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The land of higher education, Oxford is a town that has many things to offer other than education. Ancient relics, historical heritage sites, etc. are few of the many things that you can find over here. In terms of education, the town itself is famous for housing the best universities in the world. The University of Oxford, Oxford Brookes University, Ruskin college, Islamic Azad University is few of the notable universities established in the city.  The University of Oxford is quite frankly the most popular one from the lot and in the world. One of the oldest universities in the world, the University of Oxford is the epitome of higher education. Intake is very less about 300-400 annually and boasts high standards in terms of curriculum and standards. University life can be tedious as studying in one of the top universities in the world can be a daunting task and might have a toll in your socio-economic life. 


In a town like Oxford, you might expect several high-rise buildings because of the presence of such well-established universities, but that’s not entirely true. Student accommodation options are primarily set within the university campus, but they are all given away very early. Other options include private student halls, student en-suites, student apartments, student dorm rooms, student residences, etc. All of the student mentioned above accommodation options start at around 120-250 pounds per week. Yes, they are expensive, because of the students that come here, most of them are international students. Also, the rent can tend to vary based on the time, location and duration of stay. The facilities and amenities that you get over here and quite standard and what you would expect from a student accommodation center. Not only this, but most of these options tend to run out as the demand keep growing each year because of such highly noted universities in the town. 


Don’t worry, the city of Oxford has a plethora of option for you to get from your student accommodation option to your respective university. The first and foremost option is to take the bus. Buses in Oxford seem to have the most impact on people as they serve to be very economical and are somewhat faster as well. There are separate bus cards also given at cheaper prices to save costs. The second option is to take a bicycle. Most of the people in the city tend to travel to work on their bikes than on anything else. It proves too much simpler because it makes life easier and there isn’t any expense required at all. 


If you think that the city of Oxford is only about education, then think again. There are so many options that you could decide as to where you might want to go and party. Pubs and bars are at every corner of the streets, and private halls and other hotels organize parties that make it a peaceful place to have fun and relax from the usual educational life. Other than this, several other recreational venues such as theatres, opera houses, malls and other shopping centers are present. So do check them out and see what fascinates you the most and make the best out of it.  

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