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Student Accommodations in 

University Ave, Ipswich
1.0 mi from City Center
( 20m
16m )
bills included
laundry facility
Bike storage
7 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
Property of the Day
Haven Rd, Colchester
18.6 mi from City Center
( 6h 9m
1h 5m )
dual occupancy
laundry facility
1 more
8 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
Upto £400 Cashback
Avon Way, Colchester
17.5 mi from City Center
( 6h 24m
1h 10m )
laundry facility
12 Room Options
Instant Booking
4 Offers
Upto £10 Cashback
Hawkins Rd, Colchester
18.5 mi from City Center
( 6h 7m
1h 7m )
study area
game room
bills included
24 Room Options
4 Offers
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Magdalen St, Colchester
18.7 mi from City Center
( 6h 11m
1h 5m )
dual occupancy
bills included
laundry facility
1 more
12 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
Top Rated
Hawkins Rd, Colchester
18.5 mi from City Center
( 6h 5m
1h 15m )
Parking (Additional Charge)
Games Area
Laundry Room
16 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
Elmstead Rd, Colchester
18.1 mi from City Center
( 5h 58m
1h 13m )
All-inclusive utility bills
On-site maintenance
Laundry facilities
14 Room Options
3 Offers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ipswich an affordable city to live in?

The cost of living in Ipswich is 3% higher than the Ipswich average, but there are no taxes on clothing! On average, the rent you would pay in Ipswich is virtually half of what you would pay in New York City.

How do I find student accommodation in Ipswich?

It is a three-step, effortless process - select, pay, and book. After you shortlist the student housing from our catalogue of more than 400+ rooms in Ipswich, you will be provided housing-related student services for free throughout the process. You can contact us for further queries and guidance; our experienced team will be more than happy to assist you.

How much does Ipswich student accommodation cost?

Rent for Ipswich student accommodation can differ based on various factors, such as the distance to the university, the locality you're living in, the amenities it offers, and more. To know whether the student accommodation in Ipswich fits your budget, you can check out the different options on the amber student app.

Where can I find off-campus student apartments near University of Ipswich?

Depending on their distance from the University of Ipswich, you can choose from multiple options for Ipswich student accommodation. Some of the closest ones include Collegiate Athena Hall, Ipswich, and 27 Magdalen Street, Colchester.

What are the bills included in the rent for Ipswich accommodation for students?

This factor depends on the property you rent, but most of our listed Ipswich student accommodation has all the bills included. It is so you don't have to track numerous accounts together. The rent will include Wi-Fi and other facilities such as a gym, gaming room, cinema room, and other shared spaces.

Can I avail of any student discount while booking my student accommodation in Ipswich?

Yes, students who book early can often avail of great student discounts and pay a much lesser rent on their student apartments in Ipswich. You can also avail of various discounts and cashback through group bookings.

Can I view my Ipswich student accommodation before booking?

Yes, if you wish to schedule a virtual viewing of the student property, you can contact our booking experts, who will be more than happy to arrange the virtual tour for you.

Does the University of Ipswich require you to live on Campus?

As a student, you are free to choose off-campus student apartments near University of Ipswich. Off-campus Ipswich student accommodation is conveniently located near major universities and is an affordable alternative to on-campus housing.

Can I get furnished Ipswich student accommodation?

Yes. All the properties listed on amber for Ipswich student accommodation are fully furnished for the residents to use.

How do I pay for my student apartments in Ipswich?

You can make the payment via numerous modes, including net banking or your debit card. We also have our own payment portal, where we can assist you with the process. Watch this video for further information.

Student Accomodations in Ipswich

Ipswich Student Accommodation

Ipswich, a vibrant town in Suffolk, England, is a hub for students owing to esteemed institutions like the University of Essex and the University of East Anglia. With the increasing number of scholars gravitating towards Ipswich, finding quality Ipswich student accommodation has become paramount. Amber facilitates the search, providing a curated list of superior Ipswich accommodation for students that caters to a range of preferences, from private studios to shared flats. The advantages of opting for off-campus student apartments in Ipswich include greater independence, a wider choice of locations, and often a higher standard of living with modern amenities tailored to student needs. Amber simplifies the entire process of securing accommodation by offering a user-friendly platform that lists multiple properties in proximate locations to universities. It includes places near the University Campus Suffolk and the University of Suffolk, ensuring students are never too far from their academic commitments. Residents of Ipshwich student accommodation can enjoy amenities like high-speed internet, on-site laundry facilities, fitness centres, and common study spaces, all conducive to a seamless student life. Among the popular choices are the vibrant Collegiate Athena Hall, Avon, and The Maltings, both offering secure and comfortable environments for students in Ipswich.

About Ipswich

Ipswich City, a metropolitan city in the Suffolk region, is one of the oldest English county regions in the UK. Ipswich, a lovely hilly and mountainous place, was established following England's early war and ancient history. It has long been an important economic sector of the UK. Ipswich is a heavily connected rural area of England because the city shares boundaries with surrounding bustling metropolia, including London, Norwich, and Cambridge. Regarding secondary education, Ipswich is home to the prestigious University of Suffolk. It is close to other well-known institutions of higher learning, such as Regent Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin University, and Cambridge Ruskin International College. Students worldwide can obtain undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees from these universities in various subjects, including science, engineering, fashion, and the arts. Ipswich is the most popular international education location in Suffolk, UK, owing to the more than 100,000 international students attending classes each year.

Best Student Accommodation in Ipswich

Finding the right Ipswich student accommodation is a significant step towards a successful university experience. Settling in Ipswich offers a plethora of off-campus housing solutions that cater to diverse preferences and budgets. Varieties of student accommodation in Ipswich, including ensuite rooms, student halls, and studio apartments, offer flexible living arrangements to meet the unique needs of the student population. Discover the best student accommodation in Ipswich has to offer, strategically located for easy access to university campuses and the city’s amenities: 

1. Collegiate Athena Hall, Ipswich

2. Avon Way House, Colchester

3. The Maltings, Colchester

4. 27 Magdalen Street, Colchester

5. Enso, Colchester

6. Hythe Mills, Colchester

7. Elmstead Place, Colchester

Cost of Living in Ipswich

Understanding the cost of living in Ipswich is essential for students planning their finances, ensuring they can comfortably cover their expenses throughout their study period. The picturesque town of Ipswich offers a blend of historical charm and modern amenities, creating an appealing environment for students. On average, a student might expect a cumulative monthly cost of living to be around £1,000 - £1,200. This estimation is vital as it significantly impacts lifestyle choices and helps students prepare for their stay in this serene Suffolk town while they look for ideal Ipswich student accommodation.

1. Food & Groceries - £200 - £250

2. Transportation - £55 - £125

3. Utilities (including internet) - £120 - £150

4. Clothing - £50 - £100

5. Sports & Leisure - £40 - £100

Student Travel Ipswich

When it comes to student travel near Ipswich, convenience and connectivity go hand in hand. Being a bustling hub for education and culture, Ipswich offers an array of affordable and accessible public transportation options perfect for students residing in the area. From the frequent buses to the well-connected railway system and dedicated cycling lanes, travelling around Ipswich is a breeze for those studying in the city.

Here are the major modes of transportation available for students in Ipswich:

1. Buses: Ipswich's bus network covers the entire city, making it a popular choice for students. With services running at frequent intervals, you won't have to wait long to catch your ride. Prices are reasonable, starting at £4.50. For convenience, you can use a Smart Card or a weekly/monthly pass to save on travel costs.

2. Rail: If you want to venture beyond the city or are commuting from nearby towns, the railway is an efficient option. Ipswich train station provides links to key destinations across the region. With a railcard, students can enjoy up to a third of train fares, starting at  £1.50.

3. Cycling: Ipswich is actively promoting cycling, offering safe and dedicated cycling lanes for a greener and healthier mode of transport. It’s not only affordable but also gives students the freedom to explore the city at their own pace. Certain areas also offer bike-sharing schemes, ideal for budget-conscious students.

4. Private Taxi: You can easily find cabs and taxis across the street of Ipswich student accommodation. You can choose services like Uber. 

5. Walking: Students living at the Ipswich student accommodation can choose to walk to their college campuses and around.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Ipswich

Embarking on a student journey in Ipswich offers an enriching experience combining historic charm with contemporary living. As students settle into their Ipswich student accommodation, they will discover a town that prides itself on safety and suitability for academic progression. Ipswich's warm and inclusive community is indeed an added bonus for students seeking a nurturing environment for their studies.

Off-campus, students relish the vibrant social scene. Popular hangouts such as Cult Cafe and The Arcade Street Tavern lie within a stone's throw from most accommodation in Ipswich, providing ideal spots for relaxation and socialising. The café culture, embraced by the green backdrop of Christchurch Park, serves as an urban oasis for downtime between lectures, with just under a 5-mile radius from student dwellings.

Ipswich also plays host to a number of cultural highlights, including the annual Ipswich Music Day, one of the UK's largest free one-day music festivals. This festival sets the stage for a melodic and unforgettable student experience. The arts thrive here, with events ranging from local theatre productions to international exhibitions at the Ipswich Art Gallery.

For students in Ipswich, life is an eclectic mix of academia and leisure, with the option to explore historical sites or engage in a robust lineup of student events. Rest assured, the student lifestyle in Ipswich is designed to support and enhance your university years, making it a desirable destination for scholars from across the globe.

Ipswich Tourist Attractions

Discover the charm of Ipswich, a picturesque town brimming with cultural heritage, stunning parks, and engaging museums. As students settle into their Ipswich student accommodation, they can explore the array of tourist attractions that make Ipswich a memorable place. Famous for its vibrant waterfront and historical treasures, the town offers exciting excursions, ideal for a break from studies.

1. Christchurch Mansion

2. Ipswich Waterfront

3. Ipswich Museum

4. Holywells Park

5. Portman Road

6. Suffolk Food Hall 

7. Sutton Hoo

8. Jimmy's Farm and Wildlife Park

9. Ipswich Transport Museum

10. The New Wolsey Theatre

Universities in Ipswich

Ipswich is home to a cluster of universities esteemed for their academic excellence and vibrant student communities. The locality promises an enriching experience for individuals embarking on their higher education journey.

1. University of Suffolk

2. University Campus Suffolk

3. University of Essex

4. University of East Anglia

5. City College Norwich

6. Regent Cambridge

7. Anglia Ruskin University

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