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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I find student accommodation in Galway?

When you choose a room from our range of student housing Galway, our experts will provide you with free service until the end of your process. We assist you in finding the ideal location while eliminating all the hassles. If you have any questions, you can contact our booking experts at any time of the day.

Which is the best accommodation in Ireland for students in the locality?

Hubble Living is one of the best student housing in Galway.

Can I book my student accommodation in Galway based on my preferences?

Absolutely! Your preference is our priority. Our housing options cater to your expectations and needs. Click here to know more. Student housing tends to sell out quickly, so be sure to book yours at the earliest. Ensure that you get the best according to your choice.

How can I book my housing with amber?

Follow this step-by-step video guide, and after you shortlist from our catalogue of countless options in off-campus student accommodation, you will be provided free service throughout the entire process from our experienced team. Contact us for further questions and guidance, and we'd be happy to assist you.

What are the different options for student housing Galway available on amber?

The different types of student accommodation are private rooms or ensuites with a private and spacious bedroom and a bathroom while sharing the kitchen and living area with other students. Two or more students will share the same room, kitchen, bathroom, and other living spaces in the shared room. The studio is where you have a bedroom, kitchen, and private bathroom and is like a self-contained unit.

How do I pay for my accommodation?

Multiple payment options are available. You can pay via net banking or your debit card.

We also have our own payment portal where we can help you with the procedure.

Can I stay with my friend in my student accommodation in Galway?

Yes, you can share your accommodation with your friends, but the rules vary from property to property. We suggest you consult the concerned authorities before you decide to move in. You can also access things to do in Galwayin and around some of the best accommodation for students in Ireland options with friends!

Can I view my student accommodation before booking?

Yes. If you want to plan a location check before actually booking a residence near some of the best universities in Galway, contact our booking experts, and we will arrange a virtual tour for you. If you have any additional questions or need guidance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Which Galway housing is the least expensive?

Galway Central is more on a more affordable scale and would fit most budgets.

Are there things to do in Galway?

You will have plenty of things to do in Houston and explore to your heart's content! From Cliffs of Moher to Aran Island Ferries, there are multiple avenues for you to choose from.

Student Accomodations in Galway

Student Accommodation Galway

With thousands of students flocking to its institutions each year, Galway is one of the most well-liked university towns in all of Ireland. Its huge student population makes it difficult to find student accommodation in Galway that meets the students’ needs. Students looking for the ideal place to call home during their stay at university can choose from among the many private student accommodation in Galway alternatives amber offers. There are some prestigious universities in Galway where people from different parts of the country and the world come to study. Galway's well-known universities and institutes are the National University of Ireland, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, National College of Ireland and many more.

There are several factors to consider while looking for student accommodation Ireland for students in Galway. One of the most crucial factors is location because you'll need to be close to your institution or university as well as other facilities like stores, eateries, and entertainment options. Cost is another important factor, as many students have limited finances. Amber’s most preferred accommodation for students in Galway is Galway Central, The Westwood, and Hubble Living. You can choose from en-suites, private rooms, shared rooms, and studios. This modern student housing  Galway provides a variety of features such as common areas, study spaces, and social events. These accommodations are a good option for students because of their closeness to universities in Galway.

About Galway

Galway, an Irish city in the west, is well-known for having a thriving arts and culture scene. It is frequently called the "Cultural Heart of Ireland" and is a well-liked vacation spot for both tourists and scholars. The city comes in the sixth position for being the most populous city in Ireland, which is why it makes sense you will find the best student accommodation in Galway. The city is famous for festivals, and there are over 120 festivals hosted every year.

In 2014, UNESCO also announced Galway as the UNESCO City of Film, so getting a student housing Galway is probably a great idea if you are a film buff. The city also has four cinema complexes which are near the city centre. If you love music, you will enjoy Galway as the place has a taste in music and is played in pubs and parties. Galway not only has a vibrant arts and entertainment scene, but it also has many outdoor recreation options. Due to the city's coastal location, there are numerous beaches and opportunities for water sports like surfing and kayaking. Galway is a well-liked location for international students due to its abundance of institutions and colleges, including the National University of Ireland Galway and the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology. Overall, Galway is a lively, hospitable city with a rich history and culture that is perfect for both tourists and students. In addition, the city also has the best accommodation in Ireland for students.

Best student accommodations in Galway

If you wish to study in Galway, you must find student accommodation in Galway that is affordable. Reliable student housing Galway offers support and mental stability for students living away from home. The additional advantage of shared housing is that it promotes a sense of community. Students should weigh location, price, amenities, and availability while evaluating Midtown student housing in Houston. Amber provides you with a list of student accommodation in Ireland in Galway in desirable and student-friendly locations, making it easy for the students to access every part of the town. Some of the best housing for Amber students to live in are given below:

1. Hubble Living

Hubble Living is a great student housing Galway option for those looking to live near the best universities in Ireland.  With ensuite and non-ensuite options along with a host of social hubs, Hubble Living is the place to be!

2. The Westwood

The Westwood, located just a few minutes away from the Galway city centre, is a great student accommodation in Galway. With a range of classic ensuites, The Westwood also offers students a private gym, cinema room and a games room! Talk about a great deal. This student accommodation in Galway has its own private coffee shop along with maintenance teams.

3. Galway Central

Last but not least, Galway Central is located a short walk away from the midst of everything exciting going on in the city centre. They serve the whole nine yard with studios, ensuites and non-ensuites along with great amenities and features. The cinema room, games room and social spaces allow you the opportunity to intermingle with other residents of this student accommodation in Galway.

Cost of living

Galway has a comparatively cheaper cost of living than many other Irish cities, including Dublin. To control your spending as a student, a budget must nonetheless be in place. For students, the average monthly cost of living in Galway is thought to be between €800 and €1,200. Here is a list of some typical costs associated with being a student in Galway outside of their stay in a student housing Galway:

1. Food: €75 - €150 per month

2. Laundry: €20 - €35 per week

3. Gas and electricity: €40 - €90 per month

4. Course books and stationery: €15 - €30 per month

5. Mobile bills: €15 - €30 per month

6. Travel: €80 - €120 per month

Students Travel Galway

Galway is a small city, but despite this, it is well-connected and simple for students to get around. Galway is a fairly walkable city, and most of the utilities and attractions can be reached on foot near your private student accommodation in Galway.

1. Bus

Galway's students' preferred form of transport is the bus. Galway and neighbouring areas of Ireland are served by a network of bus routes run by Bus Éireann. Private bus companies that provide services to and from Dublin and other cities include City Direct and GoBus. Students who have a current student ID card are eligible for discounts and passes.

2. Rail

While the city of Galway doesn’t have a local rail system, you can take a train from the Galway railway station to nearby important locations such as Dublin, Limerick, and Cork. The Galway Railway Station is within the city centre, which means it's super close to your student accommodation in Galway.

2. Cycling

It is a common choice of transportation for students in Galway because of the city's welcoming attitude towards bicyclists. There are numerous bike rental businesses, and students can also buy used bikes. Cycling is made simple and secure by the city's extensive network of bike lanes and cycle paths. What’s more? Most of the student housing Galway options have bike storage!

3. Taxis

Taxis are frequently available and reasonably priced in Galway when compared to other European cities. Students can order a cab using the Hailo app or hail one down on the street.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Galway

In Galway, the student lifestyle is also exciting and lively. Galway is a charming city located on the west coast of Ireland, and it is known for its friendly people, mixed culture and stunning landscapes. The city has a large student population, and it is home to two of the most prestigious universities in Ireland, the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) and the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT).

Galway is known for its traditional music, dance, and festivals. There are many alternatives available for private student accommodation in Galway for individuals flying in, including shared houses, halls of residence, and student apartments, all of which are reasonably priced. Students may easily stroll to most locations, including their colleges, from the student housing Galway listed at amber.

Galway has a thriving nightlife with a wide variety of bars, pubs, and clubs. Galway's nightlife is centred in the Latin Quarter, which is teeming with bars, clubs, and eateries. In many of the bars in Galway, students can listen to traditional Irish music as well as live acts of drama and comedy. There are numerous options for hiking, cycling, surfing, and swimming in the picturesque landscape and lovely beaches that surround the city. Students love to visit the Aran Islands, which are close to Galway's shore and provide a fascinating look into traditional Irish culture.

Galway Tourist Attractions

Ireland's west coast is home to the lovely city of Galway. It is renowned for both its thriving nightlife and rich cultural legacy, so staying in one of the student accommodation in Galway listed with us is a smart choice. The Cliffs of Moher, one of Ireland's most well-known natural attractions, provides breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean along with other magnificent sights. The following are a few of the top tourist destinations in Galway:

1. Cliffs of Moher

2. Galway City Museum

3. Eyre Square

4. Galway Cathedral

5. Salthill Promenade

6. Connemara National Park

7. Quay Street

8. Galway’s Latin Quarter

9. Wild Atlantic Way

10. Aran Island Ferries

Universities in Galway

Students looking to pursue higher education from all around the world frequently travel to Galway. The city is home to a number of prestigious institutions and universities that provide top-notch academic programmes. Here are a few of the top universities in Galway:

1. National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG)

2. Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT)

3. Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences (ICHAS)

4. The Burren College of Art

5. Independent College

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