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Property of the Day

Heantun Point, Wolverhampton

Culwell St, Wolverhampton
0.3 mi from University( 8m. 8m. 4m)
laundry facility
bills included
study area
3 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
From £98/ week
Upto £100 Cashback

iQ Fiveways House, Wolverhampton

North Rd, Wolverhampton
0.6 mi from University( 14m. 6m. 6m)
bills included
Outdoor courtyard
laundry facility
7 Room Options
4 Offers
Instant Booking
From £118/ week
Top Rated

B16 Studios, Birmingham

Hagley Rd, Birmingham
12.7 mi from University( 4h 18m. 1h 8m. 39m)
Games Room
Cinema Room
Study Area
5 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
From £195/ week

Battery Park, Birmingham

Bristol Rd, Birmingham
14.0 mi from University( 4h 43m. 56m. 43m)
Bike storage
laundry facility
4 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
From £195/ week

Athena Studios, Birmingham

Bristol Rd, Birmingham
14.1 mi from University( 4h 47m. 1h 5m. 39m)
Bike storage
laundry facility
Vending machine
5 Room Options
3 Offers
Instant Booking
From £247/ week

6 Bedroom Apartment,18 Katie Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6JG

Katie Rd, Birmingham
14.3 mi from University( 5h 20m. 1h 12m. 47m)
fully furnished
on road parking
1 Room Option
3 Offers
Instant Booking
From £121/ week

7 Bedroom Apartment, 241 Tiverton Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6DB

Tiverton Rd, Birmingham
14.5 mi from University( 5h 25m. 1h 1m. 42m)
Central Heating
Outside Space
1 Room Option
3 Offers
Instant Booking
From £145/ week
Sold out

Duncan Smith House, Birmingham

Ferncliffe Rd, Birmingham
13.0 mi from University( 4h 23m. 1h 6m. 44m)
Off-road parking
Fully fitted kitchen
9 Room Options
3 Offers
From £148/ week
Sold out

Cadnam Hall, Birmingham

Cadnam Cl, Birmingham
13.4 mi from University( 4h 32m. 1h 12m. 44m)
communal TV
onsite laundry
8 Room Options
3 Offers
From £173/ week
Sold out

The Recording Rooms, Birmingham

Bristol Rd, Birmingham
14.1 mi from University( 5h 18m. 1h 0m. 40m)
study area
Onsite management
7 Room Options
2 Offers
From £199/ week
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get student accommodation close to the University of Wolverhampton?

Yes, you can get student accommodation near the University of Wolverhampton.  

Which is the best student accommodation near the University of Wolverhampton?

iQ Fiveways House is the best accommodation near the University of Wolverhampton, providing excellent amenities and facilities.  

Which off-campus student accommodation is closest to the University of Wolverhampton?

The nearest student accommodation to the University of Wolverhampton is Chambers 51. It offers accommodation at a minimum price of £99/week. To browse more options, click here. 

How much does student accommodation near the University of Wolverhampton cost?

Various elements determine the rent of a hostel, and one of the primary factors is the locality. The hostel rooms are available at an affordable price of £78/week to a whopping £225/week. Apart from the location, the cost also relies on the numerous amenities and facilities given by the student accommodation and the room's configuration. The rent will lessen as you move further away from the Wolverhampton City Centre

How do I pay for my student accommodation near the University of Wolverhampton?

Multiple payment options are available. You can pay via net banking or your debit card.

We also have our payment portal, where we can help you with the procedure.

How many people will be in the same apartment/unit with me at the University of Wolverhampton accommodation?

This depends on the room type you choose, you can choose a private room, studio, or flat, and you can choose to share a flat with 1-6 other students or a room with 1-3 other students.  

Can I stay with my friends at the University of Wolverhampton student accommodation campus?

This also depends on your room type; you can choose a private room, studio, or flat, and you can choose to share a flat with 1-6 other students or a room with 1-3 other students. 

When should I book my accommodation for the September intake at the University of Wolverhampton?

Most of these university accommodations start their intake in February, but they will let you book rooms at the last moment if they have student rooms available. But booking earlier will be the best bargain because there is every chance that the prices may hike depending upon the availability. For booking accommodation, click here

Can I view the student accommodation close to the University of Wolverhampton before booking?

Yes. If you want to plan a site check before booking a dorm, contact our booking experts, and we will arrange a virtual tour for you. You can contact us for further queries and guidance, and we'd be happy to assist you. 

Can I get discounts for student accommodation near the University of Wolverhampton?

Yes, students who book earlier often earn generous discounts and pay much less rent for their hostel room. You can also leverage the discounts and cashback from group bookings. 

Is it compulsory to stay at the University of Wolverhampton Hostels?

No, it is not mandatory to stay in the university hostel. You can choose to stay in any accommodation of your choice.  

Can a post-graduate get student accommodation near the University of Wolverhampton?

Yes, all postgraduate students can rent accommodation at the University of Wolverhampton. 

Student Accomodations in University of Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton

Student Accommodation University of Wolverhampton

In the centre of Wolverhampton, England, is the University of Wolverhampton. Therefore, finding student accommodation near the University of Wolverhampton won't be difficult. Numerous thousands of children attend schools throughout the city to pursue their aspirations and succeed in life. While there are numerous student accommodation options in the city, amber provides some of the more well-liked accommodations, including budget-friendly residence halls, studios, student dorms, shared rooms, and reasonably priced individual houses (PBSA).

Newcomers may find it simple to choose a place to live because the college offers all first-year undergraduate students accommodation options. The University of Wolverhampton offers a variety of prestigious places for students to live, from inexpensive studio apartments close to Wolverhampton City Center to undergraduate halls next to Goldthorn Park that offers upscale accommodations and essential amenities. These locations are far more convenient for colleges and have lower maintenance costs, making it more challenging to find tenants for them.

But don't be concerned. Near the University of Wolverhampton, additional student accommodation options offer comparable services to their tenants and are reasonably priced. Heantun Point, Chambers 51, B16 Studios, Selly Oak Court, Metchley Hall, The Metalworks, and Old Brook Park are a few well-known examples of affordable private student accommodation in Wolverhampton.

About University of Wolverhampton

The University of Wolverhampton, often known as the WU Wolverhampton, is a prestigious research and teaching organisation located in the city's centre. Although the University of Wolverhampton was established in 1992, its roots may be traced back to the beginning of 1827, when the city needed a centre for technical education.

Regardless of background, the University of Wolverhampton offers students a variety of employment options. The University of Wolverhampton offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to prominent spots for 18,875 students under successful staff members from all over the world, making it one of the most globally diversified universities in the world. Numerous undergraduate and graduate programmes offer hundreds of different undergraduate majors and graduate disciplines, along with doctoral levels and exchange study options. Students can study a wide range of courses, such as arts, engineering, computer science, psychology, applied mathematics, and international languages, among others, in these sub-division buildings of the main campus. The city lies in the top 1500 universities worldwide. It has an employment rate of Nearly 90 per cent of University of Wolverhampton postgraduate program alumni who have found work or are enrolled in more education. More than 74% of graduates who are currently working have landed managerial or professional-level positions.

Up to 10% of all students at the University of Wolverhampton are international each year. In addition, the university has received recognition as one of the best in the UK for its research outputs and relevant course calibre. It is ranked highly both domestically and globally. In addition, the university boasts a distinguished alumni group that includes Sir Terence Beckett, a former director-general of the Confederation of British Industry, Juhar Mahiruddin, the governor of Sabah, Malaysia, and Michael John Foster, a former Labour Party politician and MP. This makes the University of Wolverhampton one of the UK's most effective salary package providers.

Best Localities For Student Accommodation at the University of Wolverhampton

Since Wolverhampton is the centre of many suburbs, students have access to the surrounding countryside of Shropshire and Staffordshire. Here are a few of the top areas for Wolverhampton student accommodation.


The market town of Wolverhampton is known as Bilston. The location is close to Sandwell and Walsall. Willenhall, Darlaston, and Wednesbury are the areas closest to Bilston. The best locations to enjoy yourself in Bilston are the Bilston craft gallery, the Bilston market, The Robin, and The Trumpet. The Heights, which has a gym, laundromat, theatre, and laundry services provided by amber, is only 31 minutes from Bilston. You don't need to worry about any other bills; you only need to pay the rent.


Bushbury is a suburb of Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. Just two kilometres separate the location from the city centre. The three areas that makeup Wolverhampton's city centre are Low Hill wards, Bushbury North, and Bushbury South. Many people are living in Bushbury, and it's a friendly community for newcomers and international students. James Watt in Coleshill Street is the better option if you're looking for suitable student accommodation in Wolverhampton. Bushbury is 30 minutes away from Coleshill Street.

Chapel Ash

Chapel Ash is a tiny neighbourhood in Wolverhampton encircled by the city's central area. The Marstons family has its roots in this region. The Chapel in Wolverhampton is referred to by the moniker "Chapel Ash." Near your campus, you might locate a cosy Wolverhampton student residence.

Ashmore Park 

Wolverhampton has a housing development called Ashmore Park. Ashmore Park has a sizable park where numerous sports are played. Additionally, the location has a community space.

Cost of Living

Compared to other cities in England, Wolverhampton does not have a high cost of living. An approximate breakdown of the monthly costs is provided below so the students can understand the monthly budget.

Accommodation: £30 to £70 per week

Food and beverages: £70 to £150 per week

Dining and party: £90 to £200 per week

Laundry: £25 to £40 per week

Course books and Stationery: £20 to £45 per week

Entertainment and Leisure activities: £40 to £100 per week

Mobile bills: £15 to £30 per month

Student Travel Around University of Wolverhampton

Getting around the city is simply because of Wolverhampton's reliable transit infrastructure.

Students can access trains, taxis, and buses for transportation, with buses being the most affordable option. 

Bus: In Wolverhampton, buses are operated by National Express West Midlands. Stafford, Birmingham, and Walsall are just a few places where the bus travels. The only intercity destinations that the Bilston Bus station serves.

Train: The central railway that connects the city is called Grand Junction Railway. Local travel is the main focus at Wolverhampton railway station. You can choose the railroads when travelling outside of the city or a great distance from your home.

Student Life and Lifestyle In University of Wolverhampton

Students may enjoy a variety of nightlife attractions in Wolverhampton. In bars, nightclubs, and pubs, students can have fun. With its cinemas, concerts, cinemas, galleries, restaurants, and cafes, Wolverhampton never fails to keep its students amused. In Wolverhampton, you can eat a lot of delectable food if you're a foodie. There are still plenty of outdoor pursuits you can enjoy and engage in to be active. Fantastic choices are available at Telford's Southwater for movies, dining, and leisure pursuits.

If you enjoy watching live sports, you may do it at the Molineux stadium, home of Wolves FC. The Wullfrun Shopping Centre, Queen Square, and Mander Center are just a few of the several shopping centres that can be found in Wolverhampton. You may shop at some of the best high street retailers, like Argos, Primark, Iceland, Game Peacocks, and many more, in the Wulfrun centre. The most extraordinary student accommodation in Wolverhampton is at your disposal, thanks to amber, which ensures that your experience is safe and healthy.

University of Wolverhampton Tourists Attractions

Wolverhampton is a small and secure place in England. The place is also a popular tourist destination and is worth visiting. You get to see a lot of unusual and unique pieces of art in Wolverhampton. Following are some of the tourist attractions of Wolverhampton

1. Wightwick Manor 

2. Bantock House Museum 

3. RAF Museum Cosford

4. West Park 

5. Wolverhampton Art Gallery 

Top Courses Offered by University of Wolverhampton

BA (Hons) Criminology and Social Policy.

BA (Hons) Criminology and Social Policy with Foundation Year.

MSc Cyberpsychology.

MSc Cyber Security.

BSc (Hons) Cybersecurity.

MSc Cyber Security with Professional Practice.

BSc (Hons) Cybersecurity with Sandwich placement.

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