historical and contemporary warfare. The Black Country Living Museum, Dudley Zoo, Castle, and St. Philip's Cathedral are just a few prominent local attractions in Walsall that draw thousands of tourists annually. Additionally, many travellers drawn to the city by Walsall's global curriculum and promising employment opportunities are overseas students. For secondary education, Walsall is home to the prestigious University of Wolverhampton. It is close to other well-known institutions of further learning, such as City College Coventry, University of Birmingham, and Ulster University.

Students worldwide can obtain undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees from these universities in various subjects, including science, engineering, fashion, and arts. More than 100,000 international students are hosted in the city each year, making Walsall the most popular location in the UK for international education.

Best Student Accommodation in Walsall

There are some of the best student accommodations in Walsall that are comfortable, convenient, and stylish student accommodations equipped with modern amenities and facilities. The student accommodation in Walsall includes cluster and deluxe ensuites, penthouses, studio clubs, courtyards, accessible rooms, premium, standard, and classic studios, 2-bed apartments, and silver plus and deluxe plus studios. With so many options available, you might feel confused about which property to choose. For that, consider these factors: location, rent, type of accommodation, and amenities and facilities offered in and around the student accommodation Walsall. We have listed some of the best student accommodation in Walsall that you can choose from.

  1. Compass
  2. Belgrave View
  3. Bridge Street Studios
  4. Selly Oak Court
  5. Volume Works
  6. Duncan Smith House
  7. Chamberlain Place
  8. Altura
  9. Yugo Globe Works
  10. 88 Bromsgrove House

Cost of Living

The cost of living in the UK can be a bit higher than the other countries. Your cost of living also depends on several factors, such as the location of the student accommodation, amenities and facilities offered, and personal preferences. With proper planning, you can set an effective monthly budget to help you cut down on unnecessary expenses and manage your costs. The average cost of living in the UK for students is around £651 per month, excluding student accommodation in Walsall. Have a look at the other expenses you will incur while staying in Montreal.

  1. Food: £100 to £150 per week
  2. Gas and electricity: £50 to £70 per week
  3. Internet and mobile phone: £30 to £150 per week
  4. Dinner at a restaurant: £50 to £150 per week
  5. Laundry: £25 to £40 per week
  6. Stationery and textbooks: £20 to £30 per week
  7. Clothing: £50 to £75 per month
  8. Travel: £90 to £150 per month

Student Travel Walsall

The UK's transportation system is arguably one of the most efficient in the world. Students can seamlessly travel by various commute options such as bus, train, taxi, or even a bicycle. Every major transit system is conveniently accessible and close to major universities and student accommodation in Walsall. We have included the main transportation options in Walsall England, and their typical fares to make things easier. Students must know that these prices can change depending on the day.

1. Train: The two train stations in the area with the best connections are the Walsall Railway Station and the city's Sole Central Station. You won't have to worry about making weekend trips to surrounding cities.

2. Bus: More than 100 buses travel continuously up and down the City of Walsall, 24 hours a day. Students can board buses linking to all UK significant highways at Bradford Place and St. Paul's bus stations, close to the city centre. You can also take the Walsall bus station, Walsall Rd/Quicksand Lane bus station, and Town Hall (stop WH) bus stop. Every part of the city is home to hundreds of local bus stops intended to serve both local and international travellers. In Walsall, the daily bus fare ranges between £1 and £1.20. Another option is an "Oyster Card" bus pass, which significantly lowers the cost of local transportation.

3. Cycling: Cycling is a great way to see the city's smaller neighbourhoods. Visit Walsall's exceptional riding destinations, including the Walsall Arboretum and the renowned Park Lime Pits Local Nature Reserve.

Student Lifestyle & Living in Walsall

International students express high regard for student life in Walsall, England. The town is great for exploring and travelling for people of all ages because it has many exciting and vibrant places for the crowd. Living at Chambers 51, iQ Broderick House, Heantun Point, or The Pavilion—all close to Walsall City Centre—is recommended.

While shopping in neighbourhood stores and city centres, you may be astounded by Walsall's restaurants, which serve a vast range of foods and beverages from practically every country in the world. You can check out these restaurants in the city: Smokey Barrels, Bella Italia - Walsall, Five Rivers À La Carte, Dine & Wine Buffet Restaurant, Piri Fino, and Kabels Steakhouse. You must also explore some of the best cafes in Walsall, where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. These include Chuckery Cafe, The Table, John Street Cafe, Coffee Republic, and One Way Cafe.

There are also many pubs in Walsall where you can enjoy the happening nightlife, including The Fountain Inn, Waterfront, The Black Country Arms, The Watering Trough, and The Longhorn. For shopping, students can visit Saddlers Shopping Centre, Victorian Arcade, Reedswood Retail Park, and Aldridge Shopping Centre. Want to spend time in nature? You can visit Walsall Arboretum, Bath Street Gardens, and Small Pool. Visit Artworx Gallery, The New Art Gallery Walsall, and Chameleon Gallery if you love art. You can explore Walsall Leather Museum, Aldridge Transport Museum, and The Locksmith House Museum if you are a history enthusiast. With so many alternatives available, your stay won't be anything but wonderful!

Walsall Tourist Attractions

Students will find many tourist attractions near student accommodation in Walsall, England. Whether you love clubbing, trying different cuisines, exploring art galleries and museums, or spending time in nature, you will find all that caters to your interests. The student accommodation in Walsall is surrounded by numerous cafes, restaurants, shopping centres, pubs, gardens, art galleries, and museums. Below, we have listed the famous tourist attractions near student accommodation in Walsall, England. Have a look.

  1. Walsall Leather Museum
  2. Walsall Arboretum
  3. Bourne Pool and Waterside Walk
  4. Willenhall Memorial Park
  5. Grosvenor Casino Walsall
  6. Walsall Football Club
  7. Walsall Central Library
  8. Aldridge Shopping Centre
  9. Aston Manor Road Transport Museum
  10. The New Art Gallery Walsall

Universities in Walsall

Walsall has many universities and colleges offering a range of undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and research programs in various disciplines. Many students, both local and international, come to study at Walsall universities. We have listed a few universities in Walsall; some are located close to student accommodation in Walsall, England. Take a look.

  1. University of Wolverhampton
  2. Walsall College
  3. University College Birmingham
  4. Aston University
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