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The textile manufacturing hub of England, Bolton is the vital centre for all your clothing and textile related endeavours to be fulfilled. Despite being the primary centre of innovation during the industrial revolution, it has a broader take on the educational sector as well. University of Bolton and Bolton college are the two more significant forms of educational institutions set up to provide the people of Bolton a higher learning curve. The University of Bolton has an annual intake of about 6,000 students and is widely renowned for its educational research breakthrough and other forms of scholarly contributions. 


Usually when student’s rooms and student’s accommodation come into the picture, then you might be wondering the prices per week would be around 60-70 pounds. But then in Bolton, for student accommodation, you get these prices at a slightly higher cost at about 90-100 pounds a week. Not only this but then if you are looking for accommodation anywhere near the University of Bolton, then these prices get even more costly as well. If you are looking for apartments or student rooms, then none of these options are available. Upon extensive search, you might find them, but the primary form of rentals works out on student halls. But the great news is that all of the student halls are fully furnished and offer a wide range of services a swell. So money well spent if you do your research right. 


Student townhouse in a city like Bolton is very common near the University of Bolton where you can find several students staying together in a community sort of thing. But then if you are staying on the outskirts of Bolton in a studio sort of a thing, then you might have to take up public transport or own a bicycle. As these both are the cheapest options that you are going to find if you want to get to your college. Other options include having a personal form of vehicle. Yes, it might seem to be expensive, but then on the long run, its an investment well paid off. So it depends on the mentality of the person whether they would want to travel by public transport or have their form of vehicle to get around the city and back to their student flat. 


Living in the busy city of Bolton is never really easy. But then to enjoy the time that you live here, then many options could keep you engaged. Say, for example, the Bolton market where you can feast yourself with good delicacies that could make your taste buds dance with flavours. Or the Burden sports complex, where your adrenaline rush can be met. There are plenty more of these great establishments present in the city that can not only make your time in the city worthwhile but also ensure that you are pleased with your stay and aren’t disappointed. Other than this, the pubs are buzzing, the bars are filled, and the eateries are a thing that could not miss. It’s a beautiful place to relax, have a good drink and take a break for your educational life. 

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