Student City Guide: Exeter 2023
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Student City Guide: Exeter 2023

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Nov 5, 2022
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Mar 13, 2023
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Nov 5, 2022
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Mar 13, 2023
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Exeter: You wouldn't wanna exit this City

In southwest England, on the Exe River, sits the historic city of Exeter. The Gothic Exeter Cathedral is surrounded by Exeter City Walls, which date back to the Roman era. Discover Exeter's intriguing past, which includes a Norman Cathedral, a former quay, and a canal. One of the most popular destinations in the West Country is Exeter Cathedral because of its magnificent Gothic architecture. When you enter and look around, you'll understand why the city's vaulted, mediaeval Underground Passages flow underneath it. 

About Exeter

Exeter is a city in Devon, England's South West. It is located along the Exe River, some 65 miles southwest of Bristol and 36 miles northeast of Plymouth. Under Vespasian's watchful eye, Exeter was created as Legio II Augusta's base in Roman Britain. In the Middle Ages, Exeter developed into a significant religious hub. Exeter Cathedral, founded in the mid-11th century, became Anglican during the English Reformation in the 16th century. Despite being in decline by the First World War, Exeter became a wealthy centre for the wool trade. Much of the city centre was rebuilt after World War II and is now Devon and Cornwall's hub for business, tourism, and education. It is home to two of the University of Exeter's constituent campuses: Streatham and St Luke's.

Exeter Geography

On a land ridge bordered by a steep hill, the city of Exeter was founded on the eastern side of the River Exe. The existing site of the city was a logical choice for population and trade due to this, as well as the ridge's readily defendable upper terrain. Its woodland would have made an excellent location for hunting and access to natural resources. Exeter is mainly supported by sandstone and conglomerate geology, while the surrounding areas have a variety of structures. A volcanic plug on which Rougemont Castle is located is part of the morphology of the ridge that forms the city's backbone. Due to its location on the ridge's edge, the cathedral can be seen from a great distance.

Population of Exeter

The population is another important element of the Exeter city guide. People are living in Exeter from all over the world. According to estimates from the middle of 2016, 129,800 people lived there. This cathedral city was once well-known for its function as a centre for the wool trade and had a history cloaked in religion. Although the years followed saw some sad times, the city was rebuilt to fit modern businesses and has since become a lovely location for visitors and locals. In addition to nearly 1,600 Chinese immigrants, this city also has people from Poland, Germany, India, Ireland, the United States, and other countries, according to the 2011 Census. 

Weather in Exeter

A Exeter City Guide needs to mention the weather as it is  a huge aspect of  a place. Winters in Exeter are generally moderate and damp, with occasional colder intervals that are often short. Warm, irregular weather with hot and cool rainy spells describes the summer. Temperatures do not fluctuate significantly throughout the year compared to other areas at this latitude. nevertheless, the geography of Exeter can increase the daily range by a couple of degrees Celsius. The hottest month is July, with an average high of 21.7 °C. The coldest month is January, with an average high of 8.8 °C and The wettest month is October, with 88.9 mm of rain. Similarly, the same weather patterns can increase the maximum daily temperatures. 

Study in Exeter

This Exeter City Guide explains how this city is routinely ranked as one of the greatest cities in the UK to live, work, and study. It is located in the middle of the stunning Devon countryside. You can find everything you need outside your door in this safe, walkable city. Campuses are lovely, green, secure, and have excellent amenities. Town centres are accessible by foot, and picturesque coasts are nearby. There are 25,500 students, 6,720 from 140 different countries outside.

Why study in Exeter?

 Exeter is perfect for students as this city-friendly atmosphere will instantly make them feel at home. International students can enjoy the diverse lifestyle in Exeter while having easy access to the picturesque surroundings of South West England. Exeter is a student-friendly city with considerable variety. Exeter is highly recognized for its stunning scenery, well-balanced urban and rural lifestyle, and attractive surroundings. For a short breather, students can just walk on scenic roads or visit the cathedral and immerse themselves in its beauty. 

Top Universities in Exeter 

Exeter is well rated by students when it comes to higher education for a reason. The major colleges and universities in Exeter are as follows

University of Exeter

The University of Exeter is a public research institution located in Exeter, Devon, South West England. These institutions united to form the University of Exeter after receiving their royal charters in 1955. Post-nominals refer to the University of Exeter as Exon, and academic and honorary degrees from the university include this suffix. Penryn, St. Luke's, Truro, and Streatham are the university's four Exeter-based campuses, both of which are in Cornwall. It serves as the primary centre for higher education.

Exeter College

A general further education institution, Exeter College, is located in Exeter, Devon. It was England's first College of its sort, and it is currently the top university in the country. The Exeter Technical and University Extension College served as the College's earliest incarnation as an independent school back in 1893. Its origins can be seen in the 1869 establishment of the Royal Albert Memorial Museum. The majority of its current buildings date from the year 2005. The College educates about 12,000 students, including senior (adult) students between the ages of sixteen and eighteen.

University of Exeter Business School

The University of Exeter Business School is regarded as one of the world's top business schools and a leading business school in Europe. It was established by the University of Exeter in 2008, is spread across two dynamic campuses serving the South West of the United Kingdom: the Streatham Campus in Exeter, Devon, and the Penryn Campus.

The Business School offers BSc and postgraduate degrees in management, marketing, finance, accounting, and other business-related fields. The school also offers MBA, a Master in Management programme, specialized MSc degrees, and MRes and PhD research programmes. The institution is one of only a few business schools worldwide to hold the prestigious Triple Crown Accreditation from AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS.

University of Exeter Medical school

An English medical school is the University of Exeter Medical School. It offers a five-year programme that results in the award of the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree and is a part of the University of Exeter. As a replacement for the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, the institution was established in 2013. Before 2013, PCMD collaborated with Plymouth University to offer the BMBS degree. The University of Exeter Medical School graduated its inaugural class in July 2018. They provide programmes that foster the growth of future leaders in science and healthcare who are dedicated to serving patients and the general public and who are socially responsible.

Best Exeter Student Accommodation 

The Exeter city guide would not me complete without the most important aspect of student living: student accommodation. If not prepared in advance, finding student accommodation in Exeter might take a lot of time. The city is a top choice for students looking for housing because it is home to renowned universities, including the University of Exeter.

Private student properties in Exeter consist of comfortable, luxurious, yet budget-friendly en-suites, studios, and shared apartments. Student housing in Exeter ranges from £128- £225/week. Several other student housing options are available for students looking for tenancies throughout the city. At amber, we are committed to making your search for a home away from home in Exeter easy. 

Top Localities in Exeter

 One should always choose a student accommodation based on its location within the city. A bunch of areas are suitable for students to reside in.

St Leonard's

It is a vibrant neighbourhood and residential region with a village-like atmosphere. Families and young professionals comprise most of the population because of the area's impressive collection of historic homes. 


Pennsylvania is a well-liked and popular location because it is where the University of Exeter is. It is also well-known among students because renowned Harry Potter author JK Rowling attended school nearby in the 1980s

Exeter Quayside

If you are a die-hard fan of picturesque locations, Exeter Quayside is your place. It is located right on the edge of River Exe. It is known to be a lively spot with much young energy, making it a liked site among the student community. 


Topsham is a fishing community built around the River Exe estuary. It provides some breath-taking vistas and has excellent transportation links to the heart of Exeter. Its railroad station makes travelling back and forth incredibly convenient. There is a fair mix of classic cottages and contemporary townhouses among the properties.

Howell Road

If you want the city's energy but don't want to live there, Howell Road is a great option. Howell Road is flanked by many eateries, bars, and neighbourhood markets as it runs beside Longbrook Street and past Exeter's St. Davids Station. Exeter College is a 5-minute walk from Howell Road, while The University of Exeter is a 12-minute walk. 

Top 10 Accommodations in Exeter

We have compiled a list of the top student accommodation options in Exeter that is both well-maintained and reasonably priced to help you in your search. But before you begin searching the web, read our blog post on considerations to make when arranging student accommodation.

Hill View Place
Exeter One, Exeter

Northernhay House

Iron Bridge Studios
The Depot, Exeter

The City Arcade

Exeter Trust House

Study inn Walnut Gardens, Exeter
Renslade House, Exeter

The Northfield

Jobs in Exeter

Students can find a variety of occupations in Exeter. The city is compact, yet it has a lot of power. Exeter has everything, from fantastic work prospects to great locations to visit! Here are some of the part time jobs that students can discover in Exeter through this Exeter City Guide:

Student Support

If you are a student looking for a job with a variety of tasks to do, inspired by the idea of working and tutoring young people, this is the job for you. The role of Student Support can be hugely varied as each person we support may need something different. Students will be responsible for creating customized lesson plans, Planning lessons and activities, Assessing outcomes and progress and finding ways to encourage engagement in the community. Students will develop life skills through this job.

Tutoring on a part-time basis

Teaching young brains is one of the most enjoyable occupations one could hope for. Students who want to tutor other students can do it while still making a living wage because the job's requirements are straightforward and don't require any special training.

Work as a web writer.

Smartphone use is higher than ever among people. The industry of content writing has experienced an increase in workload as a result. As a result, you can enhance your communication skills and make fair compensation for each piece by writing guest blogs or working as a ghost-writer.

Living In Exeter

For several reasons, it is wise to think about moving to Devon. Exeter is a great place to live since it has all the conveniences a big city has to offer and Devon's beautiful countryside. Anyone who wants to lead this wonderful lifestyle should consider moving to Exeter.

Cost of Living in Exeter

The Exeter council has focused on ensuring that its citizens have access to affordable housing during the last few years. Perhaps paradoxically, despite this assertion, Exeter is reportedly 36% less expensive than London. While food and clothing costs in the two cities are equal, Exeter has substantially less expensive housing and transportation. Exeter has unquestionably established itself as one of the best cities for living frugally.

Student Accommodation in Exeter - 128-224 per week
Books & Stationery - 300/ Semester
Food - 35-40 / week        
Phone & Internet - 27-30/ month
Social Life - 35-40/ week
Travel - 150-200/ month
Clubs & Societies - 200-300 (depending upon the subscription)

Travelling in Exeter

If an Exeter city guide does not include the mode of transport, is it even a city guide? Several public transportation options are available in and around the city, such as taxis, vehicles, bikes, and buses. Every transportation system has a unique pricing structure, which changes depending on the day's traffic. We advise that you allocate between 75 and 90 monthly for transportation to avoid last-minute difficulty.


Exeter is connected to several major cities by a vast network of railroad tracks. Exeter St. Davids Railway Station is a well-known travel hub in the UK because of one of Exeter's mainlines, the Cross Country Route, which connects Exeter with other towns, including Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle, and Derby, Leeds, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen.


Stagecoach South West, Dartline, and First Devon & Cornwall, three of the city's well-known bus service operators, manage Exeter's bus routes. You may see a bus on every corner of the town because more than 150 buses operate continuously on the roads and highways. Exeter PlusBus offers student bus passes that enable you to travel throughout Exeter for much less. For adults, a weekly pass costs between 11 and $15.


The Exeter council also offers its residents a local taxi service that allows them to instantly order cabs using mobile apps. The best benefit of Exeter's taxi system is that average fare prices are far less expensive than in nearby regions of the UK.

Butts Ferry

The Exeter Ship Canal, one of Britain's first ferry systems, is located near Exeter and dates back to 1566. The Dukes Marsh Port, close to Exeter City Centre, is connected to every other port by the city's adequate water transportation system. The city also aims to add more significant dockyards to this system in the following months.

Best Clubs In Exeter

While studying at Exeter University, you can visit many of the city's famous nightlife hotspots. Due to the high percentage of students there, you can expect to have a rough time with people your age and perhaps even wake up with a banging headache.

1. Timepiece Nightclub

Timepiece Exeter is a lavish nightclub adored by locals and tourists alike. It has over 25 years of experience organizing some of the top club nights in the city. This club is renowned across Exeter for hosting notable visitors like Chris Martin of Coldplay, Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons, and even Snoop Dogg.

2. Unit 1

Unit 1 Exeter is by far the largest nightclub in the city! This nightclub, well-known for being a dynamic and exciting setting, features a very roomy dancefloor that will offer you more than enough space to boogie all night long! If you want a big night out with all the fixings, head to this long-standing restaurant, which is incredibly well-liked among students from the neighbouring University of Exeter.

3. Move Exeter

Move Exeter is a fantastic underground nightclub next to the River Exe that transports you away from the city's hustle and bustle with incredible live DJ sets and performances from well-known UK rappers and MCs. Despite being a small space, this nightclub puts on some of the wildest club nights in the city despite its diminutive size. A night out here will surely be memorable for all the right reasons.

4. Cavern

With some fantastic live DJ sets and performances from well-known UK rappers and MCs, Move Exeter, a terrific underground nightclub close to the River Exe, pulls you away from the city's hustle and bustle. Even though it is a small venue, this nightclub hosts some of the wildest club nights in the city.  

5. Fever & Boutique Exeter

Fever & Boutique Exeter is a massively popular nightclub that deserves to be mentioned. This super club with a dual motif has everything you could ever want! With comfy seating and a sizable dance floor, the boutique plays everything from club classics to R&B, hip-hop, and more; however, if you're looking for a discotheque vibe, head over to the Fever room, especially with its illuminated dance floor! 

Best Restaurants in Exeter

You won't ever go hungry in Exeter because the city's top eateries make it difficult to resist going out for a special supper every night of the week, even if you're staying there. Our Exeter city guide has jotted down some of Exeter's top eateries are mentioned below. Try out locations like:

Circa 1924

This towering structure behind Exeter High Street is the location to go for steak, seafood, and cocktails. The food is all excellent, but since the chef is swedish, you might want to try something a little different, like his pastrami made with lightly smoked mackerel and scorched salmon. Consider the £15.95 two-course express lunch.

Harry's Restaurant

A steadfast favourite among college students (and their parents), located in a magnificent structure constructed in 1883 as a workshop for the artist Harry Hems to carve stone and wood. The pounding has long since ended, but the restaurant is boisterous and hosts many birthday celebrations, even though the cuisine is thoughtfully prepared and served. Mains start at £11.

Reed Hall

Exeter University is situated atop a hill with magnificent views of the city. It's challenging to top the View Restaurant at the Northcott for a quick, inexpensive supper on campus. This building dates back to 1867 and is surrounded by acres of exquisite Italianate gardens, is undoubtedly the best on campus and is home to the classy Woodbridge Restaurant. Even fewer people know that it has a private (free) parking lot and is open to the public.

The Devon And Exeter Institution

Ask any member you know to take you to lunch at this historic reading room and library next to the cathedral. The domes were recently restored to their former splendour thanks to lottery money. Mary Noon now serves delicious, fresh, and incredibly affordable meals (typically for around five pounds), all in the shadow of The Courtenay Room's magnificent Tudor plasterwork. Only for members.

Dinosaur Café

Even though it doesn't sound like a Turkish restaurant, this is where you go for fantastic meze, salads, and barbecues. Because it is so close to Exeter College and the University of Exeter, it has a sizable student crowd and is frequently busy. However, the food is delicious and fresh, and the service is kind and sincere.

Student Apps

In the digital age, everything is at your fingertips. Therefore, it is advised to make good use of your phone. Students visiting Exeter are urged to download some of the most popular local apps.


The University of Exeter has provided students and staff with this convenient and helpful app that provides personalized information and services. Student features include: Viewing your timetable and emails, links to help, support and feedback channels, ELE, Teams, BART submissions, absence reports, old exams, and other teaching and learning resources, etc. This app has a map of all the campuses allowing students to get directions using GPS. Booking study space on campus is made more accessible through this app.

Tourist Attractions In Exeter

Exeter is the capital of Devon and a small, ancient university city. It is one of England's oldest settlements because of its long history. Naturally, this also implies many enjoyable and exciting activities available for every age group and financial situation. As this Exeter city guide is coming to an end, it would be lacking if  some of the best attractions ae not mentioned. So here are some of the tourist attractions in Exeter:

Exeter Cathedral 
Exeter Quay
Northernhay Gardens
Royal Albert Memorial Museum
Exeter Guildhall
Underground passages
Royal Albert Memorial Museum and art gallery 

We hope that our Exeter city guide has provided you with essential details about the area. Both residents and visitors will find Exeter to be welcoming and full of amenities. Because of its intriguing history, diverse culture, and breath-taking surroundings, Exeter is a popular tourist destination. Whether you're considering a weekend getaway or a more extended trip, Exeter has accommodations to suit everyone. So why not go and see this wonderful city for yourself?