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Blockyard Apartments is new student accommodation in Exeter, allowing you to make the most of what the fantastic city has to offer. You'll be close to shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants, not to mention the University of Exeter, Streatham campus, which is only a short bus journey away, and the University of Exeter St Luke's Campus, which is within walking distance.

Made up of a number of luxurious studio apartments, Blockyard Apartments has everything you need to ensure you have the best student experience possible. All rooms come with a private en-suite shower room, large wardrobe, fully-fitted kitchen, and have been perfectly designed to give you the space to relax and unwind. Enjoy the city skyline from your private roof terrace or kick back and relax with friends in a duplex apartment you'll be sure to find a room at Blockyard Apartments!

Blockyard Apartments offers a number of facilities to ensure you make the most out of your time at university. Offering a range of communal spaces including an on-site gym, on-site library, private dining room, cinema room, and quiet study spaces, you'll never be short on something to do. Whether you decide to catch up on your favourite movies in the cinema room or explore what the city centre has to offer, Blockyard Apartments is the best place to be! With the added bonus of free Wi-Fi and broadband and all-inclusive utility bills, you can live stress-free and focus on your studies.


Blockyard Apartments are a high specification development of 15 student studios in central Exeter. Situated in a prime location for both Streatham and St Lukes campuses. All bills are included in the rent and you will also have access to a bike storage and laundry facilites.

Lower Albert Street is a close walk to the bustling shopping area of Exeter High Street and the prestigious Princesshay Shopping Centre. The University campus and the major city hospitals are within approx a mile and a half.


Nearest Banks:-

Lloyds Bank 234 High St, Exeter EX4 3NL

HSBC 250-251 High St, Exeter EX4 3PZ

Halifax Unit 1 Roman Gate, Exeter EX4 3PZ

Community Facilities

Cycle storage
Laundry facilities
Regular transport
24/7 Professional Property Maintenance
Bike Storage

Apartment Facilities

Broadband included
Desk & Chair
En Suite
Lockable Bedroom
Central Heating
En Suite
Tumble Dryer
Washing Machine
All bills included

Bills Included


Safety and Security

lockable bedroom


Standard Studio £210/week
Private Bathroom
Entire Place
Private Kitchen
Duration:46 week
Move in:5 Sep, 2022
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Frequently Asked Questions

Washing machine not draining properly?

Check soap dispenser and filter to remove blockage; dont fill the drum full, please evenly distribute the weight.  

Oven not working?

Set clock/time and check switch on wall is on  

Dishwasher not cleaning crockery?

Ensure salt and rinse aid is topped up; clean the blades and remove any blockages from the filter. Use cleaning fluid regularly as advised by the product manufacturers.

Fridge Freezers not keeping food items cold/frozen?

Check temperature dial is set to around 3. Move food items away from the back of the fridge this will allow the temperature to circulate more freely. Freezers need to be defrosted regularly to maintain the correct temperature.  

Dryers (inc washer/dryers) not drying clothes?

Do not over fill; suggestion to put only half a load each time. Empty the water tank if it is a condensing tumble dryer.

Radiators not warming up?

Probably air is blocked in the system. You will need to use a radiator key (can be purchased from supermarket or hardware store). The lock to the top side of the radiator can be turned gently to release the air, as soon as water comes out you need to close the lock.

The boiler is displaying an E119 error and there is no hot water?

This means the boiler has lost pressure and needs to be re pressurised. This is easy to do and simply requires more pressure to be added by turning the black valve underneath the boiler until the pressure gauge reaches around 1 and is in the green section. Please follow this YouTube video for guidance.  

The lights are not working?

If its one light, check the bulb and replace if required. If its lots of lights that are not working, check the fuse box as something may have tripped. If one of the switches is down, switch it back up. If you experience further problems please report it to us.  

Appliance tripping the electrics?

Before going to the fuse box, first unplug all items that have a plug, everything including TVs, lamps, fridges and reset fuse box. Plug/turn items back on one and a time to determine which appliance is causing the problem, then please report it to us.  

Inside of the windows are wet, especially in the morning?

This is caused by the inside of the property being warmer than outside, therefore you need to moderate the level of heating in your property. Windows must be wiped down daily especially in the winter months when you have the heating on and its cold outside. Too much build up of moisture in the property will cause mould spores to form on the walls, ceilings and around windows. You must ventilate the room/s when you are showering/bathing and also drying clothes on airers or radiators.  

Fire alarm is going off and won't stop?

Type in the code written on or by the panel and press silence. If a fault has been detected on the panel and it is continuing to beep, please let us know and we will send someone round.