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 The city of Leicester is if not the most happening place in the country of England. Situated close to London, it’s a place that has everything to offer from a booming nightlife up to implicit universities that makes the city prominent in the charts of many aspirants looking forward to pursuing their education in the city. Leicester boasts some prime institutions such as University of Leicester, De Montfort University, Leicester college, etc. the most renowned one is the University of Leicester that boasts several research centres and other contributions to the domain of education. About 21,000 students are pursuing various streams of choices and surplus deaneries that makes it one of the biggest in the institutions in Britain. Student life over here exceeds everyone's expectations as there are so many opportunities and chance to do something out of the box and excel in any field that you choose. 

Student Accommodation

Students that might be looking out for accommodation options in a city life Leicester might be in luck as there are various students flat and student apartment options, where there is something for everyone. Nominally the necessary living cost per week for a standard non-furnished student studio would be around 80 pounds per week. The highest can go up to a fully furnished student apartment that can set you back anywhere near 350 pounds a week. But then this various depending upon the place and the closeness to the university, etc. needless to say that the most affordable option for accommodation would be to share a student hall as there are many cheaper options that can suffice to your budget and also make it equally beneficial both in your wallets and in your educational life. 


Getting around the town of Leicester is very simple and straightforward. There are many travelling options that one could think off. From public transport to private, you can choose anything that could suffice your desires. The preferable one is public means of transportation as this means of transportation can get you to one place to another rather peacefully and economically. Then there are options for taking up bicycles. They can either be rented out or bought to travel from your student en-suite till your university. Other than this there are taxis as well that one could take up to get from one place to another. But then taxis aren’t the only answer for all your commuting problems. Hence you can either take up a bicycle or public transport to travel anywhere in the city. 


Leicester is a city that has so much to offer if you are a student and want to see a new life other than your educational one. There are many festivals such as the Leicester comedy festival, concerts, and various performances by renowned artists throughout the year. A national space centre is a place where you must visit if you are interested in space. Other than this other eateries and pubs serve up various kinds of delicacies that can make your taste buds dance with the flavours of the dish. But then there are many sports and recreational centres that you can visit and have an essence of speed and thrill of adrenaline. But don't forget to visit the king power stadium if you ever visit the city of Leicester. 

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