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Brighton and Hove



Brighton and Hove is one of UK’s most populous beachside city that is filled with eclectic people and sceneries. The town is a merger between Brighton and Hove, but people still tend to consider it two different cities. Regardless, the city comprises of two of the most notable universities of the region namely, the University of Brighton and University of Sussex. These two universities are quite renowned in the area and offer a range of course for you to choose from. Both universities combined attract more than 5000-6000 students from all across the world. Student life is a hit or miss over here. If you are well acquainted with the city, then it will not disappoint. But if you don’t gel into the town, then it might be a problematic task to settle in. 


Accommodation options. 

Don’t worry, Brighton and Hove are never shy in offering a plethora of options when it comes down to choosing that perfect place for you to stay. Most of the choices that you might get revolve around student apartments, student villages, student en-suites, student residences, student room share, student dorm room, etc. all of which are either semi-furnished or fully furnished. The amenities and facilities are of plenty, and you can use them as and when you wish. The rent that you might pay is a bit steep as it starts at 95 pounds per week and can go around the region of 300 pounds per week. Well, you might have to decide on the costs as some of the bills might be included along with the rent that you would be paying.



Despite the city being a tad bit short, there are plenty of travel options in the town. Public buses and cabs are one of the many options that you can take to travel in and around the city. The second option what people prefer is to take up walking or cycling to get from point A to point B. all of the accommodation options stated above are located close by to your respective universities or colleges. So, feel free to either walk to them or take up a cycle to get to your particular destination. 



If you are in for some wild nightlife and have the time of your life, then you might be disappointed. Well, the city does have bars and pubs to give you an adrenaline rush, but other than this, there are beach side restaurants, cafes and clubs where you can have some peace of mind. Recreational centers of different sorts can be found in and around the city. So, explore the city to scavenge things that could be useful for you in some way or the other — all the best.  

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