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The city of Exeter is an ancient city in the southwest part of England. The city tends to boast several religious institutions and other worship places throughout. Being a spiritual centre, there are other educational establishments as well that are settled in the city. University of Exeter, Streatham campus and St Luke’s campus are few of the notable universities that are established in the town. Out of the lot, University of Exeter tends to be the notable one boasting about 23,000 students and being the highest employer in the city. The students have a married life between enjoyment and education. 


The accommodation options in the city of Exeter generally are spread across various domains of student rooms, student apartments, student studios, student suites, and student dorms. These student en-suites can start from 80 pounds per week and go all the way up to 150 pounds a week. Needless to say that student villages are more prominent in the city as they can accommodate many students and also provide better facilities in general. Other than these private student halls are also found which are a popular choice amongst students that are looking to find a place to stay near their respective university of choice. 


It might seem strange at first, but then if you want to get around the city of Exeter, then you can access the canal system that the city has to offer. The cheapest mode of transport is a public means of travel. Also, you can take up bicycles and other carpooling services to get to your designated location. Other than this to get form your student house to the university, then you can choose bikes as Exeter is a beautiful place to cycle. With beautiful sceneries and other wonders of nature, your journey will be concise and will be the cheapest form of transport as well. So try to explore more options that are available and go for it. But then public transportation and bicycles are the preferred options. 


Getting around the city and you can witness the sheer beauty of the town of Exeter. There are many shopping complexes and other small shops scattered throughout the city that provide various things that might get your interest. Independent shops and other forms of entertainment stores are also present where you can have fun and relaxed time. Other than this several eateries and restaurants are also present such that you can taste the cuisine what Exeter has to offer. Bars and pubs are also present and are happening throughout the day and night. So do check these places out. Therefore, try to get your priorities straight as to what you might want to check out first hand as the city has something for everyone. 

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