10 Coolest PostGrad Programs to Pursue in The U.S.
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10 Coolest PostGrad Programs to Pursue in The U.S.

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Oct 27, 2022
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Mar 13, 2023
Uploaded on
Oct 27, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 13, 2023
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Who said postgrads can't be fun?

Creativity in the U.S. knows no bounds. Just as there are graduate and post graduate courses for every topic under the sun, the programs available to you cover a wide range of these topics. 

Selecting your program is a more significant milestone than taking a unique course. Although you can change your program at any time, it is ideal to choose a program that you can see yourself doing for a long time. 

The choices of courses that the U.S. has to offer makes work worth the investment and fun! Here are our choices for the coolest, most exciting graduate and postgraduate you can major in, in the U.S. 

1. Machine Learning

Machine learning is the future of how our world works. Responsible for advances in the auto industry, medicine, e-commerce, and more — machine-integrated artificial intelligence learns as we do. Take one look at the targeted ads you receive on Facebook and Instagram daily, and you'll see that the platforms you use are learning about you, creating uniquely made experiences just for you. 

As a machine learning major, your coursework will focus on mastering programming languages, statistics, and algorithms to model your own AI frameworks. Your skills will translate to cybersecurity, medicine, and data science careers that require a trained skill set, which you learn about in depth during your post graduate program. Although the uses for machine learning are still being discovered, as a subset of engineering, you can expect to make a lucrative annual salary in a growing job market. 

2. Game Design

Who doesn't like to play games? From casual gamers to a thriving competitive gaming scene, the people who play — and what they play for - show how broad the gaming world has become. With considerable interest in the gaming industry, career opportunities are available for those looking to enter it. 

Game development has turned into a whole production. What started as a niche — people creating games in small teams — has become massive productions on par with many of the biggest companies. As part of a game design team, you can work as a lead programmer, designer, artist, voice actor, or any number of other exciting roles. 

Your major in game design will introduce you to the collaborative work environment that gaming has become and will give you ample opportunity to learn how you fit in. You can also pursue a postgraduate program in gaming - MSc in Gaming Science, Master of Animation, MA in Game Studies and many more. 

3. Geology

We often look to the past for insights into the future. Geologists explore the earth for discoveries that speak to what it was like before humanity. A science that examines the earth's history and evolution, your findings can help society understand the natural phenomenon of the past and how to navigate those to come in our future. 

The phenomena of our world need solutions — from scarcity of resources to global warming; we must study the past so we don't repeat it. Geology majors spend their time looking at the world around them and how it came to be. You'll split your time between outdoor exploration and lab work, learning to preserve what we have and finding solutions to rebuild for future generations.

4. Astrobiology

For all you space enthusiasts, Astrobiology combines the sciences to explore the origins of the universe and the mysteries it holds. Do you have an interest in studying questions like: 

  • How did life originate?
  • What would it take for life to exist on another planet?
  • What is the future of humanity in space?

Astrobiology is an interdisciplinary field. As a student, you'll specialize in one scientific area (i.e., chemistry, biology, physics, etc.) before graduating into company-specific programs focusing on Astrobiology. 

Programs such as NASA's Astrobiology Program make great strides toward building students ready for the great unknown and are a significant next step if you're looking to enter the field. Along with that, you can also find postgraduate programs to specialize in Astrobiology topics, like Evolution and Molecular Sciences. 

5. Fermentation Sciences

Has the surge of celebrity spirit brands ignited your interest? Fermentation has long been a staple in creating wines, beers, cheeses, and many foods we enjoy today. With a long history supporting its timeless appeal, fermentation sciences are both a necessary and intriguing career choice. 

Providing numerous health benefits, preserving foods for extended periods, and discovering new flavors are only a few of the things you can accomplish. As a fermentation sciences major, you'll learn the science behind fermenting foods & beverages. University professors often use school resources to support their research, giving you a front-row seat to the experimentation so prevalent in the field. 

In a postgraduate course in Fermentation Sciences, you will learn unique topics like probiotics, bioprocessing, sensory evaluation. You'll gain inspiration working alongside your classmates and professors before starting a career at breweries, wineries, or other fermentation-related companies.  

6. Comedy

The stage is yours. Taking comedy at a college or university prepares you to perform on the big stage. 

  • Are you worried about stage fright? You'll get repetitions performing in front of your teachers and classmates, all of whom have similar ambitions to yourself. 
  • Not sure if your material is good enough? Get constructive feedback from industry experts as you learn what works and what doesn't. 
  • Have you never performed in front of others before? For some, their love for comedy and desire to make a career out of it can only be visualized as being a stand-up comedian. You might learn that you can do what you love, even if that might not be stand-up. 

The pathways a comedy major has aren't limited to stand-up. Comedy majors occupy roles in script writing, the film industry, advertising, and more. If you love spreading joy through laughter, there are plenty of ways to do it. 

7. Computer Science

Your love for building things can lead to a lucrative career. Computer science, at first glance, doesn't sound like the most compelling career, but there's a lot to love! Whether you're building programs, software, or applications, everything you create is limited only by your imagination. In many ways, CS reignites that childhood urge to build — only now, it takes a bit more education. 

Although you can learn to program independently, taking CS at a college or university gives you real-world application and an environment to hone your skills. The theory and design required to be a successful computer scientist are taught to you by experts, letting you get to the fun stuff faster. With so many use cases for CS, you can do a postgraduate course in AI, robotics, \gaming, information technology, security, and more. 

8. Robotics

Speaking of compelling use cases for CS, robotics is the design, construction, and operation of robots. Robotics majors are making a big difference in today's world, creating robots that serve as intelligent machines assisting humans in numerous ways. 

Robotics is used in many fields, including home improvement, the automotive industry, and even the military. Robots aren't limited to the machines that first come to mind — they exist in the applications and technologies we interact with.

They are a mainstay in our modern society, and as a Robotics major, you have the opportunity to create our future. In a postgraduate course in Robotics, you can study mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and AI/ML in depth to get knee deep into the subject. 

9. Visual & Media Studies

Often associated with pop culture, visual & media studies familiarize you with how media influences society. As a major, you'll take a step back and examine the historical context of the media's role in communication, public perception, and impact. In a postgraduate course, you will examine Management practices in Design, Film and Journalism. Indeed a major for our interconnected world, you can find a place in this fast-paced industry. 

Visual & Media studies majors can find careers in many industries. Their work can notably be found in journalism and reporting but are also common in business positions in marketing and advertising. If you're someone who loves to search for the latest news, create stories, and control the narrative — this field might be right for you. 

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