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A beautiful metropolitan town located in Greater Manchester, Salford is filled with diverse culture, history and cobbled streets. Along with being one of the first industrial cities in the world, the town is also home to various historical heritage sites like The Ordsall Hall, Tudor House, Bridgewater Canal and Chetham's Library

Going to be an undergrad or grad student in Salford? Well then, be ready to enjoy your university life to the fullest. Situated close to Manchester's city centre, one can find a lot of places to hang out and socialize at. Apart from this, the city also harbours some of the famous tourist attractions including Salford Cathedral, Manchester United Museum & Tour Centre, Salford Museum & Art Gallery, Imperial War Museum and Clifton Country Park. The city also anchors some of the well-known universities like the University of Salford, Salford City College, Arden University, University Academy 92 are just a few, to begin with. 

Student Accommodation

Getting a roof over your head without blowing the bank balance is one of the main concerns among the students. However, with Salford being located at close proximity from the city of Manchester and also itself being a unique metropolitan city, finding student accommodation in Salford won’t be a problem.

The city has something for everyone, right from pocket-friendly to the most luxurious and lavish housing options, you will find a range of quality student housing in Salford

Salford student housing is further subdivided into three categories:

  • Private Halls of residence aka Off-campus Accommodation
  • Private housing/ Independent house
  • On-campus accommodation is also known as Halls of Residence

Private Halls of Residence in Salford includes lavish, convenient and modest studios, en-suites and shared apartments which provides for all the house amenities cost in the rent. Student housing in Salford starts from 97 pounds per week to 486 pounds per week. 

Due to the maintained quality standard and attractive student offers, private halls of residence are always in hot demand among the students.

In Private housing, students can rent out either house. However, the cost of private housing can be comparatively higher than the other housing options around Salford. 

Halls of Residence, also known as On-campus student accommodation generally comprises of buildings with shared flats and dorms. This is one of the best housing options for an undergraduate or fresher student due to its proximity to the university. 

Apart from this, there are also short term tenancies available in Salford, for someone who is looking out to stay for a short duration. 


Located close to Manchester's city centre, the city of Salford has an active transportation network. Whether it is Buses, Rail, Trams, High-speed rail or Airport, the city has it all. 

Apart from this, the city also houses private transportation services; however, public transport is one of the most convenient and affordable of them all.

However, note that the cost of public transportation varies according to the time of the travel. The peak hours fare might be slightly higher as compared to the off-peak hours’ fare rates.


Separated by the width of the river Irwell, the city of Salford lies just a few miles away from the hustling city centre of Manchester. Apart from harbouring one of the UK’s leading universities, the city is also home to some of the best historical heritages, Music and cultural scenes, affordable nightlife, clubs and bars, quirky restaurants and cafes.

If you want a taste of the Salford’s cultural feast, check out the Quays or perhaps want to enjoy some hard-hitting action, then in that case head out to the Salford City Stadium to catch Sale Sharks in action. 

Situated within easy proximity from central Manchester, the nightlife at Salford is pretty much filled with trendy bars and clubs. Want to have a great clubbing experience without hurting your pockets? Then head out to The Old Pint Pot and The Salford Crescent for some student-friendly nightlife options.

Apart from this, the eating scene in Salford is between the high-end cocktails and toasts at the Lowry Hotel and affordable fast foods. 

With so many options to travel and enjoy, your academic stay at the city of Salford ought to be full of fun, academic and adventure. 

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