Student Accommodations in Petersfield, Cambridge

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Brunswick House, Cambridge

Newmarket Rd, Cambridge
( 16m. 16m. 6m)
10 Room Options
2 Offers
Instant Booking
Pay In Instalment
No Visa No Pay
bills included
Secure Bike Storage
Recycling Facilities
Close to City Centre
Weekly Communal Cleaning
Courtyard with Picnic Benches
Walking Distance to University
From £210/ week
Sold out

The Cam Foundry, Cambridge

Mill Rd, Cambridge
( 20m. 12m. 7m)
11 Room Options
3 Offers
No Visa No Pay
Pay In Instalment
Cinema room
Cinema room
Friendly team
Lovely courtyard
All bills included
Friendly house cats
Regular social events
From £210/ week
Sold out

The Railyard, Cambridge

Station Pl, Cambridge
( 17m. 14m. 7m)
10 Room Options
2 Offers
No Visa No Pay
Pay In Instalment
Smart TV
Games Area
Cycle Storage
100 mbps WIFI
bills included
On-site Laundry
Distance to universities
From £235/ week
Sold out

Student Castle Cambridge, Cambridge

Milton Rd, Cambridge
( 23m. 16m. 9m)
7 Room Options
3 Offers
Pay In Instalment
Study Area
Common Area
Bike storage
Bike Storage
Bills Included
Ultra-Fast WiFi
Outdoor Courtyard
From £249/ week
Sold out

Yugo Anglia House, Cambridge

Newmarket Rd, Cambridge
( 19m. 19m. 8m)
6 Room Options
2 Offers
No Visa No Pay
Pay In Instalment
TV area
study area
Study area
Common room
Bike Storage
bills included
High-speed wifi
On-site laundry
Communal spaces
laundry facility
Wellbeing events
Content Insurance
Rooms for everyone
Post and parcel service
From £219/ week

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Sold out

Castle Hill, Cambridge

Histon Rd, Cambridge
( 30m. 24m. 15m)
2 Room Options
2 Offers
Pay In Instalment
No Visa No Pay
Smart TV
Onsite Gym
Dining Area
bills included
Communal Space
High-speed Wifi
Onsite Maintenance
Close To City Centre
Lounge Area with Sofas
COVID 19 Cancellation Policy
Communal Lounge with Gaming Areas
Monthly Social Events Calendar Onsite
From £280/ week
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Take the hassle out of securing your student home for the best years of your life
Lower Prices
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2X options
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is rent for student accommodation in Petersfield expensive?

You will find a range of budget-friendly student accommodation in Petersfield for rent with amber.

Are payment options safe and secure with amber to book student accommodation in Petersfield?

Yes, all payment options offered by amber are safe and secure to book your student accommodation in Petersfield.

Can I get discounts on my student housing in Petersfield?

Yes, amber offers a range of discounts on early and group bookings of your student accommodation in Petersfield.

Can I view my student accommodation in Petersfield to rent before booking it?

Yes, amber will provide you with a virtual tour of your student accommodation in Petersfield before booking it.

How can I book my student housing in Petersfield with amber?

To book your student housing in Petersfield, you start by browsing and selecting the property of your choice. Once you choose your ideal accommodation, amber will begin your paperwork. Then, you have to make the payment and its done.

Is Cambridge a good place to live for students?

Cambridge is a vibrant and welcoming city for students in Europe. Cambridge offers affordable cost of living, quality education, and a vibrant cultural scene.

Are the private student accommodation in Petersfield to rent pet-friendly?

This completely depends on the property. You can check with the owner for the same.

What all amenities does student housing in Petersfield offer?

Student housing in Petersfield offers amenities like gym, kitchen, wifi, study rooms, and parking facilities.

Are there any parks near student accommodation in Petersfield?

There are several parks near student accommodation in Petersfield, including Petersfield Physic Garden and Danehy Park.

How do I pay for my student accommodation in Petersfield?

Multiple payment options are available. You can pay via net banking or your debit card.

Student Accomodations in Petersfield, Cambridge

Petersfield Student Accommodation

Finding the perfect student accommodation in Petersfield is a breeze with amber. As a thriving hub for academic excellence, Cambridge is home to elite institutions like King's College and Anglia Ruskin University. It's no wonder that student housing in Petersfield is in demand. Opting for off-campus living in Petersfield, Cambridge offers students not just a room of their own but also a chance to immerse in the city's rich culture, with the added advantage of independence and more space to breathe.

Amber understands the nuances of finding the right student accommodation in Petersfield, streamlining the process and unveiling a range of room types from ensuite apartments to shared flats, all conveniently located near top universities. Properties like the eclectic Brunswick House provide students with seamless access to academic zones while ensuring that amenities like high-speed Wi-Fi, on-site laundry, and communal areas that foster a community spirit are readily available. Amber's selection of properties, such as The Cam Foundry and Yugo Anglia House, present tailored solutions for every student's need. Embrace your academic journey in Cambridge with the ideal Petersfield student housing.

About Petersfield

Petersfield is a dynamic locality within the historic city of Cambridge in UK, famed for its esteemed universities and rich cultural tapestry. This area seamlessly blends the charm of Cambridge's academic traditions with the vibrancy of its modern-day amenities, making it an ideal spot for student life. Petersfield Cambridge is renowned for being a hub that captures the essence of the city's intellectual milieu, rooted in centuries of scholarly excellence. Students looking for Petersfield student accommodation will find themselves at the heart of the action, with easy access to an array of shops, eateries, and entertainment options. The locus of student life here bolsters its appeal, with many choosing Petersfield student housing for its proximity to some of the world's leading educational institutions.

The locality is also characterised by its young and diverse student population, further enriched by the international students flocking to Cambridge in pursuit of academic prestige. Popular areas within Petersfield offer a blend of historic architecture and green spaces, ideal for students to unwind between studies.

Best Student Accommodation in Petersfield

Relocating to Petersfield in Cambridge offers a unique blend of historical ambience matched with the vibrancy of student life. For students aiming to pursue their studies at prestigious institutions like King's College or Anglia Ruskin University, finding the ideal off-campus student accommodation in Petersfield can significantly enhance their university experience. Petersfield student accommodation presents benefits such as increased independence, cost-effectiveness, and a rich community environment where one can forge lasting friendships and indulge in local culture. Within the vicinity of Petersfield, various types of student accommodations are available, including ensuite rooms, student halls, and private studio apartments. These lodgings are thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse preferences and budgets of students, providing amenities that ensure comfortable living while promoting an academic-focused lifestyle. Below are some of the student housing in Petersfield.

1. Castle Hill

2. Student Castle Cambridge

3. Brunswick House

4. The Cam Foundry

5. Yugo Anglia House

Cost of Living in Petersfield

Petersfield, a residential area located just east of Cambridge's historic city centre, offers a unique living experience for students attending the prestigious University of Cambridge. However, it's important to note that Cambridge, as a whole, is known for its higher cost of living compared to many other UK university cities. Housing costs in this area are substantial, with many students opting for shared houses or apartments to distribute the rent burden. Food expenses also tend to be higher, although Petersfield's proximity to Mill Road provides access to a diverse range of international supermarkets and eateries, some of which offer student-friendly prices. Below is the breakdown of the expenses you might incur here.

1. Off-campus Accommodation: £725 - £780 per month

2. Transportation: £50 - £75 per month

3. Food: £400 - £550 per month

4. Utility: £135 - £146 per month

5. Entertainment: £50 - £80 per month

6. Groceries: £65 - £80 per month

7. Clothes: £70 - £85 per month

Student Travel in Petersfield

For students choosing Petersfield student accommodation, navigating the city's public transport system is essential for a comfortable and cost-effective living experience. The Petersfield area, known for its prime location and vibrant student community, offers several options for students to travel around the city with ease. Nearby Petersfield student accommodation offers students a range of public transportation facilities that are affordable and accessible. These services connect to several educational institutions, including King's College and Anglia Ruskin University. The following is a breakdown of these transport modes:

1. Bus: Buses in Petersfield, Cambridge, run frequently throughout the day. The fares start from around £2, and students can avail of various travel passes like the Megarider or the Studentrider for unlimited bus travel, which offers significant savings compared to single tickets. You can take the Mortimer Road bus stop.
2. Cycling: Cambridge is renowned for being a bike-friendly city. There are numerous cycle paths and bike parking facilities throughout Petersfield. Students can easily rent a bike, with prices averaging around £60 per month.
3. Trains: The Cambridge Railway Station is conveniently accessible from Petersfield, providing connections to other cities for weekend trips or visits home. Train fares vary depending on the destination and booking time, but a 16-25 Railcard provides up to 1/3 off on rail fares for students.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Petersfield

Experience the quintessence of student living in Petersfield, Cambridge, a delightful neighbourhood heralded for its serenity, security, and academic-friendly vibe. Known for its picturesque streets and rich history, Petersfield offers an ideal balance of study and social life, making it a top choice for local and international students alike. This slice of Cambridge is peppered with vibrant cafes and eateries such as The Petersfield Pub, a favourite amiable haunt offering an array of delicious bites and brews. For those with a penchant for artisan coffee and indulgent cakes, Hot Numbers Coffee stands out as a cosy study spot and social hub. And when the sun sets, The Emperor offers an intimate setting with an oriental twist, creating a perfect backdrop for relaxing evenings. Amidst the scholarly pursuits, students in Petersfield student accommodation find leisurely respite in the green oasis that is Parker's Piece. This famed park is not only a perfect location for picnics and football but also a stage for various music festivals and cultural events, infusing the air with an energetic buzz throughout the year.

Those looking for unique local experiences frequent Mill Road, lined with international grocery stores, quirky boutiques, and atmospheric restaurants – a testament to the area's multicultural charm. Here, the annual Mill Road Winter Fair dazzles, drawing together the community in a celebration of local arts, crafts, and cuisines, adding to the area's vibrant tapestry of activities. Seekers of Petersfield student accommodation in Cambridge are treated to a flourishing community where safety and comfort reign supreme.

Petersfield Tourist Attractions

Nestled in the heart of Cambridge, Petersfield is a hub of cultural and historical delights. This charming locality offers a tapestry of experiences for history buffs, nature enthusiasts, and academic minds alike. It's an exploration ground for students settling into student accommodation in Petersfield, where the convergence of intellectual pursuit and historical grandeur is palpable. Below are a few tourist attractions in Petersfield:

1. King's College

2. Cambridge University Botanic Garden

3. The Fitzwilliam Museum

4. Parker's Piece

5. Mathematical Bridge

6. Cambridge Market Square

7. The Backs

8. Great St Mary's Church

9. Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences

10. Corpus Clock

Universities in Petersfield

Nestled in the heart of Cambridge, Petersfield stands out as an academic hub, playing host to some of the most prestigious and esteemed universities. For students seeking Petersfield Cambridge student accommodation, the locality promises convenience and connectivity to these centres of learning excellence.

1. King's College

2. Cambridge Ruskin International College

3. Cambridge Regional College

4. Anglia Ruskin University

5. Bellerbys College (Cambridge Campus)

Nearby places to visit

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