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Student Accommodations in 
Hounslow, London

Lido Rd, Guildford
20.5 mi from City Center
( 6h 49m
1h 52m )
Cinema Room
Study Room
Laundry Room
12 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
Filling Fast
Lakeside Way, London
9.6 mi from City Center
( 3h 12m
1h 21m )
dual occupancy
bills included
study area
1 more
16 Room Options
Instant Booking
4 Offers
Popes Ln, London
4.9 mi from City Center
( 1h 39m
43m )
Bike storage
Study Area
On-site Launderette
7 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
Top Rated
Wood St, Kingston upon Thames
5.2 mi from City Center
( 1h 45m
47m )
laundry facility
bills included
15 Room Options
Instant Booking
4 Offers
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Kingston Hall Rd, Kingston upon Thames
5.4 mi from City Center
( 1h 49m
53m )
bills included
2 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
London Rd, Kingston upon Thames
6.0 mi from City Center
( 2h 13m
1h 2m )
laundry facility
bills included
3 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
Kingston Rd, New Malden
6.8 mi from City Center
( 2h 18m
58m )
On-site gym
On-site laundry
9 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
Old London Rd, Kingston upon Thames
5.4 mi from City Center
( 1h 49m
57m )
Bike Storage
All Utility Bills Included
Laundry Room
8 Room Options
Instant Booking
2 Offers
Savings worth £5,000
Prices are down! Book your student home early for the 2024 intake, risk-free. Grab a full refund on Visa or Uni rejection!
Burlington Rd, New Malden
8.3 mi from City Center
( 2h 47m
1h 9m )
laundry facility
bills included
5 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
Victoria Rd, London
7.4 mi from City Center
( 2h 47m
1h 21m )
game room
45 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can a student rent accommodation in Hounslow?

Select, pay, and book your student accommodation in Hounslow. You will be provided free service throughout the entire process from our experienced team. You can contact us for further queries and guidance, and we'd be happy to assist you.

Which is the most affordable student accommodation in Hounslow?

Guilden Village Stoke Park offers the best student accommodation in Hounslow at a good price while providing you with a decent range of facilities.

How much money will I spend on bills?

This depends on the property you rent, but most of our student accommodations in Hounslow have bills included, so you'll only have to pay the rent and nothing else. The bills include WiFi and other facilities such as a gym, gaming room, cinema room, and other shared spaces. For more information, contact our team of experts.

Can I stay with a friend at my student accommodation in Hounslow?

Yes, you can share your student accommodation in Hounslow with your friends, but depending on the property, you may be charged a minimal extra charge. You can share an apartment or opt for dual occupancy studios. Living in groups might earn you a discount as well.

Can I get discounts for student accommodation in Hounslow?

Yes, students who book early often get fantastic discounts and pay much less rent for their student accommodation in Hounslow. You can also leverage the discounts and cashback from group bookings.

Is it better to live on-campus or off-campus in Hounslow?

Both options have their pros and cons. On-campus housing can offer convenience and proximity to campus facilities, while off-campus accommodations might provide more independence and potentially lower costs.

Which student accommodation is the nearest to Hounslow?

The nearest Hounslow student accommodation is iQ Kingston. It offers accommodation at an affordable rate. To browse more options, click here.

What are accommodation types available for students in Hounslow?

Three major configurations classify our amber student accommodation:

Shared: A shared room is where two or more students can share a single room, washroom, kitchen, and other shared spaces.

En-suite/Private room: An en-suite is where you get a private bedroom and bathroom, whereas the kitchen and living areas are shared with others.

Studios: A studio is a self-contained unit with a bedroom, a kitchen, and a private washroom. Two students may book a single studio together, subject to the policies of the accommodation provider.

You can thus make an informed decision based on your interests. You can choose between shared and private apartments depending on your budget.

Can I view my student accommodation in Hounslow before booking?

Yes. If you wish to schedule a viewing before booking your student accommodation in Hounslow, contact our booking experts, and we will arrange a virtual tour for you.

How do I pay for my student accommodation near Hounslow?

Multiple payment options are available. You can pay via net banking or your debit card. We also have our payment portal, where we can help you with the procedure.

Which is the best student accommodation in Hounslow?

.One should look out for London Nest The Helix as one of the best student accommodation in Hounslow.

Student Accomodations in Hounslow, London

Hounslow Student Accommodation

Hounslow is a borough located in London, known for its historic High Street and renowned universities. Hounslow and various universities, like St Mary's University, The University of London, BIMM London, Richmond University, and Kingston Business School. These universities attract students from all over the world! Hence finding student accommodation in Hounslow will be easy for many students. There are various student accommodations scattered across the city.

These student accommodation options include affordable resident halls, studio flats, student dorms, shared rooms, and moderately priced single homes (PBSA), which provide students with fantastic amenities for enrolled students. These places are much closer to the universities and have less maintenance cost, making them quite difficult to vacant.

Amber offers various students luxurious and affordable student accommodations in Hounslow, which include well-known residences ranging from modest en-suites to student apartments. These student accommodation options provide the enrolled students with the necessary amenities. Many other student accommodation in Hounslow are available at an affordable rate and provide equivalent services

About Hounslow

Hounslow is one of the most beautiful city areas of England and is among the oldest city parts of the world, stretching its history for almost two millennia. Founded after the country's early mediaeval history, Hounslow is a beautiful metropolitan area on the River Thames channels. Being the epicentre of England's economic, transportation, and cultural trade, the city boasts a vast economic sector and great importance in the country.

Moreover, you'll find that Hounslow also shares its borders with nearby popular areas such as Richmond Upon Thames, Acton, and Fulham, making Hounslow a highly connected city. Besides, the city is also said to be influenced by historical and modern economic and warfare history, which allows Hounslow to enjoy a mixture of the early 19th and 20th centuries. Hounslow's local attractions, such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, London Eye, and the legendary Trafalgar Square, are some of the most famous heritage sites that attract thousands of travellers every year

Best Student Accommodations In Hounslow

With many famous universities, many students flock to the city to pursue their dreams and careers. Finding student accommodations in Hounslow can become a daunting task for many. Amber helps you find the best student accommodation in Hounslow in three easy steps: picking, booking and paying. We make the tiresome and lengthy process of booking student accommodation as easy as pie. Amber offers purpose-built studios, flats, and other affordable student accommodations in Hounslow. When planning to move to London, students should look at the localities next to their university. Students can easily do this using the sorting feature. Although everyone's needs and wants differ, hence we have provided some of the best student accommodations in Hounslow.

1. London Nest The Helix Wembley

2. Chapter Ealing

3. The Stay Club North Acton

4. Londonist Portobello Residence

5. Go Britanya Sterling Court

6. Tribu Kingston

7. Guilden Village Stoke Park

8. Malden Hall

9. Londonist White City Residence

10. Arbury Court

Cost of Living

Student accommodation in Hounslow is ideal for students. Living in London can be expensive, but careful assessments and planning can help students avoid spending extra Pounds. For student accommodation, it is recommended to have a budget of £900- £1,200 per month, including all living and other personal expenses.

1. Food: £100 - £120/week

2. Gas and electricity: £50 - £70/week

3. Internet & mobile phone: £30 - £50/week

4. Dinner at a restaurant: £20 - £80/week

5. Laundry: £25 - £40/week

6. Stationery and Textbooks: £20 - £30/week

7. Clothing: £30 - £65/month

8. Travel (buses, trams, and trains): £90 - £150/month

Student Travel in Hounslow

England's transport system, in general, is potentially one of the most effective transportation systems. The city is smartly connected to every central transportation system that is readily available within walking distance from all the universities in London. From the world-famous London Underground Tube and DLR (a machine-driven light railway) to trams, and buses, students can explore a wide range of transport services in London.

To help students, we have enlisted the major transport systems in London along with their average fares. Students should note that these fares could vary from peak to sloppy hours.

1. Train: London has a dedicated metro rail system which ranges from all the zones in London, covering London City Centre to Waterloo and Piccadilly Circus Station. These stations are concisely well-connected train stations. So students don't have to worry about travelling to nearby cities on weekends.

2. Bus: London's bus network runs 24 hours daily, with more than 100 buses running up and down the city. Students can take buses from Victoria Bus Station near the City Centre that connect to all national highways of England. Hundreds of local bus stops are at every corner of the city, designed to cater to local and national travellers. The average bus fare in London is around £2- £5/day. Students can also choose an 'Oyster Card' bus pass that significantly reduces local transport expenses.

3. Cycling: Students can also explore local parts of the city via cycling. Students can visit London's exclusive cycling areas like London's famous Jubilee Park & Garden.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Hounslow

The city situated in London is considered a melting pot of cultures and activities, it goes without saying that life in the city of Hounslow as a student would be filled with unforgettable experiences. With numerous dynamic and vibrant spots for the crowd, the town is ideal for all ages to explore and travel. Exploring local shops and city malls should be on the list of every student, as the city has a lot to offer. Craving some lip-smacking food? Hounslow's eateries bring a wide variety of cuisines and drinks from almost every corner of the world. Students can taste delicacies from all around the globe in Hounslow's restaurants. Cafe Pera Restaurant and Choice of Taste Kitchen are Hounslow's most popular restaurants and takeout places if you crave a sufficient dining experience at affordable prices.

One can also enjoy a drink watching a football team match at The Wheatsheaf Pub or groove to the trendy disco beats in the vibrant clubs in Circaloca Nightclub situated right next to City Centre. With these ample options to exploit, your stay in the various student accommodation Hounslow couldn't be any better. There are also plenty of attractions near many student accommodations in Hounslow, like the London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, and Tower Bridge, which you can visit during free time or on the weekends easily from your student accommodation in Hounslow using the many modes of transport. Hounslow is a hotspot for many students making it very diverse where you will be able to meet people from around the globe.

Tourist attractions in Hounslow

Situated in London, the area isn't short on tourist attractions that you can travel from your student accommodation in Hounslow. Students can explore the city's offerings when they wish to unwind and take a break from their academic life. Carrying their respective student ID cards issued by their university ensures that students can explore these sites at a lower price. Students can visit places like:

1. Royal Botanic Gardens

2. Bedfont Lakes Country Park

3. Hounslow Urban farm

4. The Arts Centre, Hounslow

Universities in Hounslow

There are many well-known and respectable universities in and near the many Hounslow accommodation that provide various degrees and courses to students. Several universities are listed below:

1. St Mary's University

2. The University of London

3. BIMM London

4. Richmond University

5. Kingston Business School

6. Imperial College London

7. London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts

8. BPP University

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