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Bath is known to be the city of Roman architecture and located by the banks of river Avon. It’s a city that boasts some exceptional architectural endeavors and magnificent sculptures spread all across the city. Because of its rich heritage and essential sculptures, the place has been awarded a world heritage site. The city has a lot to offer other than beautiful architecture; the educational establishments in the town are also prominent and vast. University of Bath and Bath Spa University are the most notable establishments that the city has to offer. They are also the oldest in the city and offer various courses which attract almost 5000-6000 students annually to seek education in these excellent institutions. Student life is at peace. The classes aren't stressful, and you can witness your educational experience to flow peacefully without any stress or anxiety. 

Student Accommodation


The city of Bath is never shy in accommodating students. They have several establishments that offer a plethora of options for students to choose from in terms of accommodation. Student private halls, student en-suites, student villages, student residences are few of the possibility that you will find over here. All of the locations of each option are located well within the city and offer some excellent services and facilities that are included within the rent that you pay. Speaking of rent, each of the above-given options can cost you somewhere between the range of 150-250 pounds per week. The main reason as to why it is this expensive is that almost all the rooms are fully furnished and are spacious. So, try seeking your options, there are plenty that you can choose from. 



Don’t worry, the city of Bath has plenty of options if you ever want to get around the city. Public transport such as cabs, taxi's and buses are all available and run almost 24/7. Buses are the cheapest mode of transportation that can cost you 2-4 pounds depending upon the place that you want to go. Not only this but then cycles and carpooling are also at large in the city to reduce traffic and also provide economical ways of getting to a place. Hence most of the students either take up cycles or walk to the place that they wish to go to. It's your wish as to what you would want to try out. 

Student Life


Living in Bath is quite extraordinary because there is so much you can do. The architecture that you might see here is mind-boggling and wouldn’t be able to experience it anywhere else. The famous theatres and other recreational centers are of plenty so you can expect some fantastic cultural performances and shows to be put up. Nightlife over here is massive. Some pubs and bars are open round the clock and serve up some excellent beers and food. Restaurants are the selling point of the city. Bath cuisine is a must try and will not disappoint. There are many things other than food and entertainment that the city offers. Explore it to find out what seems to be the best options for you in terms of taking advantage of what the city has to offer.  

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