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Newman University


Located in the suburban setting of the Bartley Green in Birmingham, Newman University was founded in 1968 as Newman College of Higher Education, and it got its university status in 2013. Newman University is a public university offering degrees in various subject areas ranging from sports, teacher training, science to humanities and the liberal arts, thus, making it an increasingly popular place to study. Many courses at Newman are developed for further study or employment after graduation. Students can also work part-time in Birmingham and on campus, as ambassadors, in the library or catering. The university also received the Gold award for having an environmentally sustainable Campus in September 2014 and 2017. The university is named after one of the great educators of the 19th-century John Henry Newman, and according to Newman, a university should entirely focus on training the mind rather than the simple diffusion of knowledge, and education should be able to create meaningful conclusions. 


The 61-acre campus is set in a peaceful area very close to Birmingham city center, creating a focused learning environment away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The buildings on campus are named after people with historical and educational significance to Newman University. Over £20 million has been invested for improving the campus for students so that students can get a peaceful learning environment along with a vibrant entrance and a well-stocked library.

For the redevelopment of the university, many sustainable options are considered to control and manage gas, electric, and water consumption by using the very latest technologies. Newman University has excellent transportation links. Students coming from Birmingham Airport can get 900 bus, and the journey duration can take about 40 – 50 minutes to reach the city center depending on traffic. To reach Newman University, you also can get X64 Bus, which takes around 40 minutes from the city centre and on the way- you even get to see the beautiful Bartley Green Reservoir thus making the journey less tedious. There is the convenience of taxis to the campus as well and will take you to Newman University directly in about 45 minutes. But, if you are not planning to spend much money, buses are the best option for commutation. There are several railway stations near the university, and you can check out National Rail's Inquiry page to get the information regarding journeys.

Student life

The university's Student Union puts on regular events, talent shows, theme nights, and many more fun activities for students. The library is also open seven days a week, with 24-hour IT suits on-campus. There are many comfortable study spaces too so that you can study in a quiet environment comfortably. 

After a long day at the university, If you are planning to chill with your friends - You can go to The Sanctuary which is the main eatery on campus offers a range of meals freshly cooked or Starbucks in the main Atrium area. Feel like participating in activities like a soup kitchen or mindful coloring? There is Newman's Chaplaincy open to all students. The multi-faith prayer room is also available and includes wudu facilities. If you want to chill off-campus, there are many eating and drinking options nearby, but you will get plenty of options in the city centre. 

Student Accommodation

Students studying or planning to study at Newman university don't have to worry about the accommodation options in Birmingham as there is a wide range of accommodation options near Newman University. The students can opt for on-campus accommodation which includes halls of residence for university students. The students choosing to reside in Newman University accommodation will have the opportunity to be a part of the active student community and the additional university facilities. Newman University accommodation is undoubtedly the convenient option, especially for the students who are living independently for the first time, but these rooms are generally occupied rapidly since these are located within the campus. Therefore finding private student housing options near Newman University won't be very difficult. Students can always pick from a wide range of options, including budget-friendly private halls of residences, stylish en-suites, non-en-suites, studios, and shared apartments. Some of the preferred off-campus accommodation or private student housing options in Birmingham includes - the old fire station, Canalside, The heights, Bentley house and the pavilion. Finding the best accommodation in a country unknown is the most challenging task. So, the first step, which is very important before choosing any accommodation, is to extensively research, read, and check all the reviews and ratings available on the internet. Keep in mind that, whichever student housing you choose should not only make you feel at home but also meets all your requirements. 

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