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The waterfront city of Swansea is not only beautiful but a mesmerizing take on architecture and education. Swansea boasts its best university which is the Swansea university and UWTSD as their two top contenders in the educational realm of things. Needless to say that the university has an annual intake of about 20,000 students and the life around the campus is often mesmerizing and pleasant due to the climate and the location of the university itself. 


The city of Swansea is pretty budget friendly. With options rental halls and dorm rooms starting at about 60 pounds per months, it defiantly can be the cheapest forms of staying. Other expensive options are as high as about 150 pounds a month. Student accommodation is all given out in the forms of apartments, rented suites, etc. most of the rooms found in Swansea are either not furnished or semi-furnished. Student flats and student housing rooms very spacious and also are close the Swansea University. Hence do check your options before finalizing on things. 


If you are ever looking to travel from the studio to the university, then there are many options that one could ask for. It is mainly pertaining to carpool and public transport. They are the cheapest and fastest way to get around the city. But then opting for private cabs and a personal vehicle can prove to be very expensive as the city of Swansea can bite your bank account if you don’t play It safe. So look out for bicycles and walking options if you want to get around the city.


If you are worried that being a student in the city of Swansea will be boring, then that’s where you are wrong. Swansea is filled with many waterfront restaurants and classic pubs that you will have no idea as to what you might want to try out in the first place. There are many entertainment and recreational centres and other theatre places where you can enjoy a bit of drama and movies in general. Mostly on student ensuite, you can find many joints where you could find food, drinks and other entertainment things where you could have a peaceful time in general. So try to explore your options as the Swansea football stadium is a must visit if you ever been there in the city of Swansea. 

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