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Tucked away in the town of Camden, Bloomsbury is an intellectual and artistic capital of London. Along with being home to many beautiful landscapes, history and culture, the city is also a booklovers heaven. Also, London’s most celebrated writers and intellects, including Charles Dickens and Virginia Woolf have lived here, making the town famous among their readers. 

Apart from this, the town of Bloomsbury is also known to be London’s educational hub with London's most amazing universities and colleges like the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, the University of London, SOAS, Birkbeck Colleges and City University are just at a walking distance from the town. One could also easily reach the University of Westminster or LSE through the tube. 

Along with this, the city of Bloomsbury also has a fair amount of tourist attraction spots like Wellcome Collection Museum, British Library, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, the Brunswick, Gardens of Gorden Square etc. which are just a few, to begin with.

Student accommodation

Finding a perfect student room, one which won’t drain out the monthly budget while still being able to fulfil all your requirements is one of the main concern among the students. However, with Bloomsbury housing, many of London’s prestigious universities, finding student accommodation in Bloomsbury won’t be a snag.

The educational hub sure has something or the other to fit everyone's pocket and taste, right from cheapest housing in Bloomsbury to luxurious student accommodation in Bloomsbury.

Bloomsbury student housing options are further classified into 3 categories:

  • Private Halls of residence aka Off-campus Accommodation
  • Private housing/ Independent house
  • On-campus accommodation is also known as Halls of Residence

Private Halls of Residence in Bloomsbury includes the luxurious, affordable and modest selection of en-suites, studios and shared apartments which are comprehensive of all the utility bills. Student housing in Bloomsbury starts from 101 pounds per week to 500 pounds per week. 

Owning to the quality maintained and attractive offers on student housing, the demand for private halls of residence among the students have sky-rocketed.

In Private housing, students can rent out the entire house to themselves. This is one of the best accommodation option for someone who would like to have their personal space without facing any interference. However, as the entire house is rented by a single individual, the cost of private housing is one of the highest among the other student housing options in Bloomsbury.

Halls of Residence aka On-campus student accommodation consists of buildings with shared dorms and flats which a university student can rent out. This is one of the best housing options for an undergraduate or fresher student, who would like to stay close to the university while avoiding the hustling city street. 

Looking for short-term Bloomsbury student housing? Fret not, the city of Bloomsbury do have some great short term tenancy options for students who are looking out to stay for a shorter duration. 


Situated in central London, the town of Bloomsbury has a great and convenient transportation network which connects the city to most of the major known places and universities. 

The city has a wide variety of available choices of transport including tube, buses, trains, cycling or private transportation services, all you have to do is take your pick! However, private transportation is also an option; however, the most affordable and convenient options to get around the city is by using either a tube or a train. However, note that the fares of the public transports might differ according to the time of the day you travel. For Example- the fare of the tube might be slightly higher during the peak hours as compared to that at the off-peak hours


Bloomsbury is one of the charming cities that one could ever visit with enough attractions, entertainment and adventure to keep a student hooked up while staying in student housing. With a wide range of universities and multi-lingual student population, you’ll find a wealth of different communities and culture across the city.

In addition to having the art galleries of King’s Palace and the British Library right at your doorstep, the town of Camden is also not far away which has a variety of comedy clubs, top-class music venues, pubs, bars and parks. While popular attractions like Regent’s Park, London Zoo, Madame Tussauds and Camden Market are all just a short walk away.

Apart from this, the town also has quite a number of restaurants and cafes to hang out and eat after having a hard day studying. Some of the most famous ones include Cafe Rio, Salt and Pepper, Atrium Bar & Cafe, TAS Restaurant and Saucy Russell.

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