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Student Housing Egham


Egham is one of the most influential towns in England. Being a small town in the London commuter belt, it’s the only town where you can find universities to be prominently present. Needless to say that the town supports several universities. Royal Holloway and school of the management university of Egham happen to be two of the most reputed universities in the city of Egham. The most prominent out of the lot is Royal Holloway which has roughly around 11,000 students pursuing their education in several fields that the college offers. Student life is a blast as the town offers some of the most excellent off-campus facilities and other features for the students to enjoy and make use of to the fullest. 


If you are on the lookout for any student halls or student dorms rooms, then Egham definitely can provide them in the best way possible. Needless to say that student halls start at a nominal rate of about 90 pounds a week and can go all the way up to 200 pounds a week. But do make note that these student dorm rooms are fully furnished and can give you some surplus options for upgrading as well. Student villages are often the primary choice of action because they are cheaper and offer better features indeed. Hence try to see what suits you the best as these student studios tend to get booked fast, and the location of these student apartments happens to be somewhere near the university itself. So it's easy for commuting as well. 


Traveling in and around Egham happens to be one of the most straightforward tasks at hand as the town boasts some out of this world public transport that will get you from one place to another in no time at all. Not only this but then taxis over here are instead quite cheaper and better form other parts of England. Along with this, there are other rental or buying options for vehicles that could be worth your stay in Egham. The last and final opportunity for traveling from your student en-suite to the university would be to walk or take the bicycle as it’s the easiest way to move and also get from one point to another the fastest. Therefore, try to segregate your options in the best possible way to ensure that you have the best means of transport. But public transportation of Egham seems to be the best possible way of getting around the town the fastest and the cheapest. 


Living in the town of Egham is a breeze as there are so many exciting places in the town that one could visit. Close to your student halls in any area of the city, you can find some exciting bars and pub that you could take full advantage from. The foresters, the crown, the happy man are few of the famous pubs of Egham where you could have a break from your busy schedule in the university. Eateries are abundant in the town as you can find so many places where food is not only delicious but the best that you can find out there. So always try to consider your options when you get to Egham as the place will not only blow your mind but make memories that you would never forget.