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Situated close to the popular student areas of Mutley Plain and North Hill and all their bars, pubs, shops and restaurants, Alexandra Works is a top choice for students in Plymouth. Both Plymouth University and Plymouth College of Art, and the city centre are approximately 15 minutes walk away. Alexandra Works is also popular with students studying at the Peninsular School of Medicine due to the excellent transport links to the campus. A recent refurbishment and a friendly environment make Alexandra Works a home from home whilst at university.

distance to

1. University of Plymouth

8 mins 

Public transport

18 mins

Walking time

2. Plymouth College of Art

8 mins 

Public transport

19 mins

Walking time

3. City College Plymouth

28 mins 

Public transport

4. Peninsular School of Medicine

36 mins 

Public transport

Apartment Facilities

Large desk and chair
Single bed
Bedside table
Underbed storage
Spacious wardrobe
Microwave, toaster, kettle
Free wired internet
Free Wi-Fi (up to 70Mb shared)
All bills included

Community Facilities

24/7 on-site staff & CCTV
Outdoor garden space
Laundry room with washing and drying facilities
Bicycle parking with plenty of spaces


Classic ensuite£80 - £85/week
Area10 sqm
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Shared Kitchen

Room Facilities

Single bed
Spacious wardrobe
Underbed storage
Bedside table
Large desk and chair
Duration:34 week
Move in:2 Jan, 2021
Duration:18 week
Move in:30 Jan, 2021
Duration:51 week
Move in:11 Sep, 2021
Duration:43 week
Move in:11 Sep, 2021

Booking Details

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel the tenancy agreement that you have entered into with us by giving us written notice of your intention to cancel on the following basis: 

(a) If your notice of cancellation is received by us in writing within 72 hours after you have submitted an application form and the period of the tenancy has not commenced, we will make no charge and the initial rental payment will be refunded in full; or 

(b) If your notice of cancellation is received by us 72 hours after you have submitted an application form on or before 31st July 2020 and the period of the tenancy has not commenced, you may cancel your booking by writing to us provided that we will be entitled to retain 100 of the total initial rental payment; or 

(c) If your notice of cancellation is received on or after the 1 st August 2020, we will not accept a cancellation/surrender of your tenancy agreement for the Room until a replacement tenant is found for the Room. We shall endeavour to re-let the Room however cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so. You will remain liable to pay the rent for the Room and all other charges and costs under your tenancy agreement for the period to the date that a replacement tenancy for the Room commences. We reserve the right to charge you a fee in the sum of 100 as a contribution towards our administration costs incurred in dealing with the surrender of the tenancy agreement and the sourcing of a new tenant. 

If a replacement tenant is found for the Room, we will release you from your tenancy agreement with effect from the date that the new tenancy agreement  for the Room begins. 

In the event you fail to honour your contractual obligations in relation to the payment of rent on the due dates before occupation of the Room, we may cancel your tenancy agreement by giving you notice in writing of cancellation; in the circumstances we will not repay any advanced payments made by you to us. 

In the event that we cancel the tenancy agreement at any time before occupation of the Room by you, we shall give you as much advanced written notice as we can in the circumstances and will repay the initial rental payment to you and any other fees that we have taken from you in connection with the tenancy.  

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Booking Information for 2020/21

We fully understand that there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 at the moment and possible consequent travel restrictions. If you book a room at a HOST property for September 2020 today, but are then disallowed from travelling to the UK due to the relevant Government travel restrictions, exclusively as a result of Covid-19 and therefore no longer require the room, you will be released from your booking see below Terms & Conditions. Terms & Conditions: 

This guarantee is open to all international students applying for higher education in the UK for the 2020/21 academic year. 

If an applicant is disallowed from travelling to the UK exclusively as a result of Covid19, they need to provide evidence from either the UK 

   Government or from the Government where you live confirming this advice (in English). This must be provided to Host. 

On production of the relevant Government confirmation (in English), the applicants booking will be cancelled in full, with a full refund of 

   any 2020/21 rental payments made. 

All applicants wishing to take up this option need to contact the accommodation where they placed their booking directly in order to 

   activate this Guarantee. 

Email confirmation will be sent to all students that are accepted onto this guarantee once they have paid advance rent and confirmed 

   their guarantor details where applicable. 

Please note in the case of dual occupancy both parties must be eligible for this guarantee in order for it to apply. 

Please note that if you cancel the room and rebook, the room may not be available, and the price may be revised in August and 

   September 2020. 

These terms and conditions are correct as at 21st July 2020 but Host Student Housing Limited reserves the right to change them or 

   remove this guarantee at any time without prior notice. 

Payment Details

Rent Payments:

Pay in Full

2/3/4 instalments, due on 1 August 2017; 15 January 2018 and 9 April 2018

Monthly payments (when a student uses Housing Hand as the guarantor service), with 1st instalment due on 1st August and then every month thereafter.

Mode of Payment:

Pay using a debit/credit card online, over the phone or at the reception

Pay via direct debit or bank transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a student to live at this property?

To take out a tenancy with us, you need to be eligible for council tax exemption. This applies to all full-time students and some part-time students. If you're unsure, your university or college should be able to let you know.

Do I pay a deposit?

You will be required to pay a damage deposit of 250 and a Utility Deposit of 50.

Can I smoke?

Smoking is not permitted in any area within these premises; this includes bedrooms, stairways, and external courtyard areas.

Can I bring a pet?

No pets of any type are permitted at this property.

Where can I do my Laundry?

A laundry is provided with washers and dryers on-site.

Do I need to take out contents insurance?

No, you do not. Contents insurance is automatically included with your rent. When you arrive, we'll provide you with details of the policy.

What happens once I have reported maintenance?

You will be given a copy of the maintenance slip that will be passed to our caretaker. The caretaker will attend to make the necessary repairs as soon as possible. Occasionally, it will not always be possible to complete the repair on the first visit, and a subsequent visit may be necessary. Repairs are responded to on a priority basis. Please be aware that it may not be possible to attend to your problem the same day you report it, especially at busy times of the year.

Can I cancel my contract before I move in?

If you cancel your contract before the contract begins, you will be subject to our cancellation terms and charges. Cancellations will only be accepted upon receipt of a completed cancellation form. Contact the Cambridge office to request away.

Can I connect to the internet?

Absolutely. A super-fast internet connection is available in every bedroom. But so that you know, broadband arrangements do vary in some halls.

Can I have guests to stay?

Overnight guests are permitted provided your flatmates agree. All overnight guests must be signed in at reception for safety, security and so that staff knows who is on-site in the event of an emergency. You must accompany your guests at all times while they are on-site, and you are responsible for their behavior.

Who is responsible for cleaning my flat?

It is the resident's responsibility to clean their rooms, and they share responsibility for the communal area of the flat. Management staff will conduct monthly inspections, and you are expected to ensure that your room and flat is clean on these days. Failure to meet the required cleanliness standards will result in external cleaning contractors being brought in, the cost of which will be passed onto the resident(s). At the end of the tenancy, the bedroom and flat must be returned in a good, clean condition to avoid cleaning charges. Again it is the responsibility of all residents to ensure the kitchen and lounge are clean. The property staff regularly cleans the block stairways.

What about security?

24-hour security with CCTV, electronic access control, and a member of staff on site are available.

Do I need to move out during the holidays?

Your contract is for a fixed length of time, so your room is yours throughout that period. That means that you don't have the hassle of moving your belongings out during the Christmas or Easter vacations, and you can choose to stay in your property over these holidays if you want. It's usually possible to book additional accommodation over the summer period if you're going to stay then too. But we advise booking early to ensure rooms are available.

Will I be able to change rooms after I have arrived?

It is not usually possible to change rooms after you have arrived. All places are allocated on a 42 or 50-week contract, and unless another resident also requests a room swap, we would be unable to change your room.

Do you have staff at your properties?

Every student home has a team of trained staff on-site to respond to meet your needs. Their job is to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. On-site management offices are open Monday to Friday and will answer any questions, respond to any issues, offer advice, and ensure a friendly face is there to greet you every day.

What happens on the move in the day?

You will be welcomed on arrival in the Building you are booked into by a member of this property's staff. We will issue you with a welcome pack that contains all the information you need to live at this property, and you will be directed to your room.

What happens if I have a maintenance problem?

Every student home has a dedicated caretaker team to respond to and solve your maintenance issues. We respond to every issue quickly and, if possible, will complete the repair during the first visit. Of course, this isn't always possible, and there are times when parts need to be ordered, or external contractors arranged. When this happens, we'll keep you updated on the progress.

What does a fully-furnished kitchen mean?

Flats come kitted out with all your cooking appliances: cooker, hob, kettle, toaster, and microwave, and some sites also provide cutlery, crockery, and cooking utensils.

What Broadband packages are there?

A broadband connection is provided to every room at this property, which requires a 50 connection fee before moving in.

Is there a telephone in my flat?

No, there is no telephone provided in the rooms. You can use a mobile phone or make calls via the internet using our Wi-Fi.    

What cooking equipment is provided in my flat?

All flats come with a cooker, hob, fridge/freezer, and microwave provided. We do not supply toasters, kettles, or any cutlery or crockery. You could buy kitchen items after you arrive and share the cost with your housemates.

What does being a guarantor mean?

All students who wish to take up our rent installment plan must provide a UK guarantor (excludes the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands).
By agreeing to be a guarantor, you are signing a legal document stating that you agree to pay the rent and guarantee the behavior of the resident if they default. Please do not sign this agreement if you do not wish to take on this responsibility.
Any student who does not have a UK guarantor will be required to pay the full year's rent upon application.

Where can I store my bike?

An internal bike store in each of the three buildings and storage is at the owner's risk. No bikes may be stored within the flats.

What should I do if I am having financial problems?

If you are having financial difficulties, you should contact a member of the management immediately. Failure to do so could result in interest charges being added to your account if you fail to pay on the due dates and legal proceedings being started against you and, where applicable, your guarantor. Management staff can usually advise you on where to go to get additional financial help, which will assist you in meeting your financial obligations.

What if I change my bank account or card details?

Please notify a member of the management staff immediately with any new details to ensure your rent is taken on the due date and to avoid any unnecessary charges.

What if I don't pay?

If you don't pay your rent, daily interest may be added to the amount you owe to us. Your guarantor will be contacted and will be asked to pay the amount that you owe. Legal proceedings will commence against any resident who fails to pay the rent due. These proceedings will also include action against the resident's guarantor.

Do I need to pay council tax?

Provided you are a student in full-time education. You will be exempt from Council Tax.