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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a student accommodation near School of Advanced Study cost?

Student accommodation near the School of Advanced Studycosts around £320- 400/week.

Which Off-campus Student Accommodation School Of Advanced Study is the closest to the University?

The nearest student accommodation School of Advanced Study is iQ Highbury, London. It offers accommodation at a minimum price of £ 255/week. To browse more options, click here.

What is the University of London Advanced Studies ranked?

With 1,051 publications and 11,855 citations, the School of Advanced Study at the University of London was rated 3164th in the world and 126th in the United Kingdom for Liberal Arts & Social Sciences. Political science, philosophy, law, sociology, and history are the main areas of study.

Can I get discounts for student accommodation near School Of Advanced Study?

Yes, students who book earlier often earn generous discounts and pay much less rent for their hostel room. You can also leverage the discounts and cashback from group bookings.

Is it compulsory to stay in School of Advanced Study accommodation?

No, staying in a School of Advanced Study accommodation is not mandatory. You can choose to stay in any accommodation of your choice.

What is the cheapest way to live in London as a student?

Seek shared student housing in London. Rent can be significantly reduced by renting an apartment or a house with other students.

Take into account living on campus: Reasonably priced dorm accommodations are provided by numerous London-area universities.

What is the cost of living in London for international students in 2024?

Living expenses in major cities such as London can easily surpass 1,500 EUR (1,360 GBP) per month. In smaller places, you may survive on 700–1,200 EUR (635–1,040 GBP) per month.

How much does student accommodation near School Of Advanced Study typically cost?

Prices vary depending on factors like size, location, and amenities. Expect a range of £150-£500+ per week. Look further from central London for cheaper options.

What areas are good options for student housing in School Of Advanced Study, considering proximity to SAS and affordability?

Bloomsbury, Fitzrovia, Holborn, and King's Cross offer a good mix of affordability and reasonable travel distance to SAS. It is a great student accommodation option in London.

What safety features should I consider when choosing Off campus student accommodation School Of Advanced Study?

Look for student accommodation near School of Advanced Study with good security measures, such as secure entry, fire alarms, and proper safety certificates.

Student Accomodations in School of Advanced Study, London

Student Accommodation School Of Advanced Study

The School of Advanced Study is located in London, United Kingdom. Hence, finding student accommodation near School Of Advanced Study is fairly simple. The city hosts thousands of students who are there to accomplish their dreams and aspirations and to succeed in life. Since the School of Advanced Study is situated in London, there are a variety of student accommodations near School Of Advanced Study options for students to select from while looking for the ideal student accommodation.

School Of Advanced Study accommodation is more than just a place to sleep and study; it's where you build connections and relationships, learn, experience, and enjoy your student life. There is a wide range of School Of Advanced Study Student Apartment; depending on your needs, you can choose from various School Of Advanced Study accommodations and off campus student accommodation School Of Advanced Study. With not many options for on-campus School Of Advanced Study Student Accommodation, all of these options are subject to availability.

You need not worry about finding your ideal London student accommodation as amber provides a wide range of options for students built for your comfort while being subtle on the pocket. Private student accommodation near School of Advanced Study, London, ranges from £200-£1400 per week. Some of the famous options for student housing near School of Advanced Study include Chapter Islington, Surrey Quays Landale House, AXO Islington, iQ Highbury, and Londonist Hackney Wick Park.

About School of advanced study,

The School of Advanced Study, located in London, is a renowned institution for postgraduate research and a central hub for scholarly communities around the world. As an integral part of the University of London, it plays a pivotal role in the academic landscape of Great Britain. This institution is recognized for its unique breadth of faculty expertise across a wide range of humanities disciplines. Catering to a significant number of students, the School of Advanced Study offers various academic programs designed to provide advanced training and research opportunities. With a focus on humanities and social sciences, it attracts a diverse body of international students seeking specialized knowledge and scholarly interaction. The campus facilities are designed to support an environment of learning and discovery, featuring extensive library resources and research centers.

Known for its impressive array of workshops, conferences, and public lectures, the School of Advanced Study helps students achieve their educational and professional goals by fostering a community of scholarly exchange. Its location in the heart of London enhances its popularity, providing students with vast cultural and academic opportunities. Offering a supportive backdrop for academic pursuits, the School of Advanced Study student accommodation serves as a convenient and comfortable option for students seeking a home close to their place of study.

Best student accommodation near the university

Finding the perfect Student Accommodation near School Of Advanced Study is crucial for a comfortable and successful academic journey. The School of Advanced Study in London attracts scholars from around the world, and securing the right place to call home is paramount. Be it ensuite apartments, shared flats, or private studios, Amber provides an array of options to suit every student's needs and preferences. With its easy-to-use platform, amber simplifies the search process for School of Advanced Study student accommodation. Amber's curated list of School Of Advanced Study Student accommodations ensures you're never too far from your lectures or the vibrant city life of London. Here are some of the top properties available:

  1. Chapter Islington
  2. Surrey Quays Landale House
  3. AXO Islington
  4. iQ Highbury
  5. Londonist Hackney Wick Park,
  6. iQ Will Wyatt Court
  7. Londonist Dashwood Studios
  8. Canvas Walthamstow
  9. Mannequin House
  10. Chapter Old Street

Cost of Living

Student accommodation near School of Advanced Study in London takes up most of your expenses, making it expensive to live in this city. However, preparation and assessment can help students save money. Students are advised to budget between £2,000 and £3,000 per month for living and other personal expenses.

Food: £100-£150/week

Gas and electricity: £50-£70/week

Internet & mobile phone: £30-£50/week

Dinner at a restaurant: £50-£150/week

Laundry: £25-£40/week

Stationery and Textbooks: £20-£30/week

Clothing: £50-£75/month

Travel (buses, trams, and trains): £90-£150/month

Student Travel around School of advanced study

Navigating as a student in a city as big as London is challenging. But you need not worry as London's transportation system has the potential to be one of the most efficient on the planet. Conversely, the School of Advanced Study is smartly connected to every primary transportation system that is easily accessible within walking distance of every student accommodation near the School Of Advanced Study. Students in London can access various transportation options to get around. Amber has enlisted the major transport systems and their average fares. Students should know that these fares may vary from peak to off-peak hours.

Bus: London's bus system operates around the clock. With an abundance of buses running to and from the city, students can take these buses from the main bus terminal near the City Centre or a nearby bus stop to make their commute from the University to student accommodation near School Of Advanced Study more manageable. Hundreds of local bus stops are located throughout the city, catering to local and national travelers. In London, the average bus fare is around £5.20 per day. You can save as much as 30% if you purchase an 18+ Student Oyster card or pay as you go without the discount. It is a great way to commute from your student housing near School Of Advanced Study.

Cycling: Cycling is another way to get around the city if you are staying at the School of Advanced Study student accommodation. Sedentary student life won't take a toll on your health if you ride your way around the city. The amber website's London student housing options are close to London's travel services, making it easy for students to travel in London. This makes student apartments in London the most popular among students.

The Tube: The London Underground, usually known as the Underground or simply the Tube, is an English rapid transit system that serves Greater London as well as some areas of the neighboring counties of Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Essex. One can get around faster by using London's network of underground rail. The average per day fare for riding the Tube is about £11.00. You can also save on the fare if you get an 18-25 or 26-30 railcard for students.

Student Life at School of advanced study

One of London's safest and the most happening campuses belongs to the School of Advanced Study. You get everything you would need to experiment, learn, and make the most of your time in London and at the School of Advanced Study. Students come from a variety of fields, including journalism, computer engineering, medicine, business administration, and music, among others. Students benefit from this diversity of viewpoints because it inspires fresh ways of thinking and invention when they switch between mediums and materials. The college offers faculty and students a more official opportunity to collaborate through a number of interdisciplinary collaboration projects that investigate new concepts, methods, and abilities. The city is one of the most lively cities in the UK, which provides thrilling experiences such as stunning world heritage sites, bars, museums, and more. Being a student in London allows you to interact with individuals from all walks of life and create fantastic international networks.

London is known for its renowned restaurants, storied retail areas, and other attractions, but the list doesn't end there. You will struggle to find a weekend in London without activities going on, from crazy fresher's week parties to post-exam bashes and everything in between. People living in London also enjoy some of the best nightlife. The nightlife in the city has something for everyone, whether you're searching for a VIP club experience or something a little more low-key and on a budget. If you are looking for something cost-effective, then on-campus events are the way to go!

Tourists Attractions Near School of advanced study

The city leaves everyone in awe with its culture and heritage. Its history goes back centuries, and London has places people of every age group can enjoy and learn from. Following are a few most liked tourist hotspots close to your student accommodation near School Of Advanced Study.

1. Buckingham Place

2. Big Ben

3. The Shard

4. London Eye

5. Trafalgar Square

Top Courses at School of advanced study

The School of Advanced Study in London is renowned for its unique concentration on humanities and social sciences, attracting scholars who delve into a myriad of intellectual explorations. The institution is celebrated for its interdisciplinary approach and its standout majors in legal studies, human rights, history, and linguistics. Here are some of the popular courses:

  1. MA in Understanding and Securing Human Rights
  2. MRes in Modern Languages Research
  3. PhD in History
  4. LLM in Advanced Legislative Studies
  5. MA in Garden and Landscape History

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