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The coastal town of Plymouth is often regarded as the best place to have a quiet affair with the seashore and coastal line. Needless to say that they have a more extensive involvement with ports and other forms of trade to boost their income as a city. But then they have a greater deed with universities and other learning institutions as well. With the University of Plymouth being reckoned as the pioneer in the educational sector. Other universities such as Plymouth college of art and design, peninsula college of medicine and dentistry also are prominent and offer other fields of education. The most renowned amongst the lot is the University of Plymouth that brings in about 20,000 students from around the globe on an annual basis. 


Students halls, student rooms, student apartments are few of the many options that you can be greeted with when you are looking out for someplace to accommodate yourself. The primary factor in these student studios is that they are all semi or fully furnished and are relatively cheaper in option as well.  The starting prices for each of these student en-suites are at about 120 pounds a week and upwards. But then after this, they can get costly depending upon the location and the kind of place that you might be taking. Other than this most of the student dorm, student apartment that one might take have the essential amenities and also close pub joints where students can let off steam after their busy work schedule in their respective institutions. 


Don’t worry if you are new to the city of Plymouth as they have exciting options if you want to get around the city. Stating things off, the cheapest and the best way to get around the city is by public transport as this form of transport never gets old and can take you further places for a fraction of the cost. After which you can either take the boat ride to your destination as the city of Plymouth has extensive water connections which can thus prove to be cheaper as well. So this is a must try options if you want to try something different for once. After which the slightly expensive option would be for hiring a vehicle such that you can get around the city with utmost ease. Hiring vehicles can get costly but then if it's for a longer duration of time, then it might get relatively cheaper indeed. Other than this, carpooling seems to be the best option where you can get to your destination and also save up a whole lot of money as well. So do the math and see what works out for you’re the most. 


Living in a city such as Plymouth has its perks as there are so many things that one can do in such a beautiful atmosphere. In every corner of the city, there are some or the other kind of parade of celebration happening where you can enjoy them to the fullest. The Plymouth sea festival is a major event where you can find a different variety of fishes and sea creatures that would entice you into knowing more about the ocean. Also, this is clubbed with music, dance, and other attractions. Along with this, there are café and delis which are open almost all the time ensuring that they serve their delicious food at all times for the day. A significant place where you would want to go is Marco Pierre white’s exquisite restaurant which serves up some fantastic food that you might have never had in your life. For students and adults, there is something for all ages. So get around the city of Plymouth and see what it has to offer, you never know what might catch your eye and make it worth your lifetime.  

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