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The city of Coventry is a well-flourished town which is home to the medieval Coventry cathedral. Also home to various depicts of art and culture of medieval England, the city boasts some renowned universities as well. Coventry University, University of Warwick, Coventry college, CU Coventry are some of the few colleges are distinguished through the country of England. There's a peaceful sense of calmness around the city that make student life interesting and also some pubs to get the thrill at a young age.


For student roommates wanting to get accommodated in the city, there are many options that they could have a keen interest. There are dorm rooms which start at 80 pounds per weeks and then go all the way up to 198 pounds per week. These prices can fluctuate depending upon how close or far away are you staying form the city. Most of the rooms that you would find in the town are semi furnished or not furnished at all. Prices may differ on many bases. Also, the most popular choice of student room share would be to have a double sharing room or a single one. Not only this but the place that you take, some bills are also paid off by the landlord. 


Usually, the best and the most affordable mode of transport are public buses. They are not only the cheaper option but more economical as well. For students wanting the get to their respective universities, coaches play a significant role in their lives. The second options that are booming are bicycles or instead of renting out a bike for a long term basis. To save up costs and time, cycles can be a lifesaver in case if buses weren’t functioning on any particular day. Carpooling and taxis aren't that highly preferred as they are neither economical or cheap. Hence walking, buses and cycles are the primary means of transportation that students prefer to reach their respective universities. 


Living in Coventry isn’t a problem as you find so many different places that could meet your expectations and budgets. Student housing facilities and student dorms have made it possible for all students to have a roof over their head for nominal rates. Student hostel has become another great option as living in the university eliminates any additional cost. Also, a student house share is another option in student accommodation. Needless to say that most of the homes offer to students are either fully furnished or semi-furnished but either way, you can have a very comfortable stay throughout your educational period. 

There are so many things that a student could do in and around the city of Coventry. Pubs and bars are the major attraction of the town that offers 24/7 service. Few of the oldest bars are old windmill which is near the sky dome arena (another favorite place to witness the decades of speed and anxiety of machines). The aardvark and the Phoenix are two of the best places where sports and other entertainment can be enjoyed. For your taste buds, Bayley lane kitchen cooks up some mean grills to make your taste buds dance for sure. Other bistros are very close to each other, and every one of them has a different story to tell about their cuisine. Also, there are plenty of theaters and plays that happens in and around the city. Not only this but then tours of prehistoric places and other museums is a must thing to do to have the complete essence of Coventry. 

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