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Located in the lavish and exclusive Dublin 4 postcode, Montrose does student life in total luxury. A warm welcome awaits residents from across the globe, while the helpful, friendly staff foster an infectious community spirit.

With a range of en-suite accommodation, there are all kinds of rooms to suit your style of living. Every room features an en-suite bathroom and plenty of space to keep you comfortable during your studies. All prices shown as per person, per week. They also offer accessible room options.

The upbeat team at Montrose go above and beyond to make everyone feel at ease, whoever they are. From building maintenance to friendly small talk, theyre here to keep the atmosphere positive around the clock.With two common rooms, TVs, a selection of musical instruments and a chilled atmosphere, settling into the community spirit of Montrose is easy.

Apartment Facilities

WiFi 100Mb
Utility bills All included
comfy beds
Plenty of storage space
Dual occupancy
Bathroom Ensuite
Kitchen Shared

Community Facilities

24 hour CCTV and security
Two great common rooms
Superb on-site team
Full events programme
Right next to UCD
Secure bike storage
Quiet study areas
Just a stroll from the coast


Twin Ensuite€205 - €210/week
Lease Duration43 week - 51 week
Available from29-08-2020
Bathrooms1 Bath
Shared Bathroom
Shared Room
Shared Kitchen


All the benefits of an ensuite room but with room for two.

  • Two comfy double beds
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Dual occupancy
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Silver Ensuite€275 - €280/week
Lease Duration43 week - 51 week
Available from29-08-2020
Bathrooms1 Bath
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Shared Kitchen

An extremely popular choice, offering plenty of storage and study space and a private ensuite.

  • Comfy double bed
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Desk and mounted shelves
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Gold Ensuite€285 - €290/week
Lease Duration43 week - 51 week
Available from29-08-2020
Bathrooms1 Bath
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Shared Kitchen

Youre sure to enjoy the views from the top floor with your own private balcony access in these rooms.

  • Private balcony access
  • Located on top floor for amazing views
  • Comfy bed and plenty of storage
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Platinum Ensuite€295 - €300/week
Lease Duration43 week - 51 week
Available from29-08-2020
Bathrooms1 Bath
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Shared Kitchen

Looking for a bit more space to enjoy? Go for a Platinum Ensuite, the largest rooms in the building.

  • Private balcony access
  • Comfy bed and plenty of storage
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Cancellation Policy 

Cancellation before you move in: 

To confirm your application, the Advanced Rent required is equal to one weeks licence fee. Please note that this fee is non-refundable and will be credited against your final instalment of rent. You also need to read and sign the Licence to Reside (the "Agreement") before you move in. Once you have paid your fee and signed your Agreement online you are agreeing to take up your place within the accommodation and are bound to pay the licence fee until the end of the licence period set out in the Agreement. Any subsequent request to cancel will require you to find a student to replace you, who is approved by Aparto, to take over your Agreement. This carries an administration fee of 100. 

The following is applicable to first year students only: 

If you are not successful in obtaining your place at your chosen university/college then dont worry, we can help. We will consider a release from your Agreement and refund of the Advanced Rent payment where you can provide proof that you did not obtain a place at a university/college which is within a reasonable distance from the student accommodation you have booked. You will need to submit your request to cancel in writing or email along with the proof to the General Manager at your chosen location within five working days of confirmation having been received that you did not obtain a place at your chosen university/college. 

Cancellation after you have moved in: 

1. Replacement if you wish to leave the accommodation after you have moved in, you will need to find a suitable replacement to take over your agreement, and you will remain liable for all licence fee payments until the replacement has signed a new licence agreement, paid and checked into the accommodation. Only at this point are we able to release you from your Agreement and refund you any overpayment that may be due on your account. Replacements carry a 100 administration fee. 

2. Without replacement we will only consider any release without replacement in exceptional circumstances, such as on medical grounds. Any request will need to be accompanied by evidence, such as a doctor's letter, in writing, and sent to the General Manager. The General Manager's decision whether to release under exceptional circumstances is final.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there somewhere to park when I arrive?

There are some pay and display spaces nearby which you can use to unload your belongings.

Where do I go when I arrive?

Please head straight to reception: Montrose, 4 Stillorgan Rd, Trimbleston, Dublin 4, Ireland.

When youre here, a member of the Montrose team will greet you, give you some extra information about the place and hand over your key fob to the property. If youre late and arriving out of hours, be sure to notify us so we can know when youll arrive.

Do I have to be a student to live here?

Yes, our residents must be a student, enrolled in a college/university and be 17 years or older at check-in.

Do I need to have an Irish/UK guarantor?

Yes, youll need an Irish/UK guarantor if youve requested to pay in instalments. Otherwise, youll have to pay the full amount of your licence fee in August.

Whats included in my rent?

  • Friendly team, ready to help
  • On-site maintenance
  • Regular programme of social events
  • Common room
  • Study room
  • The price is inclusive of all utility bills and contents insurance
  • 100Mb broadband and Wi-Fi
  • Laundry room
  • Plenty of bike storage

What happens if I dont pay my rent?

If necessary, we will take legal action to recoup.

What do I do if something isnt working in my apartment?

If theres a problem with your room or apartment, no matter how small, contact reception, fill in a quick repair form, and a member of our facilities team will be round to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Can I receive post?

Yep! You and your housemates will share a post box found in reception. Youll all receive a key to check on your post, while parcels can be delivered to reception for the aparto team to look after just be sure to bring ID with you when collecting.

Can I park my car?

There is no parking on site.

Is there somewhere to keep my bike?

There is plenty of secure bike storage for our residents to use.

What will I need to do before I move out of my room?

Before you go, youll need to pack up all your belongings and give your room a clean we appreciate it if you leave it in the same condition as you found it. Hand back your fob/post box key when you check out; after that, head home and enjoy the rest of your summer.

Will I be sharing a room?

Unless residents share a twin room, theyll be in a single occupancy room, with a private en-suite shower room.

Who is responsible for cleaning my apartment?

You and your housemates are, so its helpful to have a cleaning rota in place from the beginning so things dont get too messy. You can bring your rubbish/recycling to the bin stores and all collections are included in your rental fee.

Who cleans the communal areas?

The aparto team will clean up these areas, but we appreciate if you could look after them in the meantime.

Where can I smoke?

The property and its grounds are strictly non-smoking, but feel free to smoke outside of the building, off-site.

Can I choose what floor I live on?

Sure, just let us know your preference when making your booking.

Can family and friends visit?

Sure, your friends and family can visit, but you can only have one guest stay in your room, at a maximum of 2 nights a week. You must be present during the entire time of their stay and sign them in on arrival.

Who is responsible for a guest while theyre on the premises?

While your guest is on the premises, you are responsible for them they must be signed in and out and follow all aparto regulations.

Can we have a party?

Yeah, go ahead, but wed appreciate it if youre considerate of other students living in the building and you clean up the place afterwards.

Do I have Wi-Fi?

You do! Wi-Fi is included, and theres also a broadband connection on your desk in the room.

Is a TV provided?

Yes, youll find a TV in your communal lounge area, but we dont provide a TV Licence and students are responsible for splitting this annual charge amongst their housemates.

What kitchen equipment is supplied?

Youll find a hob and oven/microwave, along with a fridge/freezer and plenty of storage.

Be sure to bring your own utensils, dishes, pots/pans and other small appliances though.

Can I keep a fridge in my room?

Unless its for storing prescribed medication, the only fridges allowed are those already in the kitchen.

What about bedding?

We dont supply bedding so be sure to bring your own sheets, duvets and pillows with you.

How do the laundry facilities work?

Residents have access to a laundry card or a phone app if they prefer, which can then be topped up with credit to use on our dryers and washers.

Can I personalise my room?

Sure, feel free to put up posters, photos of your friends and anything else that makes you feel at home. We just ask that the room is returned to its original state when you check out.

Can I pay my licence fee monthly?

No, the licence fee will be due in August or if paying in instalments you can pay half in August and half in January.

Can I stay in my room over Easter/Christmas breaks, etc?

Yes, by all means as long as its between the start and end of your tenancy agreement, feel free to stay whenever you want.

Can I move in before my tenancy starts?

Sorry, you can only move in once your tenancy has started.

Can I change my tenancy dates to work around my University start and end dates?

Sorry, once the tenancy dates are set, we cant amend them.


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