10 Best Psychology Universities For Psych Majors
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10 Best Psychology Universities For Psych Majors

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Nov 26, 2022
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Mar 9, 2023
Uploaded on
Nov 26, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 9, 2023
10 Best Psychology Universities for psych majors
Let's learn how to get psyched!

Psychology is more than just "Can you read my mind?" or "Are you reading my mind?" It is a science that has been there for decades and has shaped our way of thinking and helped us understand our "minds" through extensive research and studies. With growing awareness about mental health and growing psychology branches, many people have started to study it more in-depth. The increase in psych graduates has given this field a face of becoming more popular and exciting. This blog will concentrate on the scope and best psychology universities you should study in if you want to pursue psychology.

Why Study Psychology?

People's understanding of mental health and well-being has grown in recent years, which has increased interest in understanding and learning more about psychology. Due to this, psychology has become one of the most sought-after majors at universities all over the world for several reasons, including the following:

Numerous branches of psychology

Psychology is a vast field, and its vastness shouldn't be underestimated. Psychology students can choose their specialisation from many branches of psychology, such as abnormal, developmental, organisational, clinical, cognitive, behavioural psychology, and many more. So don't underestimate the power of a common man and psychology!

Versatile job opportunities

Depending on their chosen disciplines, psychology majors can work in clinical, corporate, and research-based settings. Psychology degrees are versatile and can open up many employment opportunities. A psych major is not restricted to careers in counselling, research, or social work; they are also qualified for marketing, advertising, or human resources jobs. 

Growing field 

Psychology is also an ever-growing field of science; every day, new research and analysis are drawn for a better understanding of the human mind and behaviour. With growing demand and need for such professionals, psychology has been an increasingly popular choice among many university students. 

If psychology is a subject that interests you, then pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree at the best psychology universities will help accelerate your psychology career. Here is a list of the best universities for psychology in the world that can help you make a better and more informed decisions.

10 Best Psychology Universities In The World!

One criterion essential for choosing a university for studying psychology is the research scope and faculty. Here are some of top best psychology universities in the world that are making impactful waves in the field of psychology:

University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam has been a study destination for many psychology aspirants worldwide for years. The university offers about 15 bachelor's degrees and an astounding 75 master's and master's research programmes, many of which have specialisations in Dutch and English.  The University of Amsterdam believes that "research" is an indispensable tool in psychology; having this belief at its core, they have established six psychology research groups. These include clinical psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, brain and cognition, organisational psychology, and psychological methods.

Why the University of Amsterdam?

  • UoA has a very diverse curriculum structure and is regarded as one of the best psychology universities in the world.
  • Eminent scholars from the field of psychology will guide lectures and course modules. 
  • The status of being the top-ranked institution for behavioural sciences in Europe
  • Let's not forget the city of Amsterdam is just the cherry on top of choosing this university!

University of Oxford

The list of top psychology universities would be incomplete without mentioning the top game player of the best psychology universities, University of Oxford. At Oxford, studying psychology as an undergraduate can be taken by two routes, students can either choose the conventional way of choosing experimental psychology or studying it with a combination of different subjects like philosophy or linguistics. At the Master's and PhD levels, you can build your expertise in research, neuroscience, clinical, and experimental fields. Since the university is home to one of the world's finest and oldest psychology courses and faculty, acceptance is highly competitive and cutthroat for many psych students. If you are curious about your chances in the 13% of the acceptance or the admissions process at Oxford, Check out our Oxford University Admission Guide

Why the University of Oxford?

  • The University of Oxford is leading worldwide with research in the field of psychology.
  • The teaching style at Oxford uses experimentation and systematic observation rather than introspection, which helps students understand psychology much better at a scientific level.
  • The Department of Psychology at Oxford has made impactful global contributions in various fields of human behaviour.

University of Melbourne

An acceptance at a psychology program at the University of Melbourne will take your career in psychology to new heights. Students who wish to study psychology courses can enrol in undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate diploma, and doctoral programs. The one thing that separates the University of Melbourne from other competing universities is its unique bachelor's degree options. Undergraduate students can opt for their psychology bachelor's degree in arts, science, or biomedicine. Apart from this, a master's degree has varied specialisations too, which come under clinical psychology, educational psychology, applied psychology, applied positive psychology, etc. Besides this, the faculty has received a lot of praise and recognition from the alum community for their commitment and expertise. 

Why the University of Melbourne?

  • It is ranked at the top of Australia's best psychology universities. 
  • If you are inclined towards the research part of psychology, the University of Melbourne is the best choice! 
  • The research skills you will pick up while learning your course at the university will be the building blocks of your career in research.
  • You will be surrounded by a competitive and challenging environment, which will help you develop your skills and character.

Harvard University

Even though the college name "Havard'' itself personifies excellence and merit, there is something about the psychology department on the campus. The psychology area is one of the university's oldest and most historically significant departments. Through centuries, it has been making rich contributions and revolutionising the field, making it an absolute privilege to study here. Students who make it to study here are given four specialisation routes; depending on your interests and career goals, you can choose between developmental psychology, social psychology, cognitive/brain/behaviour, and experimental psychotherapy.

Why Harvard University?

  • One of psychology's most prominent names like Gordon Allport, B.F Skinner, and George Miller. etc., have worked and contributed to the psychology department at Harvard. 
  • The programme is purely based and focused on the area of research. 
  • There are plenty of research opportunities available on campus for students studying psychology.
  • If your psychology course has clinical concentration, you will be recognised by the American Psychological association and Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System.  

King's College London 

With the reputation of being an all-rounder college, it is no surprise that King's College London has made it to the list of best psychology universities. With BSc and MSc programmes, students at the university study under different psychology streams like healthy psychology, general psychology, neuroscience, clinical psychology, etc. The College has also made professional training courses in intriguing areas such as cognitive behavioural therapies, child and youth mental health training, etc. One of the most striking parts about being a part of the King's College London psychology department is the research area. The department runs and has opportunities for a wide range of research on physical and mental health disorders. 

Why King's College London?

  • King's College London has made it to the map as the second-best-ranking university for psychology courses and psychiatry. 
  • King's College has exciting research areas, including trauma, psychosis, depression, somatoform disorders, neurodegeneration, emotion and personality, etc.
  • King's College stands tall in the heart of London, which makes it a fantastic place to be and experience.
  • The university has churned out several scholars and graduates who have made remarkable contributions.

 Want to get an admit at King's College? Learn more about the process and eligibility criteria on our blog 

Humboldt University of Berlin

With the invaluable contributions of psychologists like Wilhelm Wundt and Kurt Koffka, Germany is one of the leading countries for developing psychology as a discipline. What would be better than studying at a German university like the Humboldt University of Berlin? The Humboldt University of Berlin provides bachelor's and master's degrees to anyone interested in studying in their psychology program. Every psychology course taught at the university has research as a critical component of their courses. At the undergraduate level, students are usually given the focus on organisational psychology, clinical psychology, social psychology, biological psychology, psychotherapy, methodology, etc. Contrary to that, Master's students focus more on niched specialisations like lifespan psychology, neurocognitive psychology, diagnostics, etc. 

Why the Humboldt University of Berlin?

  • Humboldt University of Berlin students are exposed to internship opportunities in their undergraduate and graduate years making it one of the best psychology universities for international students.
  • The university has witnessed well-known psychologists like Wolfgang Kohler, Kurt Lewin, etc.
  • Graduates from the university are seen in different roles like human resources, market research, education, business, counselling, etc.
  • The faculty at the university are well known for their dedication and teaching method that helps students grasp concepts better. 

University of Toronto 

The University of Toronto is one of the world's most underrated and under shadowed psychology courses. As an undergraduate student at the Department of Psychology, you will be equipped with all the basic building blocks, fundamentals of psychology, and methods of carrying out psychological research. At graduate-level programs, the courses are more specific in research and experimental psychology, like cognitive neuroscience, behavioural neuroscience, perception, cognition, etc. Graduates of this programme in the past have praised it as one of the best opportunities to study psychology while exchanging knowledge and interacting with world-class lecturers.

Why the University of Toronto?

  • The university has different research areas like abnormal psychology, perception, cognitive psychology, etc. 
  • Students are given first-hand experience regarding research projects taken by the university.
  • The psychology department is equipped with high technology like MRI scanners and ECG machines that help in microscopic studies and research. 
  • Why wouldn't you want to be a part of Toronto's bustling and vibrant energy? 

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is also a strong competitor amongst other universities for its intense, well-built psychology courses. With more than 45 research labs on campus, students are encouraged to broaden their horizons by allowing them to specialise in expert areas like Cognitive Science, Developmental Health, Social Psychology, Personality, Behavioural Neuroscience etc. A UBC student at their undergraduate level can apply for courses like BSc in behavioural neuroscience and B.A. in psychology. While at the graduate level, students can choose their concentration from seven areas. You can also apply for teaching assistantships and fellowship programmes if you wish to! 

Why the University of British Columbia?

  • The University of British Columbia sits at the top of its psychology course in Canada. 
  • Around the world, the University of British Columbia has been a leader in innovative research.
  • The University of British Columbia is at the forefront of its student support regarding career opportunities and prospects.

National University of Singapore 

Don't be shocked! But the National University of Singapore has also received much attention and interest from psych majors from different parts of the world. The National University of Singapore has undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD programmes for its students. Plan on doing your undergraduate psychology course at NSU?The course will help you gain perspective and appropriate knowledge on general psychology with a specialisation in various areas like abnormal, cognitive, developmental psychology, etc. At the graduate level, you will have a chance to major in Clinical psychology, an extensive two-year program with placement options.

Why the National University of Singapore?

  • NSU is a top-ranking university in the world, which ranks at number 26 in the Q.S. world rankings.
  • The faculty at NSU has a vast experience in expert fields and helps students to cultivate interest and curiosity in the field of psychology.
  • It is the oldest and most widely recognised psychology course in Singapore. 

University of California, Los Angeles   

The psychology course at UCLA helps students to build their expertise and base their knowledge on different fields while maintaining the broader scope of psychology. Students majoring in psychology can choose their expertise in psychobiology, memory, motivation, perception, cognition, social, clinical, health psychology, etc. If you are planning to take undergraduate psychology, you have three paths that you can take: B. A in psychology, B.Sc Psychobiology, or BSc. in Cognitive Sciences. There is no separate Master's program at UCLA, but instead, they have a comprehensive PhD program that focuses on rigorous scientific training and applied psychology methods. One peculiar point about studying at UCLA is that there are boundless opportunities to showcase your knowledge and work. Students can collaborate with other researchers, scholars, and institutions like UCLA School of Medicine, Johnson Comprehensive Cancer Centre, and Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Behaviour. 

Why the University of California, Los Angeles?

  • The UCLA psychology program has been ranked as one of America's top psychology studies programs. 
  • The psychology department at UCLA is one of the university's most extensive and diverse departments. 
  • Multiple fun activities like Psychology Conferences, Psyfests, etc., help gain knowledge and build expertise outside the classroom.

Do you want to know why 3 in 5 people want to get an admit in American universities? Check out our blog on why you should study in the US?

As mentioned before, psychology is more than reading someone's mind; it is a discipline that helps us learn more about ourselves and society. The de-stigmatisation of mental health has given it an interesting angle that has made many people choose this major in College. Learning at one of the best psychology universities above will help you become better agents of change and open up endless possibilities.

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