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Aston University


Established in the year 1859, Aston University is a public research university located in the heart of Birmingham, England. Apart from this, Aston University is the first college of advanced technology in the UK.

The Aston University received its royal charter from Queen Elizabeth II in the year 1966. The university currently caters a total of 11,000 students out of which 2,000 are postgraduates, and 9,000 are undergraduate students.  

The university is made up of five schools: Life and Health Science, Engineering and Applied Science, Languages and Social Science, Aston Business School and Aston Medical School which offers a wide range of both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.  


Aston University campus is situated in the heart of Birmingham city, which is the second-largest city in the UK. 

With a total population of around 1.2 million, the city is also home to excellent music scenes and vibrant art and also hosts a large number of theatres.

Apart from this, the city also organises the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade as well as holds the most significant indoor Christmas Market in the UK.  

Student life

Located in the centre of the buzzing city of Birmingham, the university life of students is filled with diverse culture, countless opportunities, active nightlife, adventure, music scenes, shopping centres, bars and museums. 

So if you want to enjoy drink scene with your friends head out the Jekyll & Hyde or if you are up for games, visit Matrix virtual reality, Escape reality or the Clue HQ.

Apart from this if you could also visit the famous Birmingham Cathedral, Birmingham museum and art gallery or the Birmingham conservatoire.

Student Accommodation

Being one of the well-known colleges in Birmingham, you will find a wide choice of quality student housing options near Aston University. Ranging from budget-friendly student accommodations to pricey student accommodation options, the city has it all. 

The student accommodation options around Aston University includes:

  • Private housing
  • On-campus accommodation 
  • Private halls of residence (Off-campus accommodation)

Private halls of residence around Aston University includes affordable and lavish shared apartments, en-suites and studios inclusive of all the bills. Due to the attractive student offers and quality maintained, private halls of residence are on the high demand range. 

On-campus student accommodation also known as Halls of Residence refers to buildings with flats and rooms inside the universities or college campus which students can rent out and live during the term.  

In Private housing are off-campus accommodation option where students can rent out either house or apartment all for themselves. However, private housing might be the priciest as compared to the other accommodation options around Aston University. 

Apart from all these, for the students pursuing their Internship or if you have come down for a scholarship program and are looking for short term tenancies in Aston University, worry not,  there are some short term housing options around Aston University.

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