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Secure a Room for just GBP 1.(Only available for Twin Room,  4 Bed Apartment,  Premium Studio,  Luxury Studio and  Deluxe Studio room types only)

Note:- The 1 Holding Deposit Promotion is open to both new and current students

            The 1 Holding Deposit Promotion at The Valentine will run from 27th January 2021 until 31st May 2021.

            The offer is available for 51 week and 44 week tenancy lengths only.

            The remaining 149 Holding Deposit must be paid on or before 31st May 2021. 


Brand new for 2020, The Valentine is an East London student accommodation located less than two minutes walk from the tube station in Gants Hill, getting you to Stratford in 12 minutes, and Liverpool Street in 20 minutes. With dedicated study rooms, a space for group meetings, a TV and Movie area, multi-games station and ample outdoor space, The Valentine is everything you need to make the most of your time as a student in London.

The surrounding area provides supermarkets and restaurants, whilst the 200-acre, Green Flag award-winning Valentines Park, containing two cafes, an outdoor gym, lakes and many running routes, is just out the back door. This is London living at its finest: the connectivity to rival zone one locations, combined with a focus on the wellbeing delivered by an abundance of green space.

All with top specifications and high-end brands, from Hotpoint and Smeg, The Valentine offers a choice of your own private, self-contained studios, or the option to make friends in an ensuite cluster flat. Whichever you choose, you can be assured of your own well-appointed bathroom, ample storage, a dedicated desk area, and lots of natural light. Many rooms also have views over the London skyline.

The Valentine has so much to offer, including quiet study spaces, a group study and presentation room, a TV lounge complete with games console, pool table, table tennis table, and plenty of comfy armchairs to kick back in. Grow flowers with friends, or relax under the pergola in the large outdoor courtyard garden. All the while you'll feel safe and secure with our 24/7 CCTV, and mobile phone-operated door entry system. With 200Mb Wi-Fi and all of your utilities included in your rent, everything is taken care of for you, leaving you to enjoy your London life.


  • The University of East London, Stratford- 12 minutes by tube
  • Queen Mary University, Mile End- 16 minutes by tube
  • London School of Economics, Mile End- 16 minutes by tube
  • London Metropolitan, Aldgate and Moorgate- 27 minutes by tube
  • BPP University Law School, City Campus- 31 minutes by tube
  • University College London (UCL), Euston Square- 35 minutes by tube

Community Facilities

On-site Maintenance
Variety of communal spaces
On-site laundry
Internal lifts
Perfectly located for students
Laundry room
Games area
Lounge Area in kitchen
On-site gym
Flat-screen TV with TV license included in cluster kitchen
24/7 CCTV
Secure bike racks
Secure, mobile-phone entry system

Apartment Facilities

All-inclusive utility bills
Up to 200Mbps Free Wi-Fi and broadband throughout
Fitted Kitchen


Twin Room£139 - £175/week
Shared Bathroom
Shared Room
Shared Kitchen
Duration:38 week
Move in:12 Dec, 2020
Duration:34 week
Move in:9 Jan, 2021
Duration:25 week
Move in:9 Jan, 2021
Duration:33 week
Move in:16 Jan, 2021
Duration:32 week
Move in:23 Jan, 2021
Premium Studio£239 - £245/week/person
Area17 sqm
Private Bathroom
Entire Place
Private Kitchen
Duration:51 week
Move in:11 Sep, 2021
Duration:44 week
Move in:11 Sep, 2021
Deluxe Studio£259 - £265/week/person
Area19 sqm
Private Bathroom
Entire Place
Private Kitchen
Duration:51 week
Move in:11 Sep, 2021
Duration:44 week
Move in:11 Sep, 2021
Luxury Studio£329 - £335/week/person
Area26 sqm
Private Bathroom
Entire Place
Private Kitchen
Duration:51 week
Move in:11 Sep, 2021
Duration:44 week
Move in:11 Sep, 2021
4 Bed EN-suite£215 - £220/week
Sold Out
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Shared Kitchen
Duration:51 week
Move in:11 Sep, 2021
Sold Out£215/week
Duration:44 week
Move in:11 Sep, 2021
Sold Out£220/week
Standard Studio£219 - £225/week/person
Sold Out
Area14 - 17 sqm
Private Bathroom
Entire Place
Private Kitchen
Duration:51 week
Move in:11 Sep, 2021
Sold Out£219/week
Duration:44 week
Move in:11 Sep, 2021
Sold Out£225/week

Booking Details


Eligibility Requirements:-

For the rooms which are 39 weeks, you must receive the full student loan of around 12,000 from the student loans company to be eligible to live at our apartments. This is due to our commitment to ensure we provide affordable housing to those who are legible

Cancellation Policy

1. Cancellation By You - 14 -day Cooling Off Period

If you choose to cancel your booking with the property management, you have 14 calendar days after receiving the original Accommodation Offer to do so to get a full refund of the Holding Deposit paid. If you have made your booking less than 14 days before your scheduled check-in date, you may cancel your booking until the earlier of 

(a) 14 days after receipt of the Accommodation Offer email and 

(b) the date you actually check-in.

You may cancel your booking by sending an email to the relevant Accommodation Office email address. The property management will refund your Holding Deposit within 7 calendar days of cancellation. If you cancel your booking after the 14 calendar day cool off period, you will not get your Holding Deposit returned to you and you, and your guarantor if reasonable, will be required to meet the obligations set out within the Tenancy Agreement.

2. Period Before You Enter Into Your Tenancy Agreement

The Landlord and the property management reserve the right to not return your Holding Deposit and cancel your booking on notice if:

2.1 We take all reasonable steps to enter into the Tenancy Agreement before the deadline and you fail to do so, for example, if you fail to complete your application or provide guarantor details and supporting documentation in good time;

2.2 You provide us with relevant false or misleading information; and/or

2.3 We are prohibited from entering to the Tenancy Agreement because of the Immigration Act 2014.

3. Period From And Including When You Have Entered Into The Tenancy Agreement Covid- 19 Coronavirus

If you have entered into the Tenancy Agreement and you cancel your booking after the 14 calendar day cool off period, we will release you from the contract up to and including 23rd August 2020 where you meet the following criteria and can provide evidence:

If you are a first year prospective undergraduate student and your offer of a place at your preferred University/Higher Education institution is withdrawn because of you not achieving the required entry grades or you have surpassed your required entry grades and choose to go to a different University.

In order to meet the criteria you will need:

o To provide a written rejection letter from your chosen university/higher education institute within 72 hours of your exam results being published

o To provide a copy of the acceptance letter from your new university.

If you are unable to travel due travel restrictions as a result of Covid-19 and that travel restriction can be verified

Where proof is provided in accordance with these terms and conditions and to our and the landlords reasonable satisfaction, you will be entitled to cancel the booking and you will not be liable for the contractual obligations laid out in the Tenancy Agreement from the date of cancellation.

Failure to obtain a UK Visa

If you fail to obtain a UK Visa before the start date of your tenancy, we will cancel your Tenancy Agreement and refund any rent payments made, so long as you provide within 72 hours of receiving your official confirmation:

Supporting official evidence that your Visa was declined

Written confirmation that you wish to cancel your booking

Cancellation for any other reason

If you have entered into the Tenancy Agreement and you wish to cancel your booking after the 14 calendar day cooling off period and you do not fit into our eligible criteria above. You will not get your Holding Deposit returned to you, and you and your guarantor, will be required to meet the obligations set out within the Tenancy Agreement regardless of whether you have collected your keys.

If you cancel your booking and are able to find an eligible replacement tenant, subject to our agreement, you will be released from the contractual obligations as set out in the Tenancy Agreement. Any overpaid rent will be refunded to you, less an amount equal to your Holding Deposit as a cancellation fee. The site team will confirm your official release date.

4. Cancellations After You Have Moved Into The Accommodation

4.1. We hope you have a happy stay in your accommodation, but if for any reason you decide to leave during your contracted term, the landlord may agree to release you from your contract. Providing the conditions set out below are met:

4.1.1. You agree that you will not transfer or sublet the tenancy created by the Tenancy Agreement to anyone else without obtaining our written consent in-line with point 11.1(m) of the Tenancy Agreement.

4.1.2. You find a suitable replacement to take a new Tenancy Agreement for your room for the remaining period of your contract. Replacement tenants must be 18 years old or over and enrolled as a full time student in a university or college in proximity to the accommodation. Where the accommodation has agreements with set universities, the replacement may be restricted to that university - Please check with your Accommodation Team. The incoming tenant must enter into a Tenancy Agreement with us and pay sums due within this agreement. The incoming tenant, where reasonable, must provide a suitable Guarantor. TheGuarantor must accept the Terms and Conditions set out in the Tenancy Agreement.

4.1.3. Refunds due will not be processed until the replacement taking over the contract has signed the Tenancy Agreement, paid and moved into the accommodation.

4.1.4. If you do find someone to take over your contract, you will need to pay a 50 administration fee.

4.1.5. If you fail to find someone to take over your tenancy, you will be responsible for paying thefull rent until the end of your contracted time at the accommodation.

5. Cancellations By Management Or The Landlord

Our terms and conditions require you to sign your Tenancy Agreement online within 14 calendar days of receiving the Offer of Accommodation. If you fail to sign your agreement within this timescale, we may cancel your booking, giving notice by email and you will forfeit any booking fee paid if it is outside the 14 calendar day cooling off period above.

If you fail to check-in on your accommodation start date and you have not signed your agreement, we may cancel your booking at any time by giving notice by email. If you are outside the 14 day cooling off period, your Holding Deposit will not be refunded.

Once you have signed your Tenancy Agreement, it may only be terminated if we mutually agree to do so or in the circumstances set out in point 3 above.

Payment Details


The rent can be paid over 4 instalments or in full before check-in. Please note that if you select to pay over instalments, you will need to provide details for a UK based guarantor. They must have a fixed UK address Proof of address, in the form of a utility bill (less than 3 months old) and photo ID is required. 

Mode of Payment

You can pay via Recurring Card, Direct Debit or via Bank Transfer. Cash and Cheques will not be accepted and will be turned away if presented at site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Holding Deposit and what happens to it?

We ask you to pay a Holding Deposit to secure your room. When your tenancy commences, the Holding Deposit will convert into a refundable Security deposit. All deposits are registered with TDS which is a government accredited Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme provider. At the end of your tenancy, a final inspection of your room will be carried out prior to your move out and if any deductions are required they will be discussed with you at this point. Assuming the room and its belongings are in the same condition as when you moved and you have provided your bank details within our Portal you will get your deposit back within 10 working days. If you cancel your room booking within 14 days of your Accommodation Offer then you will be entitled to a full refund. After 14 days, the Holding Deposit is non-refundable*. Please refer to our cancellation policy for full terms and conditions. *not applicable for bookings made at properties in Scotland.

Is there an age limit for booking with Property Management Students?

We only accept bookings if you are over 18, with the exception of properties in Scotland where you must be 16 or over. This is due to the legally binding tenancy agreement that every tenant is required to sign when living at Property Management Students. We also can only accept people in full-time education.

Do you provide female-only accommodation?

We do provide female-only accommodation in some of our schemes but it is not guaranteed that this will be possible. Please speak to the site team to find out more information.

Can I choose who I live with?

We are more than happy to accommodate groups as well as individuals. Where youre not booking in a group, we understand your flatmates will be key to your experience so when you book as an individual, we will ask you a series of questions to help us to match you with the perfect flatmates.

Am I allowed to have guests?

Yes. It is your home so you are allowed to have guests visiting you.

Is there always a member of staff available?

Our standard office hours are between 10 am 5 pm. Out-of-office hours are also supported by emergency contacts. Are there social events organised for the residents? Absolutely! We want our community to suit you, so we wont force you to come to our events but you are always welcome. If you have your own suggestions for us even better!

Can I bring my own electrical equipment for cooking, i.e. rice cooker?

No we do not advise you to bring your own electrical cooking equipment for health and safety reasons. Who cleans the room and the communal area? The students are responsible for their own rooms and communal kitchen within the flat. All other rooms and communal areas are cleaned by the site cleaner.

Can I smoke in the accommodation?

Smoking is not allowed within the accommodation, however, there is a designated smoking area outside the building.

What happens if I dont get on with my new flatmates? Can I swap rooms?

If you are having any issues please contact the Accommodation team in the first instance, we will do all we can to help. In exceptional circumstances it may be possible to move you; however, we would look to resolve any issues with you all. What if something in my flat breaks or isnt working? Drop us an email or pop into the office to let us know, our on-site Maintenance team will be able to deal with most things.

Can I have pets?

No pets are permitted under the term of the tenancy agreement.

Can I have my groceries delivered to site?

Yes. Groceries can be delivered to the reception area, but you are to ensure that you are available to take receipt of the delivery. Delivery drivers are not to be given access to the flats.

Do I have WiFi?

Yes, WiFi is included in your rent. Youll also have a broadband connection in your room on your desk.

Why do I need a Guarantor?

All students who wish to pay their rent by using an instalment plan are required to provide a qualified UK Guarantor. This provides us with the security and knowledge that the rent will be paid in full if you were to default on payment.

What does being a Guarantor mean?

By agreeing to be a Guarantor you are signing a legal document stating that you agree to pay the rent and guarantee the behaviour of the resident if they default. Please do not sign this agreement if you do not wish to take on this responsibility. I am an International Student and do not have a UK Guarantor Housing Hand specialises in working with international students and will be able to act as your UK Guarantor. For any further queries you can contact Housing Hand directly: Tel: 0207 205 2625 Email:

What is Housing Hand?

Housing hand provide an international guarantor service for students who do not have a suitable or qualified UK guarantor.

How do I apply for The Housing Hand Guarantor Service?

All you need to do is fill in an application form online at Housing Hand; if eligible for the service you will be given a free quote within minutes and a Guarantor Certificate that you can use today to secure your accommodation with us. You can apply for the guarantor service online at

Can you explain more about the relationship between Housing Hand and Property Management?

Housing Hand works in partnership with Property Management to stand as your UK rental guarantor. Property Management requires all students to have a guarantor if you are not able or willing to pay your rent in full for the year. If you choose the instalment plan option and can provide your own UK guarantor, providing they qualify, then you do not need to use Housing Hand, . If you choose the instalment plan option and cannot provide a UK guarantor, then Housing Hand will be able to provide this service for you.

How much does the service cost with Housing Hand?

Housing Hand charges a one-off fee that you will either pay upfront at the start of your tenancy or monthly (if on a 12-month contract). For students, the fee will be between 60-95% of your monthly rent with the minimum price starting at 295 for 12 months cover. The exact cost depends on your personal details and several factors including the amount of your rent, you will be given a no-obligation quote for the cost of the service on application.

What are the payment options for international students?

For schemes in England and Wales, you can choose to pay the full amount or alternatively you can also pay in instalments. For the latter, you will need to provide a UK guarantor or use our guarantor service provided by our friend Housing Hand. You can find more about guarantor service here. For schemes in Scotland, the maximum required payment in advance is 6 months payment. Please speak to the site team if you wish to pay the full amount.

I have booked a room but failed to obtain a visa, can I cancel my booking?

Yes, you are entitled to cancel your booking but we will need you to provide proof for this.

Whats provided in the bedroom? Do I need to bring my own bedding?

Facilities and features can vary; typically you are provided with a bed, a study with a desk and a chair, bookshelves, wardrobe and plenty of storage. Bedding is not provided with each room as most of our students prefer to bring their own, however, you can order bedding and kitchen utensils from their friends UniKitOut to be delivered to your room prior to your move in.

Can you arrange an airport pick up service?

Most sites will be more than happy to arrange an airport pick up service for you. You just need to let us know your name, arrival date and time and your flight number, well then arrange the transport for you. Please ensure you have enough UK Sterling to pay the taxi fare and check with your chosen property first.

Can I move in before my contract starts?

It is possible but it depends on each scheme. We would advise you to check with the accommodation team before you make any arrangements.

Can I stay over the summer?

Most of our sites offer summer stays. Please check with the accommodation team for further information.

What documents do I need to check-in?

You will need to bring a method of identification with you to the accommodation, either a Driving License or Passport, a letter of confirmation from the University. We also need a passport photograph.

What time can I arrive?

This depends on the scheme you will be living in. Please contact the accommodation team via the online contact form or email the site directly.

Is there somewhere to park when we are unpacking?

If you are travelling via car on move-in day we will inform you in advance whether theres a drop off bay on site for you to offload any suitcases or belongings, or we will send you the location of the nearest car park. Its important to book your move-in the slot with us in advance so that we can make sure these resources are available to you on the day.

I will be arriving out of hours on move-in day, is this okay?

We understand that sometimes students will need to arrive outside of arrival hours. We ask for you to contact your Accommodation Team at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure that we can provide all the necessary information and ensure that we have got everything ready for your arrival. For example, we need to ensure that we have received all relevant documentation, the booking fee and first instalment before we can move anybody in.

Who will I meet on move-in day?

It might not be a manager who will be there for the check-in however the Accommodation Team will always aim to introduce themselves at the earliest opportunity so you know who they are.

Can I move out early?

Yes, but you will still have to pay rent for the full length of your agreed tenancy, even if you no longer live at your accommodation. When something is broken or doesnt work, how does my son/daughter report maintenance? In the event that something is broken or doesnt work in any part of the accommodation, the student needs to report the issues to the accommodation office who will escalate it accordingly. We have Property Management Student maintenance wizards that work full or part-time on-site depending on the property. They are there for the hour of need replacing light bulbs, blown fuses, blocked showers etc. We do also work with local contractors for isolated issues. Your son/daughter will always be given at least 24 hours notice if a maintenance operative or contractor needs to access their room. We always offer for the maintenance operative/contractor to be escorted for the jobs entirety if necessary.

Can students have post and parcels delivered?

We are proud to offer a postal service during office hours within our schemes. We always communicate the postal process to our students when they move in, however, we will always make every effort to ensure that your daughter/son gets their mail safely. We always ask for students to inform the staff if they are expecting a recorded or special delivery for the site team to ensure that someone is available for the delivery. We also always ask for the student to bring some ID for when they come to collect the parcel. We recognise that the students cant always come down themselves; we are flexible with friends picking up parcels however the student needs to contact the accommodation team to let them know in advance. We cannot be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from accepting mail on students behalf. Although we will make every effort to ensure the students get their mail safely, we will not be responsible if recipients fail to collect their deliveries, packages are stolen or damaged due to circumstances beyond the control of the accommodation team. We also are not responsible for packages that arrive outside office opening hours or when the accommodation team are out of the office. If the students dont collect their mail within 4 weeks it will be returned to the sender.

How do you allocate rooms?

We take booking preferences very seriously and take great pride in being able to accommodate these in most cases. There is a preference box on the booking form which allows the student to put any preferences they might have, for example friends they wish to live with, location of room within the building, same sex cluster flats. We always do our best to accommodate these preferences, if for whatever reason we cant fulfil them we will always try to achieve one or two and notify the student if they arent possible.

Do I need to have a UK-based guarantor?

You only need to provide a UK-based guarantor if you wish to pay your rent in three instalments. You do not need to provide a guarantor if youre paying the full annual rent in advance.

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is a person aged 18 or above who accepts joint financial responsibility for the tenancy and is liable to pay the rent if for any reason the student is unable to maintain payment of the rents as they fall due. The landlord has the right to pursue the guarantor for recovery of outstanding monies therefore, it is important that any guarantor understands their obligations

How many instalments can rent be paid?

Rent can be paid in three instalments; typically these are around the same time student loans are paid out.

How can I make a payment?

You can pay via Recurring Card, Direct Debit or via Bank Transfer. Cash and Cheques will not be accepted and will be turned away if presented at site. Recurring Card payments can be selected at the time of booking and Direct Debit can be selected by the online portal. If an alternative method of payment is required, such as a bank transfer, or you wish to change your payment method, please contact the Accommodation Team directly for details.

Are there any additional bills to pay?

There are no additional bills to pay. Our weekly rents include all costs utilities, WiFi, and access to all of our communal areas including Management Office, Private Dining areas etc.

Do I have to pay council tax?

Students do not have to pay Council Tax, but the council must be informed that you are a student and apply for exemption as this does not automatically happen. It is the responsibility of every student to apply for exemption, your University/College or accommodation provider* cannot do this for you, though we can help you! *With the exception of Edinburgh College Residences.

How secure is the accommodation?

At Property Management Students, we want you to feel safe and secure at all times. We understand how important safety and security is to students when it comes to choosing a place to live. Thats why weve taken every effort to ensure that we provide the best services so that our students can thoroughly enjoy living with us. We have 24 Hour CCTV Cameras installed in all of our buildings, internally and externally. Secure Key Fob Door Entry & Bedroom Door Locks. There are also locks on all private bedrooms and out-of-hour security is there to support the community if you have any security concerns, ensuring your security and safety.Fire SafetyAll of the properties that Property Management Students manage have been specifically designed to be used by students. These properties have benefited from significant changes in fire safety, building regulations and coherent fire and management strategies. We have extensive fire safety systems in place in all the buildings that Property Management Students manage. We are also audited by our own internal team, as well as external consultants, on a regular basis to validate, and if necessary update, our extensive fire safety systems, policies and procedures. Further information can be found on our Fire Safety at Property Management Students page.