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London School of Economics and Political Science


Located near the boundary between Holborn and Covent Garden in Westminster, central London, the London School Of Economics also known as LSE is a public research university established in the year 1895 by the Fabian Society members- Graham Wallas, Sidney Webb, George Bernard Shaw and Beatrice Webb.A constituent member of the federal University of London, the London School of Economics (LSE) joined the University of London in 1900. Later on, in the year 1901, LSE established its first-degree course under the patronage of the University and in the year 2008, LSE started awarding its degrees, before which degrees were awarded under the name of the University of London.

Currently catering a total of 12,000 students, the London School of Economics offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programmes in various subjects, out of which the particularly famous ones include Social Science, Economics and Law. Apart from being the part of prestigious Russell Group, LSE is also a member of Golden triangle, ACU, University of London, EUA, CEMS, Universities UK and G5. 

Student accommodation London School Of Economics

Kudos on successfully bagging an admission at the London School of Economics! Being one of the prestigious colleges in London, you will find a wide variety of quality student accommodation options near the London School of Economics. Right from pocket-friendly student accommodation to expensive student accommodation options, the city has it all. The student housing options around the London School of Economics includes budget-friendly private halls of residence, student dormitories, and halls of residence. LSE accommodation or Halls of Residence are university blocks with dorms and flats inside the universities which students can rent out and live during the term. Also, note that one must be a student of the particular University to be able to rent the room. Thanks to its proximity and secure location, the demand for the LSE Uni accommodation is quite high; therefore, they tend to get sold out very quickly.

The city also offers an extensive range of comfortable, lavish yet pocket-friendly Private student accommodation in London which includes elegant studio apartments, en-suite rooms, shared apartments and non-en-suite rooms. The private halls of residence in London tend to extend attractive student offers and also the rent is all-inclusive of the utility bills. Some of the student’s favourite private accommodation in London includes Urbanest King'sKing's Cross, Blithehale Court, iQ Kingston, AXO Oxford Circus, Urbanest St Pancras, Kensal Green Garrow House  

Also, for the students pursuing their Internship and looking for short term tenancies, fret not. There are many short term housing options in London to pick from. 


Located at Houghton St, Holborn, the London School Of Economics and Political Science main campus Houghton is home to the Global Centre for Social Sciences, Department of Accounting, Department of Economics, Department of Sociology and Department of Methodology. In addition to this, the campus also features student and faculty members accommodation units. Also, there are plans to construct the Department of Government and International Affairs building inside the campus. The LSE campus is very well connected with international airports and bus and train stations. The closest London Underground stations are Holborn, Covent Garden and Temple. The City Thameslink entrance at Ludgate Hill and Charing Cross, at the end of Strand in Trafalgar Square, are the nearest mainline stations. The London Waterloo is also a mere 10 minutes walk across the River Thames. Also buses to the Royal Courts of Justice, Kingsway and Aldwych have stops close to the LSE. 

Student life

Situated in the vibrant and colourful city of London, the student life of the LSE students is packed with entertainment and fun with pubs, parks, museums, restaurants and happening nightlife right around the corner.Students can get involved in the many clubs and societies that the university houses, be it sports, culture, music, art, media or volunteering; the campus has a club for everything. The university also incorporates various catering services within the campus where you can enjoy a fresh meal every day. Feel like burning those extra calories that you have gained from all the food that you have just eaten? Well fret not! Because there is also provision of various sports facilities at LSE where you can tone your muscles.

Apart from on-campus, students can also enjoy their weekends at some of London’s impressive clubs, bars and restaurants. Want to try your hand at being a ping-pong champion while having a drink in hand? Head out to Bounce or if you wish to lay low and enjoy with your friends, check out the Bar Elba or you can also eat out at the famous student-friendly Fernandez & Wells cafe which offers an exclusive 10% discount for the university student.

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