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Student Accommodations near 
Kingston University, London

Kingston Rd, New Malden
1.9 mi from University
( 38m
23m )
On-site gym
On-site laundry
9 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
Kingston Hall Rd, Kingston upon Thames
0.4 mi from University
( 8m
9m )
bills included
2 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
London Rd, Kingston upon Thames
1.2 mi from University
( 26m
12m )
laundry facility
bills included
3 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
Top Rated
Wood St, Kingston upon Thames
0.7 mi from University
( 14m
13m )
dual occupancy
laundry facility
1 more
15 Room Options
Instant Booking
4 Offers
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Receive personalized recommendations based on your preferences.
Filling Fast
Lakeside Way, London
12.1 mi from University
( 4h 3m
1h 25m )
dual occupancy
bills included
study area
1 more
16 Room Options
Instant Booking
4 Offers
Old London Rd, Kingston upon Thames
0.6 mi from University
( 13m
7m )
Bike Storage
All Utility Bills Included
Laundry Room
8 Room Options
Instant Booking
2 Offers
Burlington Rd, New Malden
3.3 mi from University
( 1h 7m
35m )
laundry facility
bills included
5 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
Filling Fast
Olympic Way, London
12.4 mi from University
( 4h 9m
1h 13m )
study area
Vending machines
laundry facility
7 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
Savings worth £5,000
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Filling Fast
Isledon Rd, London
15.5 mi from University
( 5h 15m
1h 12m
1h 2m )
Games room
laundry facility
study area
14 Room Options
Instant Booking
4 Offers
Filling Fast
Holloway Rd, London
15.2 mi from University
( 5h 7m
1h 5m
1h 10m )
bills included
laundry facility
Bike Storage
5 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I find student accommodation near Kingston University?

When you choose a room from our range of Kingston Uni student accommodation, our experts will provide you with free service until the end of your process. We assist you in finding the ideal location while eliminating all the hassles. If you have any questions, you can contact our booking experts at any time of the day.

Which is the best student accommodation near Kingston University?

Student Living Heights is one of the best London student accommodation.

Can I book my Kingston Uni student accommodation based on my preferences?

Absolutely! Your preference is our priority. Our housing options cater to your expectations and needs. Click here to know more. Student accommodations tend to sell out quickly, so be sure to book yours at the earliest. Ensure that you get the best according to your choice.

How can I book my student accommodation near Kingston University with amber?

Follow this step-by-step video guide, and after you shortlist from our catalogue of countless options in off-campus student accommodation, you will be provided free service throughout the entire process from our experienced team. Contact us for further questions and guidance, and we'd be happy to assist you.

What are the different types of Kingston University accommodaton options available on amber?

The different types of student accommodation are private rooms or ensuites with a private and spacious bedroom and a bathroom while sharing the kitchen and living area with other students. Two or more students will share the same room, kitchen, bathroom, and other living spaces in the shared room. The studio is where you have a bedroom, kitchen, and private bathroom and is like a self-contained unit.

How do I pay for my accommodation?

Multiple payment options are available. You can pay via net banking or your debit card.

We also have our own payment portal where we can help you with the procedure.

Can I stay with my friend in my student accommodation near Kingston University?

Yes, you can share your accommodation with your friends, but the rules vary from property to property. We suggest you consult the concerned authorities before you decide to move in. You can also access things to do in London in and around some of the best London student accommodation with friends!

Can I view my student accommodation before booking?

Yes. If you want to plan a location check before actually booking a residence near some of the best universities in London, contact our booking experts, and we will arrange a virtual tour for you. If you have any additional questions or need guidance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Which London housing is the least expensive?

5 Kendra Hall Road is more on a cheaper scale and would fit most budgets.

Are there things to do in London?

You will have plenty of things to do in London and explore to your heart's content! From the Big Ben to the Tower Bridge, there are multiple avenues for you to choose from.

Student Accomodations in Kingston University, London

Student Accommodation near Kingston University

Kingston University is one of the most prominent universities in London, which ranks among the top 100 UK universities, according to the 2023 US News World Report. This makes getting student accommodation near Kingston University a no-brainer. The student count around the area has risen innumerably in the last few years. With over 24,000 students within the university, there is a wide range of London student accommodations near Kingston University. With amber, Kingston University accommodaton includes various options such as private student halls, student hostels, and halls of residence. Kingston University accommodation also provides on-campus housing alternatives called Halls of Residence, which are university blocks with flats and rooms.

Owing to many students desiring to stay on-campus at the Kingston University Halls of Residence, given its immediacy to the university, they get occupied at a breakneck pace. In this case, the other alternative for students is to choose London student accommodation near Kingston University. It includes much more affordable shared apartments, non-en-suites, ensuites, and studios. Amber is here to cater to all options for student accommodation near Kingston University for students who will attend the academic session soon. We have compiled a list of the ultimate London student accommodation options near Kingston College, such as Student Living Heights, Academic House, Chapter Kings Cross, and Kirby Street Residence.

About Kingston University

London might be the place for you if you want to live in a tranquil neighbourhood. London is one of the safest and calmest places to reside in the UK. The city comprises exquisite family homes and green spreads on the stretch. Situated between the Royal Borough of the United Kingdom upon the Thames in South West London, Kingston University boasts a vibrant, student-friendly campus. Kingston University London, or KUL, is also a public research university whose roots go back to 1899. It offers various construction, chemistry, nursing, and electrical wiring courses.

The Kingston School of Art split up from the Technical Institute in 1930 to become the Kingston College of Art in 1945. In 1957, the Ministry of Education accepted Kingston as a 'Regional College of Technology. Later, in 1970, it merged with the College of Art and became the Kingston Polytechnic. Subsequently, Kingston was declared a university under the Further and Higher Education Act and renamed Kingston University. On four campuses in and around the town centre, the university offers various courses ranging from fashion, science, arts, and business to engineering. They are - the Penrhyn Road Campus, Knights Park Campus, Roehampton Vale Campus and Kingston Hill Campus. The Kingston School of Art (KSA), the Faculty of Health, Social Care, and Education, the Faculty of Science, Engineering, and Computing (SEC), and the Faculty of Business and Social Science are all housed on the campus. A free intersite bus service connects them. This means you can easily travel to and fro your student accommodation near Kingston University.

Best Student Accommodations near Kingston University

In London, there are places for students to stay close to illustrious universities. With completely furnished homes that are packed with features and conveniences, these accommodations are among the best on the market. From luxurious, fully equipped residences to budget-friendly, private student accommodation near Kingston University, these housing alternatives are varied. All of the student accommodations Kingston University were thoughtfully constructed with university students' needs in mind. Some of the best student accommodation options are mentioned below:

  1. Student Living Heights
  2. Academic House
  3. Chapter Kings Cross
  4. Kirby Street Residence
  5. Britannia South Bank
  6. The Stay Club Camden
  7. Malden Hall
  8. The Lyra
  9. iQ The Arcade
  10. Wembley Ark

Student Travel near Kingston University

London is known to harbour one of the world's most extensive public transport networks. It includes underground tubes, trains, buses, taxis, and trams. All of them link and tie the whole city together as one, making it easy for you to explore the city right from your student accommodation near Kingston University. The smooth transport makes it extremely easy for students living in student accommodation near Kingston University to travel across the city.

1. Bus: The double-deckers are spacious, suitable and an affordable way to travel around the city. Instead of buying tickets daily, you can also acquire an Oyster Card/ Travel Card to make payments for the ride. The bus fare for one ride is £1.65; to make a to and from the journey, it will cost a maximum of £4.95 a day.

2. Underground Rail Network/ The Tube: The tube network is spread across the city and is very convenient and brisk as it is confidential. The fare depends on how far you wish to travel. The tubes run from 5 am till midnight, so you and your friends can come back to your London student accommodation after a late night out.

3. Trains: This is an overground train network which covers the routes of the suburban London area and has a few lines that operate overnight. This network stretches beyond the tube network.

4. Trams: Trams mainly run between Wimbledon, Croydon, Beckenham, and New Addington. It is a prevalent mode of transport in those areas.

5. Black Cabs: You can see many mini black cabs around the city. They charge a minimum of £3.2. They are a must-try as they are the iconic London black cabs. The advantage? You can get one right around the corner from your Kingston uni student accommodation.

Student Life at University

Universities have deadlines, tests, and exams that students expect to take. However, they also involve many fun activities that refine your interests in diverse regions. You can join various clubs and societies that the university offers. Students can also choose to stay at a student accommodation near Kingston University to have easy access. To relax and take a break from your monotonous life, you can visit and take a breather at the Riverside Walk, admire the peaceful Thames in the evening, and call it a day. You can also visit the Canbury Gardens along the riverside, making it a heavenly place for those who wish to be in nature and away from bustling city life. Eating out and adapting to the diverse English cuisine is a must when you're staying at a London student accommodation. Kingston Upon Thames has various go-to restaurants, such as The Wych Elm, The Grey Horse, and The Canbury Arms Kingston. If you wish to chill around, have a drink with your meal at The Gazebo Pub and Riverside Dining.

The nightlife in Kingston is also vivacious and vibrant, with Bars, Clubs and Pubs such as Rotunda, Woody's, The Bishop, and many more. The university itself organises various student events, societies, and clubs, providing opportunities to meet new people, pursue hobbies, and enhance your skills. The Bentalls Shopping Centre is a popular destination for students, offering a wide selection of stores for fashion, technology, and more. When it comes to socialising, the town's pubs and cafes, such as The Ram, The Druid's Head, and The Mill, are popular gathering places where students can relax, socialise, and enjoy live music or pub quizzes. Kingston's close to central London also allows for easy access to the city's attractions, museums, galleries, and events, broadening the range of experiences available to students.

Tourist Attractions In London

Staying at a London student accommodation, you can rest assured that you won't ever run out of tourist attractions. Student accommodation: Kingston University gives students the opportunity to catch a quick tram ride to a popular tourist attraction in the blink of an eye.

  1. Tower of London
  2. London Eye
  3. The British Museum
  4. Tower Bridge
  5. Westminster Abbey
  6. The National Gallery
  7. Hyde Park
  8. Natural History Museum
  9. Buckingham Palace
  10. Big Ben

Courses offered at Kingston University

The university offers a range of courses under various domains, mainly under multiple banners such as -

  1. Finance & Banking
  2. Architecture & Landscape
  3. Art & Design
  4. Business
  5. Digital Media
  6. Creative Industries
  7. Education
  8. Engineering
  9. Biomedical Science, and many more.

Cost of Living

Living around London and studying at Kingston University can be an expensive affair if not pre-planned. While choosing one of the listed affordable student accommodations near Kingston University can help, budgeting is still needed. With careful judgement and planning, you can save yourself from spending a lot on unnecessary expenses. The suggestion is to consider paying around £1,000 - £3,000/ month, including all the crucial costs.

  1. Food: £100- £150/ week
  2. Gas and electricity: £50 - £70/ week
  3. Internet and Mobile: £30 - £50/ week
  4. Dinner at a Restaurant: £50 - £150/ week
  5. Laundry: £25 - £40/week
  6. Stationery and Textbooks: £20 - £30/ week
  7. Clothing: £50 - £75/week
  8. Travel (buses, trams, and trains): £90 - £150/ week
  9. Movie Ticket: £7 - £10/ week
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