Student Accommodations near BIMM, Dublin, Dublin  |   Showing 27 Places

Yugo Highfield Park, Dublin

N Circular Rd, Dublin
1.7 mi from University( 37m. 31m. 11m)
study area
13 Room Options
1 Offer
Instant Booking
From €290/ week

The Residence Stoneybatter, Dublin

Prussia St, Dublin
1.3 mi from University( 29m. 21m. 8m)
game room
bills included
study area
17 Room Options
1 Offer
Instant Booking
From €300/ week

Yugo The Tannery, Dublin

Mill St, Dublin 8
0.4 mi from University( 8m. 8m. 5m)
game room
laundry facility
4 Room Options
1 Offer
Instant Booking
From €315/ week

Yugo Dominick Place, Dublin

Dominick Street Upper, Dublin 7
1.2 mi from University( 27m. 26m. 10m)
11 Room Options
1 Offer
Instant Booking
From €305/ week

Yugo Ardcairn House, Dublin

Grangegorman Lower, Dublin
1.0 mi from University( 24m. 20m. 9m)
laundry facility
7 Room Options
1 Offer
Instant Booking
From €301/ week

Bangor House, Dublin

Ratoath Rd, Dublin 7
2.2 mi from University( 48m. 31m. 14m)
Study Corner
Car Parking
3 Room Options
1 Offer
Instant Booking
From €195/ week
Top Rated

Aspen, Dublin

Ballymun Rd, Dublin 11
4.1 mi from University( 1h 31m. 1h 9m. 22m)
study area
Games Area
Fitness Studio
15 Room Options
1 Offer
Instant Booking
From €299/ week

Yugo Broadstone Hall, Dublin

Phibsborough Rd, Dublin 7
1.1 mi from University( 25m. 22m. 8m)
7 Room Options
1 Offer
Instant Booking
From €307/ week

Yugo New Mill, Dublin

Mill St, Dublin 8
0.3 mi from University( 8m. 8m. 5m)
bills included
8 Room Options
1 Offer
Instant Booking
From €315/ week

Yugo Brewers Close, Dublin

Mill St, Dublin 8
0.4 mi from University( 8m. 8m. 4m)
laundry facility
study area
10 Room Options
1 Offer
Instant Booking
From €323/ week
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I find student accommodation near BIMM, Dublin?

When you select a student accommodation near BIMM, Dublin from our vast inventory of properties, our professionals will offer you free assistance up until the completion of your process. We make the process of choosing the perfect place for you hassle-free. If you have any questions, you can contact our booking experts at any time of the day.

Can I book my student accommodation near BIMM in Dublin according to my preference?

Absolutely! Your preference is our priority. Our housing options cater to your expectations and needs. Click here to know more. Student accommodations near BIMM, Dublin tend to sell out quickly, so be sure to book yours at the earliest. Ensure that you get the best according to your choice.

How much money will I spend on bills for BIMM accommodation in Dublin?

Depending on the home you rent, all of our student accommodation near BIMM in Dublin includes all utilities; as a result, you'll have to make the rent. WiFi and other amenities are charged for in the bills. Contact our experts for further details, and they can assist you in choosing the ideal student residence.

Can I view my BIMM student accommodation near BIMM in Dublin before booking?

Yes. Contact our booking specialists, who will set up a virtual tour especially for you if you want to schedule a viewing before making a reservation.

What should I look for when booking student accommodation near BIMM in Dublin?

Consider the following things while looking at student accommodation near BIMM in Dublin with amber. 

Number of people you want to live with

Housing-catered or self-catered

Ensuite or studio

Single or double bed

Room size 


On-campus or off-campus accommodation

Any additional facilities

How do I pay for my BIMM student housing?

You can make the payment via numerous modes, including net banking or your debit card or credit card. We also have our payment portal, where we can assist you with the process.

Can I get discounts for student accommodation in Dublin?

Yes, students who book early often get good discounts and pay much less rent for their student accommodation in Dublin. You can also leverage the discounts and cashback from group bookings. 

When should I start looking for accommodation In Dublin?

It's beneficial to start your hunt for Dublin student accommodation early. Amber helps you with the paperwork of the place, the amenities provided and the location and proximity to your university. Thorough research is essential to ensure smooth booking of London student accommodation. 

How can you find safe and secure student housing in Dublin?

All of Amber's listings are verified and all buildings are CCTV secured. Some even come with building security. 

When should I book my accommodation for the September intake?

Usually, six months before is the ideal time to book your accommodation. Most of these accommodations start their intake in February, but will let you book rooms at the last moment if they have available rooms. But booking earlier will be the best bargain for you because the more you wait, the more you pay. 

Student Accomodations in BIMM, Dublin, Dublin

BIMM Student Accommodation

The British and Irish Modern Music institute is located in Dublin. In Dublin, Ireland's capital city, finding student accommodation near BIMM, Dublin is simple. BIMM is a renowned University in Dublin. Many students come every year from all over the world to study here. Students find it challenging to find perfect student accommodation near BIMM. Amber comes to the rescue and helps students find affordable accommodation near the university at their desired location. You can choose from many options, such as student rooms, apartments, studios, flats, and ensuites at desired locations. Amber offers student housing close to the university that includes all the conveniences a student wants and needs. There are more than 5000 options for cosy, affordable student living. Amber also welcomes students searching for short-term rentals. Our mission statement is to offer a home away from home. Choose the perfect student accommodation near BIMM, Dublin from cost-effective options. You can select any of the accommodations from modest to lavish; amber has it all in desirable neighbourhoods close to the university. 

About BIMM

The BIMM Institute, formerly known as the British and Irish Modern Music (BIMM) Institute, is a collection of eight autonomous institutions with more than 7,000 students in  Brighton, Bristol, Dublin, Birmingham, Manchester, Berlin, Hamburg, and London that focuses on providing creative education. BIMM was founded in Brighton in 2001 as the Brighton Institute of Modern Music. BIMM Bristol opened in 2008. According to their website in 2010, BIMM Group acquired Tech Music School London (TMS) and in 2011 BIMM Dublin opened and in 2013, the group opened BIMM Manchester in 2013 followed by BIMM Berlin in 2015 and BIMM Birmingham in 2017. The most recent college, BIMM Hamburg, opened in 2019. In October 2014 the organization was renamed the BIMM Institute, British and Irish Modern Music Institute. Tech Music School is now incorporated into BIMM London, based in Fulham.

The students are prioritised above others at The British and Irish Modern Music institute (BIMM). The University is committed to supporting and maximising each student's unique potential in every way possible. One of Ireland's most advanced, progressive, and cutting-edge learning settings is found at BIMM. The College has established an outstanding reputation for offering top-notch lectures and top-notch study materials. The BIMM's location is close to all facilities in the city centre, and finding student accommodations near BIMM, Dublin is no task. Commuting to the University is accessible by all modes of public transportation.

Best Localities near BIMM

Choosing where to live as a student in Dublin can be challenging.  Students usually think about sustainability, lifestyle, and transit options before choosing the ideal student housing. The amber website offers a variety of housing options for students in various areas. Amber has listed some of the popular choices for student accommodation near BIMM, which include 

1. Portobello

One of Dublin's trendiest neighbourhoods is Portobello. For foreigners who want to discover Dublin's more artistic side, this is one of the greatest neighbourhoods. Hipsters abound in Portobello, a trendy neighbourhood filled with yoga studios, avocado-filled brunch eateries, and moustached craft beer aficionados. You can find book stores, specialty food shops, edgy bars, and many other bohemian places. The Portobello neighbourhood and its surroundings are home to a young population that attends the nearby Trinity College, making it one of the greatest areas in Dublin for students. Some of the student housing options in the near area include Brickworks, Cork Street, Point Campus and 4 Herberton.

2. North Inner City

This Dublin neighbourhood is the D1 district, which encompasses a large region north of the Liffey river. Here and City Center South are your options if you want to reside in the heart of Dublin. The Irish Emigration Museum, several bridges, and the National Leprechaun Museum (no, that's not a joke) are among the well-known tourist sites in the North Inner City. The North Inner City also has some of Dublin's best cafes and restaurants. There are many student accommodations available in the area, some of the popular student accommodation options are, Brunswick Court, Blackhall Palace, Dorset Point and Highfield House

3. D4

D4 is one of Dublin's largest neighbourhoods. Numerous distinct neighbourhoods, such as Ballsbridge, Donnybrook, and Sandymount, are also found there. D4 is a fantastic alternative if you want to live somewhat centrally without being in the middle of the city because it is on the south side of the river and east of D2.Consider relocating to the D4 neighbourhood if you're looking for a refined lifestyle in Dublin. The entire area is packed with fancy eateries, trendy pubs, and folks who prefer to imagine themselves living in an Irish Beverly Hills. D4 also provides some lovely moments of serenity. The Docklands, some lovely green areas, and Sandymount Beach, a seaside retreat, are all located here. Some of the famous student accommodation in the area are,  Highlight Thomson Street, James Street and  Highlight Parkgate,

4. Drumcondra

Drumcondra is a youthful community with a calm vibe. Despite being in a great location, the housing is still rather reasonable. Additionally, it has amazing access to some of the city's best green spaces and a fantastic nightlife. Drumcondra is a fantastic choice if you want to live in the centre of things without all the commotion and congestion. It's close to canals, parks, and the National Botanic Gardens, and there are plenty of outdoor activities there. With many top-notch restaurants and numerous traditional pubs, it's also a terrific place to drink and eat. Although Drumcondra is only a short distance from the city's core, it is generally devoid of tourists and offers unexpectedly low costs.

Cost of Living

Student accommodation near BIMM in Dublin takes up most of your expenses. While you are a student here, it is essential that you make an advance budget and factor in all anticipated costs.

Food & Groceries: £200 - 300 per month

Travel: £50 - 135 per month

Books and Stationery: £70-200 per semester

Mobile: £30-70 per month

Clothes: £40-300 per month

Student Travel near BIMM

It can be intimidating for an international student to navigate a foreign city. Getting to the city is not too difficult because it has a well-developed public transit system. Students can access buses, trains, and bicycle rentals to get around the city. If they wish to reduce expenses on transportation, students in Dublin should opt for student housing close to the subway. Although Dublin offers a first-rate transportation system, getting accustomed to all options can take some time. In Dublin, the following transit options are recommended for students:


To make the travel from their institution to their student accommodations more reasonable, students can board one of the many buses that go to and from the city from the central bus terminal near the City Centre or a local bus stop. Public transportation is an excellent tool for getting around. Students can sometimes travel for free or very cheaply! Students can tour the city via the 120 routes and 18-night services of the well-connected bus network. Bus fares vary depending on the distance covered and can be bought online or on the bus. Furthermore, students can purchase a leap card, a prepaid bus card that may be used on all buses and save them money.


The Dublin Area Rapid Transit system is another way for students to get around the city (DART). The trains run every ten minutes and are well connected. They stretch from Greystones in the south to the Irish Sea coast in North County. Additionally, DART has commuter routes that let students go to other cities and towns.

Student Life at BIMM

Throughout your studies, you can participate in on-campus activities and educational workshops to make your time at BIMM more pleasurable. There are numerous ways to become active in campus life and broaden your student life experience, thanks to the variety of activities planned throughout the year!

There are many things to do in your free time because BIMM hosts events throughout the year. You can participate in university sports and have fun socialising with other students. The Student Services Department offers a range of workshops and seminars throughout the academic year for students relating to such relevant subjects as Stress Management, Effective Study skills, Communication skills, Life skills, and Exam Techniques. Opportunities for participation in sport and recreation at the College can be provided in nearby facilities.

Tourist Attractions near BIMM

Dublin is a beautiful city on Ireland's east coast, and the locals there will greet you with big smiles. The traveller in you will love excursions to the mountains, day trips to cities, and stops at coastal locations.

1. Irish Museum of Modern Art 

2. St. Patrick's Cathedral

3. Dublin Castle

4. Kilmainham Gaol

5. National Botanic Gardens

6. Phoenix Park

7. Killiney

Nearby places to visit

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