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Student Accommodations near 
Swansea University Bay Campus, Swansea

Top Rated
New Cut Rd, Swansea
2.9 mi from University
( 58m
17m )
dual occupancy
best payment plan
game room
1 more
11 Room Options
Instant Booking
5 Offers
Top Rated
Kings Rd, Swansea
2.6 mi from University
( 56m
18m )
bills included
laundry facility
17 Room Options
3 Offers
Upto £200 Cashback
Morfa Rd, Swansea
3.3 mi from University
( 1h 5m
23m )
Cycle Storage
Laundry facilities
Study Zones
7 Room Options
Instant Booking
6 Offers
Top Rated
High St, Swansea
3.0 mi from University
( 1h 0m
24m )
dual occupancy
laundry facility
1 more
29 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
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High St, Swansea
3.2 mi from University
( 1h 3m
22m )
dual occupancy
study area
laundry facility
1 more
21 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers
Upto £200 Cashback
Alexandra Rd, Swansea
3.1 mi from University
( 1h 8m
26m )
bills included
game room
study area
21 Room Options
5 Offers
The Kingsway, Swansea
3.4 mi from University
( 1h 7m
30m )
game room
bills included
18 Room Options
Instant Booking
3 Offers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I view my student accommodation Swansea University Bay Campus before booking?

You can set up a pre-booking site check or virtual tour by contacting our booking experts.

How can I rent my student accommodation Swansea University Bay Campus?

After browsing through our 16,00+ student housing options, you can follow Amber's quick and easy procedure to shortlist your desired student accommodation, during which we will provide you with free housing-related student services. For further assistance, contact us with questions; our team will be glad to help.

How do I pay for Swansea University accommodation for students?

You can use our payment portal with expert guidance when booking and paying for housing through amber. To better understand how to pay for your student accommodation near Swansea University accommodation, click here.

Can I get furnished student accommodation Swansea University Bay Campus?

Yes, all student accommodations are fully furnished near Swansea University Bay Campus.

Can I share a room with a friend student accommodation near Swansea University?

Of course, you can share accommodation with your friends. Still, depending on the property, you may be charged a minimal extra charge. You can share an apartment or opt for dual occupancy studios. Living in groups might earn you a discount as well.

What should I look for when booking Swansea University accommodation?

The location of the student housing, its distance from the university, and your budget are the most critical factors for booking student housing near the university. You should also check the following before booking your accommodation:

  1. Desired number of roommates
  2. Type of Accommodation
  3. Ensuite/Non-ensuite
  4. Size of the room
  5. Amenities provided

What will my rent include when booking near student accommodation Swansea University?

Amber saves you the hassle of keeping track of bills and payments by ensuring any fees or charges for amenities are included in your rent.

What amenities, utilities, and security options can you expect to find at Swansea University housing for students?

Amber does its best to provide students with accommodation that matches their needs. Many Purpose Based Student Accommodations (PBSAs) offer basic facilities such as parking, laundry, high-speed Wi-Fi, hot water, and Electricity. Some provide additional amenities like dishwashers, T.V.s, fitness centers, and game rooms.

How do I pay for my student accommodation Swansea University before booking?

Payment options are convenient and contactless. You can pay via debit card or by net banking. You can click here to learn more about the payment.

Which is the best student housing Swansea University?

Oldway Centre, Swansea, is the best student accommodation Swansea University, providing excellent amenities and facilities.

Student Accomodations in Swansea University Bay Campus, Swansea

Student Accommodation Near Swansea University

Swansea University Bay Campus provides a variety of student housing alternatives to meet the different demands of its student body. These accommodations are critical in ensuring that students have a pleasant and suitable living environment during their academic journey. Off-campus housing alternatives give students a variety of possibilities. Students who want to live with roommates favor shared flats or homes because they provide a fantastic feeling of community. There are also studio flats available for people who desire more solitude and freedom. Additionally, there may be privately-run resident halls near the institution that provide services such as gyms, study rooms, and social areas. With Amber, students can book off-campus student accommodation near Keele University, offering self-catered and fully-catered accommodation, with fully-furnished study bedrooms and shared bathrooms. The accessibility to academic facilities and social amenities, on-campus housing is in great demand. However, they can rapidly fill up, leaving many students looking for off-campus options. St Davids, Oldway Centre, and Ty Nant are some of the accommodations attempting to establish a warm and inclusive environment for all inhabitants, from social activities to academic help.

About Swansea University

Swansea Bay Campus, which is dedicated to academic achievement, provides a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in a variety of subjects. The university is proud of its world-class professors, creative research projects, and cutting-edge facilities, which provide a high-quality learning experience for its students. In worldwide rankings, the university has regularly done well. Swansea Bay Campus was placed in the top 30 universities in the UK by QS World University Rankings as of my most recent edition in September 2021. This honor emphasizes the university's commitment to delivering great educational and research opportunities. Swansea University's student admission rates are competitive, as the university strives to maintain its excellent academic standards. However, for those who are lucky enough to be accepted, the institution provides a fulfilling experience that goes beyond the classroom. Swansea Bay Campus student admission rates are competitive, as the university strives to maintain its excellent academic standards. However, for those who are lucky enough to be accepted, the institution provides a fulfilling experience that goes beyond the classroom. The university's emphasis on graduate employability is one of its assets. Swansea University actively assists students in building vital skills and provides career assistance to help them advance in their careers. The outstanding employment rate of its alumni reflects this dedication to student achievement.

Best Student Accommodation Near Swansea University

Student housing is an important part of every student's academic journey, influencing their overall university experience. Swansea University Bay Campus provides a variety of housing alternatives, each of which contributes to establishing a supportive and enriching environment for its varied student population. However, selecting the correct lodging may be a difficult undertaking because various aspects and criteria must be considered. This selection is influenced by factors such as proximity to university, economic limits, accommodation preferences, and the availability of critical facilities. Fortunately, Swansea University accommodation offers a useful resource called Amber, which seeks to make the process of finding housing easier. Amber provides students with vital help, information, and resources, guaranteeing a smooth and seamless search for the best suitable housing that meets their specific needs and preferences.

1. Ty Nant

2. St. Davids

3. Coppergate

4. True Swansea

5. Boutique Student Living

6. Crown Place 

7. Oldway Centre

Cost of Living

Most of your fees will go toward the cost of your Swansea University accommodation, but you should also factor in other expenses when creating your budget. Depending on individual preferences and demands, monthly fees will vary. Still, we have tried to provide a general idea of the prices to consider while making travel arrangements. For Swansea University accommodation, it is recommended to have a budget of £400-£700/month, including all living and other personal expenses.

1. Food: £20- £30/week

2. Gas and electricity: £90-£100/month

3. Internet & mobile phone: £30-£40/week

4. Dinner at a restaurant: £40-£60/week

5. Laundry: £10-£20/week

6. Stationery and Textbooks: £20-£30/week

7. Clothing: £50-£100/month

8. Travel (buses, trams, and trains): £100-£200/month

Student Travel Near the Swansea University

Swansea University Bay Campus is located in a dynamic city and has good travel connectivity, making it a convenient and student-friendly option. The city's well-developed public transit infrastructure allows students to easily travel the neighborhood, offering convenient access to the institution and beyond.

1. Bus: Buses are a major means of transit for Swansea students. The city has an extensive transportation network that connects significant districts, including the university campus. A single adult bus ticket normally costs between £1.80 and £3.00, depending on the distance traveled and the bus company. For frequent bus riders, weekly or monthly travel passes with unlimited travel at discounted rates are offered. A weekly bus pass costs roughly £15-£20, while a monthly pass costs around £50-£60.

2. Train: Swansea has a well-connected train station that connects it to important cities around the UK. During the holidays, students can simply go to other towns or return home utilizing the rail service. Train rates vary depending on location, but a one-way ticket to Cardiff, for example, may cost roughly £10-£15. Monthly or yearly railcards offer cost-effective travel choices for regular commuters.

3. Cycling: Cycling is a wonderful option for individuals who prefer eco-friendly and cost-effective commuting. Swansea encourages cycling by providing dedicated cycle lanes and bike-sharing programmes. Depending on the type and features, the cost of a bicycle can range from £100 to £300. Cycling not only saves money on travel but also adds to a healthy lifestyle.

Student Life at the Swansea University

For students from a variety of backgrounds, life at Swansea University Bay Campus is a dynamic and rewarding experience. The institution fosters a warm and inclusive environment, helping international students feel at ease and encouraging cultural interchange. Swansea University accommodation is proud of its broad population, which attracts students from all over the world. Numerous cultural groups and activities highlight this variety, allowing students to share their customs and learn about different cultures. The institution promotes global viewpoints and cross-cultural understanding, improving its students' academic and social experiences. Aside from college life, the neighboring region has a variety of hangouts and entertainment opportunities. Swansea Beach, which lies close, is a favorite hangout for students, offering spectacular vistas and relaxation. Furthermore, Singleton Park, a beautiful green space near to campus, is great for picnics and outdoor activities. When it comes to dining, students have a variety of options. Mosaic, a modern restaurant near campus, delivers delectable international food, while The Optimist Bar and Kitchen provides a welcoming atmosphere for meetings and socializing. Wind Street is the place to go if you're looking for a lively nightlife. It is a busy street with pubs, restaurants, and clubs, offering a vibrant atmosphere for students to relax and socialize. Swansea University accommodation, with its diversified academic interests and strong staff, caters to a wide spectrum of academic interests. The sophisticated amenities at the institution, such as well-equipped libraries, research centers, and sports facilities, add to an engaging studying experience.

Tourist Attractions Near the Swansea University

The city has museums, various tourist dining options, and beautiful parks. Swansea University student accommodation gives students freedom and allows them to enjoy the city's nightlife and other attractions. The following are some of the city's most fascinating tourist attractions.

1. Three Cliffs Bay

2. Oxwich Bay

3. Clyne Gardens

4. The National Waterfront Museum

5. Brynmill Park

Courses at the Swansea University

The Swansea Bay campus of Swansea University Bay Campus offers many courses under various domains, mainly under multiple banners, such as

1. Accounting

2. Business

3. Biochemistry & Medical Biochemistry

4. Computer Science

5. Criminology

6. Engineering

7. Film

8. Journalism

9. Nursing

10. Zoology

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