Student Housing in London School of Economics and Political Science, London

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London School of Economics and Political Science


Located in London, England, the London School Of Economics also known as LSE is a public research university established in the year 1895 by the Fabian Society members- Graham Wallas, Sidney Webb, George Bernard Shaw and Beatrice Webb.

In the year 1900, the London School of Economics (LSE) joined the University of London, and in the year 1901, LSE established its first-degree course under the patronage of the University.

In the year 2008, LSE started awarding its degrees before which degrees were awarded under the name of the University of London.


Located in the central part of London, the London School Of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is just a short stroll away from the Thames River and Covent Garden. 

In addition to this, the city is very well connected with international airports and train stations and also has a wide range of museums, parks, galleries and other famous attractions for the LSE students to explore. 

Student life

Situated in the colourful and vibrant city of London, the student life of the LSE students is packed with entertainment and fun with pubs, parks, museums, restaurants and happening nightlife right around the corner.

Student Accommodation

Kudos on successfully bagging an admission at the London School of Economics! However, are you confused about whether you will be able to find student accommodation near the London School of Economics

Being one of the prestigious colleges in London, you will find a vast variety of quality student accommodation options near the London School of Economics. Ranging from pocket-friendly student accommodations to expensive student accommodation options, the city has it all. 

The student accommodation options around the London School of Economics includes Private halls of residence (Off-campus accommodation), Halls of Residence (On-campus accommodation) and Private housing

Private halls of residence around LSE includes comfortable, lavish yet pocket-friendly en-suits, shared apartments and studios inclusive of all the bills. Due to the attractive student offers and quality maintained, private halls of residence are on the high demand range. 

Halls of Residence aka On-campus student accommodation are buildings with flats and rooms inside the universities or colleges which students can rent out and live during the term.  

In Private housing, students can rent out either house or apartment all for themselves. However, the cost of private housing might be the highest as compared to the other accommodation options around the London School of Economics. 

Apart from all these, for the students pursuing their Internship, who are looking for short term tenancies in LSE, fret not, there are also other short term housing options around the London School of Economics.

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