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Live in Britains second largest city, a vibrant hub of culture and excitement, enjoying a comfortable home thats designed around your academic and social needs. The University of Birmingham and Birmingham City University are both within easy reach from Belgrave View and the city centre is just a 15 minute walk away, packed with shops, restaurants and local attractions. Keep your travel costs low and your living standards high in this perfectly-placed home from home, offering a choice of bedrooms, soundproofed music practice rooms and stylish communal areas.

Apartment Facilities

Wardrobe and shelves
Large desk
Study chair
Broadband connection
Desk lamp
Fridge freezer

Community Facilities

free gym
social lounge
laundry room
contents insurance
parcel service
free wi-fi
bills included (water, electric & internet)
24-hour security
music practice rooms
bike storage


Bronze En Suite (Single Bed)£125/week
Min. Lease Duration44 week
Available from19-09-2020
Bathrooms1 Bath
Area11 sqm
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Shared Kitchen
Silver En Suite (3/4 bed)£125 - £134/week
Lease Duration44 week - 51 week
Available from19-09-2020
Bathrooms1 Bath
Area15 sqm
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Shared Kitchen
Gold En Suite (Large room with a double bed)£134 - £143/week
Lease Duration44 week - 51 week
Available from19-09-2020
Bathrooms1 Bath
Area16 sqm
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Shared Kitchen
Platinum En Suite (Large room with a double bed and sofa)£159/week
Min. Lease Duration51 week
Available from19-09-2020
Bathrooms1 Bath
Area17 sqm
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Shared Kitchen

Payment Info: 

You can set up a direct debit on the student portal which will ensure that the rent is automatically paid on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i connect to the internet?

You have free access to unlimited Wi-Fi with Ask4. Connect to the network, open your internet browser and fill in the registration form. And thats it done. Our Wi-Fi offers a 50mb connection throughout the building including the study areas and social space.

Multiple devices? We know its a technology world so you can connect up to six devices with your Ask4 account!

What happens if I leave the accommodation before the contract has ended?

If you leave early you will still be liable for the full term of the contract, but it may be possible to release you from your contract if you are able to find a suitable replacement for your room.

Do I need to pay Council Tax?

Great news in the UK, students are currently exempt from Council Tax so thats one less cost to worry about. That said, if you finish your time as a student and dont immediately leave, you will be liable for Council Tax if it becomes due. 

Am I allowed to bring a television for my room?

Yes, youre more than welcome to bring your own television. Dont forget that youll need to buy your own television license, so have a quick read of the information here first. There are no aerial ports in our rooms so its worth checking that you can receive a good reception before buying your licence and installing your TV. That way, you wont be out of pocket if you find that youre unhappy with the quality of the picture.

Can I bring a pet?

As much as we love cuddly, furry animals, theres a strict no pets policy at all our properties at the moment. This includes every type of pet, from goldfish and birds to cats and dogs. This excludes guide or hearing dogs.

Can I choose who I live with?

No-one wants to live with someone theyre unlikely to bond with so our system allows you to choose the room you like and view the profile of other students who have booked already.  You can then select a room and flatmates to suit your lifestyle and interests.

How is living with us different to private housing?

Life in our accommodation is more fun, less stressful and has greater benefits for your studies than private housing. We offer an independent living experience in affordable accommodation, within easy reach to classes, at one inclusive rate. At the same time, we ensure support is available 24 hours a day and offer a fantastic social programme so youre never bored or lonely. You get the freedom to live your life within an exciting student community at a budget that suits your needs. What could possibly beat that?

Does the property hold social activities?

Yes. Weve created property Life, a programme packed with events and activities that will help you settle in and meet new friends.

Welcome BBQs, retro games nights, cookery demos and more: we have a variety of events taking place which appeal to as many of our residents as possible.


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