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Ireland is an island country that is situated in the North Atlantic. It is connected with Great Britain to its east by the North Channel. The island of Ireland is the second-largest island of the British Isles, the third-largest island in Europe, and also the twentieth-largest on Earth

There are mainly three World Heritage Sites on the island: the Skellig Michael and the Giant'sGiant's Causeway. Many other places are on the tentative list, for example, the Burren, the Ceide Fields, and Mount Stewart.

Amongst the cities in Ireland, Cork, Galway, Dublin are more likely to be the student's first choice.

The latest survey of "Key Facts and Figures" shows that the total number of students at publicly funded universities, institutes, and colleges in Ireland totalled 225,628 in 2017. There is continued growth in higher education participation. Graduate numbers at all levels reached a record of 69,633 last year.

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